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Demigod Master List

By on May 5, 2009 6:13:00 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums


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In an effort to organize everyones ideas, I have decided to help everyone by laying down a format that is easily accessible to everyone.

Please use the following format when posting your ideas, and please keep any comments about a particular demigod constrained to that particular thread. This is not a discussion thread, so please keep it clean and on topic. Thank you.


1. "demigod name"

            a."1-2 sentences describing the demigod"

            b. "link to original demigod's thread"



****Other Master Lists****

Game Features Master List

Gametype Master List

Game Mods Master List


***List updated 8/19/2009***


The Demigods




      A. Light Assassin

      B. Alchemist


      A, Assassin type brawler who uses his fists in his own form of martial arts. Charges head in and beats the enemy to a pulp before the enemy has any idea what has happened. His attacks range from power punches to rapid punches and chase down attacks to catch fleeing enemies

      B. Argyle, Melee Brawler

3.Kulea, the Time-Seeker

      A. Assassin. An ambitious centaur shamaness with powers that manipulate time. Abilities include speeding up allied 

           attack and move speed, creating mirror images of herself, and teleporting enemies to herself.


4.Ethereal Haze

      A. An unresting ghost of vengeance, metting out blows of retribution without hesitation.

      B. Ethereal Haze

5. Obelisk

      A. Chaotic demigod torn between good and evil, has two faces and focuses around the mechanis of being able to split and

          has random valued skills.



         A. This Demigod specializes in structure heal/buff and structure/demigod debuff.

       B. Quamutei


       A.Light Assassin. A ninja type of demigod that can switch between using a sword and shurikens. Quite frail and with low 

         starting damage but with a higher-than-average attackspeed.

       B. Shin

8.The Arbiter

       A. Through his unearthly prescence he can either bolster his allies and weaken his foes, though he himself cannot fight

       B. The Arbiter

9.The Hooded Knight: Assasin

       A. a knight who uses his emotions and instinct for survival to kill others before they would kill him

           strengths: high life amount in both forms, damage and channeled buffs in in rage form, debuffs and chase/run 

                          potential in fear form,

           weakness: low mana and armor, must switch between forms to use all abilities


10.The Sentinel

       A. Light Assassin, last of a religious guard

       B. The Sentinel

11.The Storm Kahn

      A. Assassin. A noble, savage Gryphon Queen with powers over Storm and Thunder. Able to fly over gaps in the maps and

              enter battle with hard hitting, powerful moves. Not so good at leaving the fight.


12.The Windmaster

      A. Faster than the wind and swifter than death (just think about the blademaster from Warcraft 3)

      B. The Windmaster

13.Yin Yang

      A. The souls of two brothers, one evil, the other good fused into one body. Balance is always maintained as the darkness of Yin harms, while the light of Yang heals. Can switch between "Yin" and "Yang" forms.

      B. Yin Yang


1.Ao & Ona, the Twins

      A. Assassin. Twin psychic children controlling a headless giant who wields an enormous mace. The Giant holds one 

           in his left arm, and the other perches upon hte hollow between his shoulders. Switches between Ona, a ranged 

           tank and controller, and Ao, a psychotic, melee monster.



      A. Dark Assassin

      B. Arachnid


       A. Dark, Assassin, A creature created out of hatred and sorrow calling forth swarms of insects to devour his




       A. Assassin, Intel (Witchdoctor) class specializing in voodoo/soul collection.  Looks like a skinny tall skeleton 

            with a robe on with a big scythe.  Collects souls from dead grunts and Demigods to use in abilities.


5.Omri, the Evil Bringer

A. Dark Assassin; Incarnation of death, armed with an energy scythe.

       B. Demigod Ideas

6.Phobos, the Cosmic Horror

A. Dark Assassin; Exotic demigod, who is a silent warrior and comes from outer space.

       B. Demigod Ideas

7.Rhan, the Unpredictable Lightning

A. Dark Assassin; A very fast warrior, who's unpredictable and has a unique apperarance.

       B. Demigod Ideas

8.Satyr King

       A. Assassin, Melle/Range with multiple weapons which chance fighting style.  basicly an armoured Satyr with either

            a BattleAxe, Hand Axe, Shield or Chain Axe.


9.The Bloodmage

       A. Through the rites of blood (his own or his enemies) does he unleash his unrelenting potential.

       B. The Bloodmage

10.The Fallen

       A. Dark Assassin, is a corrupted angel who is banished from everywhere.


11.The Maw

       A. Dark, Assassin, A monster with a never ending appetite that seeks to devour all who oppose him.


12.Undying Spirit

       A. Dark assassin, A Ghost. Can go invisble and lay stuns for people to walk over.





       A. Light - General

           With the powers of time and space on her side. See brings speed to her allies and slows her enemies.



