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[Mod List] Community Mod´s (updated 03/28/2010)

By on November 28, 2009 11:05:39 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums


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[Mod List] A Compilation Thread of Community made Mod´s


...this is just a compilation thread, all credits going to the creator´s of the mod´s...

...for further information please read the individual threads of the different mods...

...the mods are not listed in any special order...


There are:

1. UI Mods

2. Balance Mods

3. Demigod Mods

4. Artificial Intelligence Mods

5. Map Mods

6. Mod Fixes

7. Other Mods

8. Modding Tutorials and Tools



1. UI Mod´s (mods that change User Interface mostly doesen´t require anyone else to have it installed)


Bman's Godlike Team Panel v1.2.3 by bman654

- Adds a panel just above your ability bar which shows portraits of your teammates.
- Each portrait shows the Name, Level, HP, and MANA of that player
- Clicking on a portrait will center the camera on that player
- Moving mouse over portrait will display rollover information for that ally
- If the player is dead, their portrait will be greyed out.


Bman's Rampaging Minion Overlay 0.6 by bman654

- Displays the number of minions you control under the ability button for that minion type.
- Displays health indicators of each minion (green=healthy, yellow=about half health, red=almost dead).
- Click on a health indicator to select that one minion (or hold SHIFT to add to selection).
- Click on minion count to select all minions of that type.
- Hover mouse over health indicator to display rollover information for that minion.


Rollover Ally Info v1.4.2 by Chirmaya

- Adds a mana display to a unit's rollover information if they have mana.
- Adds a display of gold for a friendly unit.
- Adds a display of a friendly demigod's equipment.
- Adds a display of a friendly demigod's consumables.
- Adds a display of a friendly demigod's favour item.
- Adds a display of a friendly demigod's buffs and debuffs.
- Will not display the popup for yourself


Squelch and Ignore Fix v1.0 by Chirmaya

- Fixes the /squelch and /ignore commands. They currently do not work fully without this mod. (only normally works if the player's name that you are squelching is already all lowercase.)


Always visible health and mana text by gunblob

Makes health and mana text always visible, instead of only when mouse is over the bar.


Health and Mana Text Toggle by Sorian

What this mod does: This mod makes it so clicking on your health or mana bar keeps the text visible after the mouse moves away. Clicking them again will revert the text to normal behavior.


2. Balance Mod´s (balance changes on items and other game values, even completly new items here)


FavorMod - V1.8 23/02/2010 by Exxcentric

Version 1.8 is finally here!


Item Balancing by gkrit

As a way of addressing HP stacking issues (along with others im sure), Ive got a list here that ive made so that hopefully now, all items are of equal viablility.

Balance for items 0.3 (beta - need feedback) by morpheas768

So i was thinking i could start a thread, where originally, people will post their ideas and offer suggestion about balancing all these useless items in Demigod.

I know it is a bit early, but i want this thread to be the main balancing thread, and to make these balance fixes myself if everyone here doesnt mind.


Balance for Favor items 1.22 by morpheas768

I decided to release a favor item balance mod, already, and if people dont like some things, i can make changes, and upload a new version later. The Balancing is for almost all favor items, some changes are very small some other ones big.


Cloak of Invisibility as a Favor Item by morpheas768

This mod is simply the Cloak of Invisibility as a favor item. For more info on Cloak of Invisibility click here.

It has 60 seconds cooldown, the invisibility effect lasts 10 seconds and the cost is 1000 favor points.



I have started making new favor items to be used in conjunction with mrappard's new favor tab mod. I have three items complete and am working on more, plus looking to convert Morpheas768's Cloak of Invisability MOD to a favor item instead of a artifact.


[Artifact] The Avatar by Neilo

New Artifact item...

The Avatar is a powerful ring...


Rebalance Heart of life by Neilo

This mod attempts to correct that nerf, but still retain some balance, since the HoL is a powerful item it should not be too cheap.

I have altered the price to be 8000g, which i hope you all find to be a more balanced price.


Balanced Tournament by poppabaggins

This is a mod that levels the playing field for the hard difficulty level of the tournament.  With this mod enabled, enemies and allies experience the same multipliers to their experience, gold, and starting gold.


Unlock Hidden Favor Items! (v. 1.01) by Epiphenomenon

Do you remember the new favor items that were taken out of 1.2? Actually, they weren't taken out. They are still in 1.2, but they were removed from the menu. I have added the favor items back to the favor item menus!


Permanent Rook Towers by Kallale

Ok, I know this is a game breaking mod...


boots of better speed by Sorian

The boots of better speed mod can be found here.


The Quite Insane Mod by Sevenix

Two days back I started wondering why no one had created any silly/extreme mods yet. So I sat down trying to play arounda bit with the modstuff and I ended up with this.


