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Dec 22, 2010 Elemental Forums Gamespot Dubious Honors Austinvn Perfectly put.
Dec 08, 2010 Elemental Forums Is 1.1 a closed beta? Trojasmic For the lols.
Dec 02, 2010 Elemental Forums 1.09o Changelog Derek Paxton Listening to the community.
Jul 07, 2010 Elemental Forums Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking on Fancast StevenAus Excellentm post.
Jun 02, 2010 Demigod Forums Fangorodrim Burningpet Thanks for the terrific link.
May 30, 2010 Demigod Forums Scratch Civ V off my buy list. Nesrie My thoughts exactly.
Apr 22, 2010 Demigod Forums Revive DemigodDB? UhelligGudn Thanks for helping us out.
Apr 18, 2010 Demigod Forums A Different America JuleTron Couldn't have said it better.
Mar 30, 2010 Demigod Forums Pirating/emulators, and all that good stuff. Twilight_Storm Summing it up nicely.
Mar 21, 2010 Demigod Forums The currency of Elemental Cauldyth Good idea!
Mar 04, 2010 Demigod Forums Ubisoft is dropping PC DRM but.... ZippyIp Well said.
Dec 05, 2009 Demigod Forums PING Spooky__ Excellent explanation.
Nov 26, 2009 Demigod Forums First time playing in 4 months.. grimunk Exactly right.
Nov 26, 2009 Demigod Forums Regrets. Regrets. Regrets. Circumstantial Spore. My thoughts exactly.
Nov 19, 2009 Demigod Forums The Supreme Commander vs. Frogboy Colonel_Jessep Perfectly done.
Nov 17, 2009 Demigod Forums A few quick answers about v1.2 Frogboy Thanks for making sure we were listend to.
Nov 04, 2009 Demigod Forums Elemental: And now for something completely different Raven X For the LOLs
Oct 20, 2009 Demigod Forums If connection problems are all fine and dandy now then why... tperge Perfect.
Oct 05, 2009 Demigod Forums UI work needed before beta 1B Thrawn2787 Frogboy Card :)
Oct 01, 2009 Demigod Forums Gamers: Are we getting soft? pseudomelon Well put.
Sep 30, 2009 Demigod Forums A question, and a list of features that could of prevented me from quitting. Neilo For the LOL
Sep 23, 2009 Demigod Forums Crucible Exploit with Erebus pseudomelon Thanks for the explanation.
Sep 23, 2009 Demigod Forums Crucible Exploit with Erebus Neilo Imagine ...
Sep 18, 2009 Demigod Forums Elemental BETA 1 Arrives Fetus4188 Thanks for the information.
Sep 12, 2009 Demigod Forums EA Comes to Impulse! Kyanar True words.
Sep 04, 2009 Demigod Forums The Best Of PirateBay pjdark For the LOLs.
Sep 01, 2009 Demigod Forums My brain is about to explode Rosco_P Haha, perfect. This should be included in the instruction manuals for all of your games.
Aug 28, 2009 Demigod Forums This game is great but there are 2 things that HON does better... Neilo For saving me typing what you've already posted.
Aug 27, 2009 Demigod Forums Demigod and League of Legends Polynomial For posting what I would have posted.
Aug 26, 2009 Demigod Forums Demigod: End of August FAQ Frogboy Thanks for taking time to answer our questions.
Aug 25, 2009 Demigod Forums Pirate Bay is gone! (Edit: Not anymore!) Jafo Pirates, not your friend.
Aug 23, 2009 Demigod Forums The 2nd Attempt at the August Monthly Demigod Community Question Thread :) OMG_pacov The List of awesomeness.
Aug 23, 2009 Demigod Forums Epic Battle, TB vs. Oak!!! CallTheVoid Epic is too small a word.
Aug 22, 2009 Demigod Forums DEMIGOD - a heavy song inspired by the game! Lukas_A_79 Nice track.
Aug 22, 2009 Demigod Forums August 2009 - The Monthly Demigod Community Question Thread mrappard Frogboy demigod = win.
Aug 21, 2009 Demigod Forums August 2009 - The Monthly Demigod Community Question Thread OMG_pacov For getting us started on the right foot.
Aug 21, 2009 Demigod Forums Pacov Requests a Publisher Chat Session for Demigod (and talks in the 3rd Person) Pod808 Karma for the LOLs
Aug 17, 2009 Demigod Forums Playstation Emulation pseudomelon Good advice. Thanks!
Aug 16, 2009 Demigod Forums Bing vs Google Round 2 QASMTGuy Nice site.
Aug 13, 2009 Demigod Forums Where do people typically play? Pod808 Education. Serious business.
Aug 11, 2009 Demigod Forums SUCCESS kryo Portal.
Aug 03, 2009 Demigod Forums Bing vs Google Round 2 Jafo For the face palm.
Jul 23, 2009 Demigod Forums Heroes of Newerth (HoN), League of Legends (LoL), DotA, Demigod - videos, facts, discussion obbeskrutt Thanks for the Beta Key.
Jul 21, 2009 Demigod Forums Sticking With Stardock pseudomelon When you're right, you're right.
Jul 20, 2009 Demigod Forums A Formal Apology to Frogboy XSive_Death Love it.
Jul 20, 2009 Demigod Forums A Formal Apology to Frogboy dyingsole Takes a wise person to admit when they were wrong.
Jul 18, 2009 Demigod Forums Just Realeased Facebook Application MannanMackie Nice Facebook Application.
Jul 17, 2009 Demigod Forums What's with all the DLC in games these days? Brazilian_Joe A very interesting point.
Jul 15, 2009 Demigod Forums To the guy who was an ___hole to me InfiniteVengeance Programming jokes are far too rare.
Jul 08, 2009 Demigod Forums A comment on a 1.1 feature woppin For posting what I would have posted if I had of posted before you posted what you posted.
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