       A. Places down flags providing bonuses near the flag, or harming enemy Demigods. Support Demigod.

       B. Flagbearer

3.Harratep, the River Lord

       A. General. An Egyptian themed support Demigod whos powers of water and sun aid in mana regeneration and removing

              status effects. Slow, tough Crocodile minions to tie up enemy troops.


4.King of Blades

       A. Light, General, A mighty warrior who can inspire his allies to fight beyond the grave.


5.Master of the Ocean

       A. General, a Poseidon like demigod with the ability to summon powerful sea creatures and turn into a large shark



       A. A lady being made of sunlight that can teleport to her minions and deflect and deal damage with them


7.Tatertot Eatalot

       A.  A General:  A large rolling potato/tater


8.The Artificer

       A. A goblin mechanist that through his gadgetry and mastery over machines destroys his enemies with maximum efficiency.

       B. The Artificer

9.The Harper

       A. Light, General, A girl with angelic beauty and voice who uses her music to inspire her allies and weaken her foes.


10.The Laughing Lady

       A. General. An avatar of fortune. She and her minions have high base weapon damage, and are ranged. Her skills 

           are a variety of buffs and debuffs with a wide variety of random effects.


11.The Nomad

       A. A Light General, is leader of a realm hopping civilization.



      A. A light general who, though weak by himself, has very deadly minions to compensate. He has a few abilities allowing him to cheat death, temporarily of course. His signiture ability is mana burn.





       A. Dark General, A magi who became possessed by an evil eye and gained powerful Psionic abilities and control 

            over others.


2.Khamos, the Forgotten God

A. Dark General; An ancient warrior, who once was a god but then vanished and became forgotten.

       B. Demigod Ideas


       A. Communist, a hungry Italian shouting propaganda nobody understands.

       B.   *Note, thread seems to have been nuked

4.Nivan, the Fallen Angel

A.     Dark General; An exiled dark Seraph with demonic abilities.

       B. Demigod Ideas

5.The Betrayer

      A. General. The Lord of Betrayal, specializes in converting enemy troops to his cause, and then using them as fuel for his



6.The Chained

       A.Dark General, A leader of a religious cult that has control over a land.


7.The Copycat

       A. A shapeshifter capable of summoning the minions of other demigods

       B. Page 2 of this thread

8.The Devourer

       A. General, a castawy experiment of the progenitor awakened by the battle of the demigods. Has the ability to 

            swallow minions(including friendly) to gain certain benefits.


9.The Puppeteer

       A. A life-sized mannequin, his hideous cackles fills the air as he takes control of those around him, friend or foe.

       B. The Puppeteer

10.The Scarecrow

       A. Dark - General

          A general adept at using his minions to their greatest extent.



       A. Demigod whose strength grows as the size of his wolf pack increases


12.Wrekzal, The Goblin Machinist

       A. Ranged tank-riding general that retains a constant supply of minions and uses said minions as ammo for spells via 



13.Zandur, The Shifter

       A. Dark magician, able to transform into the hunter, a powerful and bloodthirsty beast. Has 2 types of minions, one for each form he is in.

       B. Zandur, The Shifter



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October 8, 2009 7:01:40 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

1) Odette-Dark Assassin
-Long range item support/artillery demigod. launches item supplies to much needed allies. These items easily backfire againsts opponent demigods, foolish enough to utilise any of those items lying around.

2) Solomon-LIght General
- Crowd control demigod. Expert at trapping and overwhelming foes with sheer numbers using portals, summoning minions and allies to his side. Devoid of real damage, but at close range neither do his opponents.

3) Eclipse-Light Assassin
-A tower specialist/scout demigod. The stealthy type, able to infiltrate deep into enemy territory and reveal opponent's locations within. His abilities include tower repair and redirect enemy towers against foes.

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October 11, 2009 7:24:44 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums


1. A mortal dark assassin whose skills focus around taking out other assassins, and neutralizing their effects.


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October 18, 2009 4:03:07 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums


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October 24, 2009 2:05:21 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums


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November 1, 2009 3:49:42 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums


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November 11, 2009 8:53:39 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums


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November 18, 2009 5:33:25 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

4 elemental generals.....

1) Dust Samurai

-Scout type demigod. The escape artist...High mobility,resistant to debuff. She also able to guard flags or flee from enemies with clone skill.


2) Half Giant

-healer/support type demigod. Able to redirect damage between self, allies and enemies. Invisible stats makes him rather unpredicatable.


3) Prince

-frontline assault type demigod. Like a powerful 'doomsday weapon', his attacks are devastating but require high mana input.


4) Mermaid

-Snipe/support type demigod. Akin to chess players, Mermaid can strategically influence the flow of battle, lanes, demigods and all. Or might as well sniping with her liquid laser attack.