More Minions by Techcromancer

Very simple mod doubling the amount of minions for demigods.


Priest Minions Heal Based on Level by mgmetal13

This mod changes the priests minions so that they heal based on the demigods level instead of based on the max health of a demigod.


3. Demigod Mod´s (mods that change the Demigod Characters or even add new Demigods)

New Demigod Blackulus (Beta) Needs balancing by mrrappard

A reskin with new abilities for Regulus. He obviously still has some bugs and need some more abilities but he is playable if you'd like to try him.

QoT Mod: Focus Mod by Ptarth

I've chosen to focus on her strengths, keep her weakneses and make her playing style more unique than other demigods.


THE BIG BALANCE PLAN -- Master Thread by gkrit (Balance for most of the Demigods)

I'm currently adding and tweaking some figures for the demis we are finding that lack effectiveness/efficiency. I know these types of mods aren't very popular atm but i wouldnt mind working on these thoroughly so i can request it to become an official patch.

I am trying to alter as few things as possible (for the considered underpowered demis) just so that there isnt a noticeably big change but enough to change their incompetence to competent!


Queen of Thorns - Balance mod with new skill Nutrient Extraction v1.12

Many people complain always about QoT's weakness, and useless skills. The most recent complain is about the supposed "Buff" that SD/GPG gave her. This so-called Buff, made entourage a kinda useless skill, and made it worth getting ground spikes over Entourage, since the buffs were not worth it.


Demon Assassin - Skill Tweaks by gkrit

I've tested these figures quite a few times against different characters and it seems as though he now fits his purpose without being OP.


A Queens Experiment V1.0 by zechio

I decided to create an aura for the queen, that buffs allies, and debuffs enemies...based on how many enemies are withing range. It replaces the skill "Entourage" 1-3, and Tribute.


DA - Warp Area Hitting Same Target Multiple Times 12/01/09 by Lebriar

This mod does not increase the number of warps, it just allows a target to be hit two times. So, for example, if you were in an area with six targets and you had Warp Area II, you would hit four targets once and two targets twice.

DA Skill Targeting + Tool by Techcromancer

This mod changes the DA's skills so that instead of just being able to teleport to his enemies, he can also teleport to his allies.


[Skinning] QoT by Ptarth

QoT Skin Project Release #1 & 2: Updated 12/30/09


Sila Skin Mod #1: Battle Cat by Ptarth

Sila Skin Project Release #1



4. AI Mod´s (those mods attempt to make AI smarter and/or more challenging)


DG Skirmish AI .22 -- 2/08/2010

This mod will seek to make a challenging AI to play against in single player and multiplayer.


5. Map Mod´s (mods that do changes on the available maps or even add new maps to the game)

New Map, based on Leviathan by WoodChip123

We are now, finally, able to proudly present our new map mod, based on the leviathan map of demigod


"New" Map, based on Cataract by DonDoen

...some of my friends just made an own version of a map on Cataract.

After they finished their work and we tested it, we decided to share this new map, so I uploaded the map.


Ultimate Gap Warp Defense by Spooky__ (conversion of Crucible map)

This mod adds plenty of towers and walls around the portal and portal flag on Crucible, which makes gap warping to the enemy portal rather dangerous of course.


6. Mod Fixes (mods that fix different issues of the game)


UberFix v1.01 by Ptarth

The UberFix is a compilation of bugfixes for Demigods version 1.2.


Fix for TorchBearer being unable to fire while moving by Sorian

Until Stardock approves another patch I have made a mod that fixes this issue.


Fixes tower problem on Zikurart with the forces of Darkness by mrappard

Makes it so the tower don't only come out at warscore 4


Minions summoned with less than MaxHealth when using +minion health items by Ptarth

Currently, minions are not summoned with full health if the demigod controller has +minion hp items. The only exception to this is vampires created by Lord Erebus when he possesses the Conversaion Aura. This bug hasn't been a focus issue because of the relatively low usage of +minion hp items, the difficulty in noticing this when minions are summoned, especially admist combat, and the continuous healing effect that priests (the most prevalent summon) generate. 


7. Other Mod´s (mods that do different things than the other´s)

Equilibrium Version 1.0 - Balance, Bugfix & Aesthetic improvement by Blackthorn77

Here is my humble mod for your playing pleasure.


Play as Demon Assassin and Oculus by Peppe

I replaced Random Assassin and Random General selection functions with a simple return of DA and OC directly.  This mod works becuase HeroUtil.lua was not locked.


Zechios Camera on Death mods v1.0 by zechio

3 simple mods modifying the cameras behavior on death in all game modes.

Downside is this is NOT a UI mod, so everyone will need to have this to work in multiplayer.



