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2012 Compilation of Demigod Strategy Guides (per character)
2 Replies
DG Strategy–Healing using monks/clerics/high priests/bishops
17 Replies
Demigod Advanced Strategy Compilation
1 Replies
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Rook-Supporting Cape QoT Build Ideas?
55 Replies
Sedna's Silence-Heal Build Viability & Alternatives
10 Replies
Minion Oak, the new build of every single match I'm in
79 Replies
a little help for a new player please
5 Replies
nom's nasty and definitive guide on passive (Gear) Items (minion builds excluded)
36 Replies
A psychological observation (kind of)
33 Replies
Best way to balance super OPed UB
52 Replies
CheesusCrust's Speed Fire TB
48 Replies
Complacency replay
4 Replies
QoT Strat / Build
48 Replies
The Definitive Sedna Guide
34 Replies
13 Replies
Maxsteel's Ganktacular Demon Assasin Build
37 Replies
7 Replies
Rook Build (Cataract)
6 Replies
7 Replies
Regulus Build (Cataract)
5 Replies
Any Rook Builds to try??
28 Replies
The Regulus Guide
38 Replies
Oculus Weakness
54 Replies
0 Replies
Poll - Strategy Question
8 Replies
So, about DA...
29 Replies
The Unclean Beast Guide
46 Replies
Only one way(for me) to balance Queen with other Demigods
14 Replies
Assassin Oak
36 Replies
Post Mortem
11 Replies
When -NOT- to take Heart of Life
47 Replies
Noob Question - Rook's tower attacks - do they proc things like nature's reckoning?
33 Replies
Assassin Lord Erebus (Pacov's Build)
43 Replies
Strategies that DO NOT WORK!
2 Replies
sedna's silence: best way to use?
21 Replies
QoT lategame strategies
44 Replies
Basic question: How do you see what the heck is going on?
11 Replies
Cataract Advanced Strategies.
18 Replies
Newbie Rook
13 Replies
No.1 Strategy for 3v3 or bigger games (idyllic strategy but possible)
14 Replies
Demon assassin item help
3 Replies
2010 Compilation of Strategy Articles
20 Replies
Help with Beast
29 Replies
Speed Rook, is it possible?
38 Replies
2v2 Countering Sedna + QoT?
5 Replies
Behind story of Demigod
8 Replies
I have some questionss
10 Replies
Coin Purse Reg!
15 Replies
Ghost Town
30 Replies
Best 3vs3 team?
17 Replies
Amulet of teleportation
31 Replies
No Silence on Sedna
28 Replies
DG help plz
9 Replies
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