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November 22, 2009 3:35:09 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

New Demigod Concepts by VitaNova:


1. “Nova”

            a. A mixture of my own persona and also inspired by Lady GaGa's second album.

            b. The Twisted King

2. “Sol”

            a. A creation of The Progenitor once he fell to Earth. Sol was a star who was granted consciousness by an old man. A hero with exceptional abilities and a well balanced "mana supply and demand" ratio.

            b. The All Seeing

3. “JuniPo”

            a. Most unique demigod! It's a duo! Interesting huh? Check it out, plz!

            b. The Last Duet

4. “Monarch Mistress”

            a. A demigod that focuses on health. Uses abilities to support allies. Has a unique ability that causes enemy towers to convert to your side. Has teleportation abilities. Wonderful background story.

            b. The Evergreen Nymph

5. “Monotone”

            a. For those who enjoy grief and depression, this demigod focuses on using his sadness to immobilize his opponents and dealing deadly strikes.

            b. The Monolith of Sorrow

6. “Pandora”

            a. In honor of one of the greatest cultures, and in gratitude for them providing us with a window of oportunities, one such as this game. A familiar woman from Greek mythology.

            b. The All Giving

7. “Lady Clara”

            a. A lady of heaven and light. Holds destructive powers with graceful beauty and a holy tone.

            b. The Divine Priestess

8. “Ugly Monster”

            a. Move over QoT, there's a new bi*ch in town! A hot seductress who loves to tease and kill, yep, kill---yes, and LOTS of teasing!!!

            b. The Thing That Creeps The Earth

9. “Nuix”

            a. A shadowy demigod uses abilities to leave his opponents blind and defenses. Then, deals damage without them knowing what hit them.

            b. to be posted…

10. “Bada Basai”

            a. Elemental of water, healing, and protection.

            b. to be posted…

11. “Draco Imperial”

            a. Elemental of darkness, harm, and ruler over shadows.

            b. to be posted…

12. “Lameos”

            a. Elemental of fire, sun, heart, love, war, and courage.

            b. to be posted…


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November 28, 2009 6:01:08 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

My Current Demigod Master List:

1. Furion, the Sanguine Reaper.

                 a. Unstable warrior of extreme speed and damage unable to control his intense rage, and even give into demonic influences and destroy himself.


2. Lyrias, the Master.

                 a. Demonic master of fire, corruption and lightning; able to culminate his powers into a moving swathe of destruction, or focus on one aspect and call forth the ultimate powers. Extremely varied and customizable; a behemoth of titanic power.


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November 30, 2009 11:16:09 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

Hehe, you know i kinda started this whole Mini Master list idea! (I made my own mini master list with all of my own Demis!) and now every1 does it! Kool beans, i should get some karma for this!

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December 2, 2009 9:11:51 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

Quoting UncleanBeast,
Hehe, you know i kinda started this whole Mini Master list idea! (I made my own mini master list with all of my own Demis!) and now every1 does it! Kool beans, i should get some karma for this!

done! and this is not a discussion thread!!!

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December 2, 2009 9:59:09 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

hehe sweet, i like KARMA! But you guys do realize that he has been gone for a long time... maybe you should w8 till he returns, or  at least save your ideas. I think he may have jumped ship, cause he is gone

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December 10, 2010 5:14:27 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

I sincerely apologize for my long, and very extended absence. I very much appreciate everyone's contributions, and I tried to make my own while I could. Unfortunately I've been terribly busy for the past year, and now enrolled in a PhD program, have even less time to play games, let alone maintain a forum thread

Again, thank you so much! This really is a great community, and I only wish I had more time to spare. If someone wishes to integrate the work I've put into this thread, then by all means go for it! Though credit for what I've done would be nice...


And sadly, to answer UncleanBeast, I did kind of jump ship I've been a fan of S2Games for about a decade, and instinctively preorder any game they release (I once got selected as part of the first batch of alpha testers for Savage 2). I recently installed Demigod onto my new computer, so I can't wait to see how things have changed   Even though I love Heroes of Newerth, Demigod had so many things I enjoyed about it that HoN doesn't have, and I see them as separate, fun games in their own light.

Anyways, see you on the battlefield  


-Chemical Mayhem

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December 10, 2010 7:15:53 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

Mayhem - you can check out some of the new mods here - I suggest installing every one of the ui mods as it improves gameplay.  Plenty of good info in this thread:

And for some of the latest news, see here:

Don't remember if we've met or not in the past, but I picked up demigod just a month or so after launch and have been playing ever since.  Welcome back. 

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December 11, 2010 12:37:16 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

Thanks a lot! I'll be sure to take a look, and download...probably all of them I'm notorious for adding mods to games I play (I have about 40+ mods for Oblivion, though it's made the game a tad unstable).

Anyways, I have some studying to do, but thank you for those links, they're quite useful and intriguing! Lots of changes

I can't recall either if we've met in the past either, but I'm sure we'll probably meet up on the battlefield. I want to try out those new demigods...I took my leave for a bit right before they were released...

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