8. Modding Tutorials and Tools (the modders share their wisdom here)


How to mod/create items and *New how to add them to the shop by Exxcentric

Ok so i havent done much of a search to go through what tutorials have been posted but i thought that i would start this thread so ppl can understand the item related code more easily.


[Script]Debugging and Helper functions for lua by Derog

debugging can be a pain. not just that there is no documentation for the whole demigod code out there but also the error messages have meaningless linenumbers when you hooked a file and then there is an error in your code. so thats why i played around with luas debugging interface and wrote this script.


Instructions about Installing Mods by morpheas768

Some people have problems or dont know how to install mods for Demigod. So i made this  forum post in order to help (maybe) some of them. I put it in "General" section, and not in "Demigod Modding", in order for everyone to see it.

DDS Image Files by Chirmaya

DDS stands for DirectDraw Surface, and is used in a lot of games as textures and other images. They function pretty much like a regular image file, and some of them will hold alpha maps.


New Tab in Favor Item store by mrappard

This mod creates a new tab named GKRITS (As he's making new favor items.) and add the item BANHAMMER. This is more to help other modder as BANHAMMER is pretty overpowered.


Mod Setup Script by bman654

Since it can be tricky for the average user to successfully install a mod, I've written an Inno Setup Install script that you modders can use to build installers for your mods.


[TOOL]Notepad++ for DemigodLua (Lexer added) by Derog

this is the usual notepad++ with another lexer added (LexMohoLua.cxx). this could also be made as a plugin but the interface is too complex to simply create an addon so i recompiled the whole thing which was far easier.


how to create a new window by Derog

for good work i suggest you get a good tool first. notepad++ or scite are good. if you visit the lua homepage you can download a development kit for lua which includes scite. that kit wont help you much with demigod since the debugger aint attachable (havent tried and certainly wont work) but the editor is good and you can learn lua from scratch.


How to create a balance mod by pacov

Hi all.  I'm not exactly great at modding, but I've recently learned quite a few things that I am happy to share.  So, if you are interested in learning how to create your own balance mod, read on.  Also, be aware that I do speak a few programming languages, but don't fully understand lua.  Enough to get by, but that's about it.


Creating a New Shop Item by Chirmaya

This is a mod that adds in a single set of boots for example purposes.


How to Hook by DeadMG

Some of the modders in the SupCom mod community have made some abysmal code that causes problems with compatibility even now, so I'mma write a quick tutorial here on how to make your mod compatible.





more to come.....



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December 13, 2009 10:50:12 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

up to date 12/13/09

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December 16, 2009 11:14:17 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

hoorray....we got the first modded map in here....

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March 18, 2010 12:47:54 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

 The shadows are pleased mircostar, they also like to thank the creators of those mods. Keep up the good work

May the Dark Lord of Shadows protect you! 

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March 28, 2010 5:09:04 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

updated 03/28/2010

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June 9, 2010 7:03:59 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

Due 1.3 which mods are now incompatible and/or obsolete?

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June 12, 2010 7:12:30 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

uberfix link and caption needs updated. 

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June 13, 2010 3:08:36 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

Quoting Szeretni,
Due 1.3 which mods are now incompatible and/or obsolete?


Any that destructively overwrite items and abilities.  Which is just about any sim-side balance mod.

Ya'll need to learn y'selves a non-destructive hook.  It isn't hard at all, and it makes it much easier for you (and others looking at your mod) to keep track of what you've changed.

I've got some ideas about how to make item/ability/buff/armybonus/powerup blueprint merging as easy as unit blueprint merging, but mods that use it would have to require the mod that enables it, so it'd probably be best implemented in something like the uberfix.  And nobody would probably use it anyway. :[

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September 2, 2010 10:17:39 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

hey guys


can u tell me how u create or alter this maps??

which programm and how i uplod/play map!?

WE need more/better maps!!

pls answer.


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September 2, 2010 10:33:51 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

The maps and models are all done in Granny, which is a professional content creation suite that isn't sold in single licenses.  The only license they have is something like $20k, so this might clue you in on why there aren't any user-created maps already (and there would be, if there were any reasonable way to make them).

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September 3, 2010 7:26:28 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

Yeah - bottom line is there will be no more maps unless stardock pays GPG to create them... and that probably isn't going to happen.  Sorry bud!

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September 4, 2010 9:15:32 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

Quoting OMG_pacov,
Yeah - bottom line is there will be no more maps unless stardock pays GPG to create them... and that probably isn't going to happen.  Sorry bud!

Not all is doom and gloom however. Frogyboy hinted one possible path is to make the large maps smaller by cutting out the outer lanes. Not as much work as building a map from scratch, and it might add some more 3vs3 variety.

That would be nice.

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