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New Demigod Update Ideas

Demigod will ascend

By on December 16, 2009 11:21:20 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

We can all agree that Demigod has rapidly been losing its popularity right? There are many reasons this is happening, but one thing is for sure: Demigod isnt getting all the attention it deserves. While, the game does have a decent sized fan base, there should be a bursting popularity. GPG has been releasing the new Demigods, and they did provide us with a short lasted player base. But, we need a regular and steady increase in players, but nothing can seem to promote this. Well, me and Vita have been devising a way to accomplish this. Demigod needs several things to increase its strenght, and me and Vita can guide you through it, step by step (Vita may not help with this, but I am really hoping he does). We will have concepts and balances and pretty much everything you could ask for. So, read on, enjoy, and most important, don't be afraid to comment.

1: Why isn't Demigod popular? Many can speculate to as why the decline in the player base happened, but I have two solid reasons. One is that connectivitey struggle we had. So many players delayed playing the game, and forgot to try again. My second reason, is the lack of newly introduced content. Yes, right now GPG just brought us in two new Demigods, but that took a while. I'm talking people getting tired of playing the same matches, never seeing new content. For the majority of players, what we have is fine, but in order to attract new populations, we need to lure people back with a reason to get on.

2: How can we make Demigod popular?: I have some awsome ideas on how to do this. First thing, is to bring in a load of new content. This new content will rope us in a large basis of players suddenly. The second idea I have is to advertise these new changes. Word must get out, which I havent seen happen. Most people haven't seen the new Demis cause they dont play Demigod. My way of getting word out is to upload and show some images on IGN, or show some videos. Word spreads quickly on IGN, and we could get word out fast.

 Those two subjects above me, are the basis of this post. Down here, is the real meat. I will show you my ideas (along with Vita's maybe) I'll have my number one Demigod concepts, citadel upgrades, balancing issues, item ideas, and tweaks, along with much more. Be sure to post your ideas here to as a reply, the more the merrier!

Demigod Concepts ( My top 3, along with Vita's, and other peoples')

1) The Bloodfiend: Link Info: The Bloodfiend, my earlier, but one of my favorite Demigod concepts. He focuses on draining health quickly, and he is a true tank. He has many ways to keep himself strong.

2)The Celestial Queen: Link Info: The Queen focuses on healing and damaging, and even restoring. She is highly versatile, but requires a high amount of micro management, and can be easily killed.

3) Bog Monster: Link Info: A master at ambushing, and a family member to the Unclean Beast, the Bog Monster is definetly an intersting oddity.

New Favor Idol Ideas

1) Mages: Instead of monks, these idols restore mana, which is needed early game.They can be extremely useful, and would add  some depth to the game.

2) Skull Bombs: These creatures would explode when they were killed, dealing area damage.Generals could use this if they have a lack of AOE, or to just to kill off a wave without expending too much mana.

3) Sorcerrer: These magic weilders could shield nearby allies for a short time.

4) Shamans: Another restorative concept, only these guys will remove debuffs from allies, and give bonus Health per second.

5) Plagued Preist: A preist afflicted with a deadly plauge, these preists debuff enemies, by occasionally casting a debuff spell which slows by 8%, and deals small damage over time.

6) Clay Man: A hulking giant, with a massive Health total of around 2500 at beggining, these guys will taunt enemies, and force them to attack the Clay Man. Clay Men have no attack, and high armor, so dont send em after them assassins.

7) Frightening Spirit: The Undead indeed are restless, but these ones are far too restless. These spirits will occasionally cast a spell that reduces an enemies' damage by 10% for around 6 seconds. Maybe this should be in AOE?

8)War Preist: Another variation of the preist, only this one is bred for war. These prests will increase allies attack damage by around 40 for 10 seconds.

Already, Generals are voted as way more useful. They have so many more options, and adding this would just further limit the versitality of the Assassins. My idea for Assassins is to give them something in the shop just for them too. They need Legendary weapons, which really buff their abilities, and generally give them more options. They could teleport away, devastate towers, and other such things.

Assassin Special Equipment

 Assassins need much more versatility, and to compensate for not having preists, I propose some awsome weapons and shields to help them do more, much more.

Blunderbuss: A primite shotgun, that deals 250 damage in an aoe, and knocks enemies back. Perfect for farming creeps, or keeping enemy minions off of your back.

Kinetic Shield: Breifly increases your move speed by 30%, and makes you immune to negitive effects for 6 seconds.

Slavers' Eternal Chain: A chain that can pull a target enemy back to your posistion. You can force enemies into your towers, or just pull back an escaping enemy. This is based off of my Bog Monster's Tounge Pull ability.

Shaman's Death Staff: When used, all nearby minions and creeps will take 30 damage second until death.Minion swarmers can't keep up with this ability.

Shrunken Head Charm: Once used, you will be healed, and can teleport to nearby location.

Cloak of the Sightless: Once used, you wil become invisible for 10 seconds. You may not be dealt any weapon or ability damgage (unless it is DOT). If you attack, you will be revealed.

New Shop Items: Just more shop items in the basic section, mainly potions. I even propose we add a Weapon section, and those weapons can amplify life steal and damage. Here it is!

Fire Dragon's Blood: A 650 gold potion that will give your attacks 15% bonus damage, 25% more attack speed, and your attacks will deal small AOE.

Pendant of Wellness: An 850 gold reusable item, that will heal you for 250, and take away all negitive effects.

Bloody-Katana (weapons section): 1050 Gold, gives your attacks a 15% 2x crit chance, and 15% life steal.




 For now, this is all. I'll have so much more as time goes on! So be sure to keep on checking this post out, and keep on giving your ideas and suggestions, UncleanBeast


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December 16, 2009 11:51:27 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

First thing, is to bring in a load of new content.
This just isn't going to happen.

December 17, 2009 12:06:57 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

New Favor Idol Ideas

1) Mages: Instead of monks, these idols restore mana, which is needed early game.They can be extremely useful, and would add  some depth to the game.

2) Skull Bombs: These creatures would explode when they were killed, dealing area damage.Generals could use this if they have a lack of AOE, or to just to kill off a wave without expending too much mana.

3) Sorcerrer: These magic weilders could shield nearby allies for a short time.

I like this very much !

December 17, 2009 3:04:27 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

Since the mod manager was created we've been getting tons of new content. Maybe not "official" content, but it's great to have all these new things to play around with. I think that's a big start. Once they (GPG/Stardock) make the compilation of their top mod choices/officially chosen mods, I think we could really see some changes in the popularity of the game.

December 17, 2009 4:09:34 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

Reason Demigod isnt as popular:

Dragon Age Origins
Assassins Creed 2
Uncharted 2

Oh and the fact its christmas and everyone is busy with that?

Also the fact the learning curve is low. You can go from a noob to a decent player with 30 games. However these 30 games you will be insulted, kicked, thrashed and die repeatedly which puts 90% of new players off.

December 17, 2009 6:45:44 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

DG needs a price drop !


in many european stores, DG still costs 40-50€ (= 58-72$)....thats crazy.


other best selling RTS games like "DoW2" have drop their prices since months, they still have a huge demand and good sale ranks !

thats the way to bring new players to the game ! players who dont want to pay 50€ for a small game with just 10 heroes and a samll community, while cheaper games offer them much more heroes and a huger community !


December 17, 2009 9:37:46 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

...i think i'm gonna cry of happiness!

December 17, 2009 10:43:20 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

lol, this post received may more attention than i thought it would! Thanks for commenting guys, and I agree with many of you. With all of those new games out, who gives a crap about Demigod? If i got CODMW 2, I would say "screw Demigod!". And, yes, many players are put off, because they simply can't catch up in time. If we could simply advertise more, and impulse could get some better deals for Demigod, we could attract more attention. I'll also have more favor idols today, my new Demigod concept, and ill also add my Assassin's special gear section. Once again, thanks for the comments guys, keep it up!

December 18, 2009 5:13:28 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

Actually, DemiCom, it recently did drop in price from $40 to $30. Although I've seen it at retail at a lower price ($15), they have dropped the price on impulse.

December 18, 2009 8:34:46 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

Demigod is quite popular. You're just seeing "popular" as CoD or WoW which have unrealistic numbers for this type of game.

December 18, 2009 12:54:45 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

Yay, that is a good point life, because those games are just extremely popular. But still, Demigod just isnt recieving all the attention it needs. I mean this game is very good, and needs way more attention. But yes, it cant compete with other games out there. Today,  I'll have more updates, like 2 more favor, 3 more special items, and my new general items section (not for generals only, but items at the basic shop for everyone.)

December 20, 2009 3:21:09 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

My only words on this subject:


I have gone to the ends of the earth when it comes to money...


I have gone from rags to riches, without being born, my family comes from a line of noble man from Spain, Germany, and Italy. Great grandfather was a billionaire, monopoly tycoon, cattle, coffee, plantations, and diamond mines, he lost it all to gambling, family moved to the slums in Brazil, my grandfather worked by spit cleaning people’s shoes, and moved up until he was a millionaire, owned multiple cities and provided huge influence to an post-colony-now-country's government. He lost most of what he had because it was too much money for him to handle. I grew up with him being my only father figure, until I had 8 years of age. During that time, my eyes were opened to things larger than common life. My mom got tired of having my grandfather getting loads of cash and her siblings sucking it out of him like blood thursty leeches. She came here to the US, telling him she planned on selling some jewlery and stones, then come back, but she was actually planning on stay here and she did. she worked hard, I stayed at my grandfather's, when I was 8, after two years, her life was stable and I came here to the US, 8 years later, I write this experence to the open public. Guys learn from this!


Simple things:


1) The Open Market:


You can sell anything to everyone, and everything can be sold to anyone. Now a days, this is an absolute truth. Every man in this earth today has a price. I kid you not; even you and I have a price.

To sell: you must make the person aware of your product and create a dependent illusion, make the person think they need it whether they do or not. Set a price, and make an affordable illusion, make the person think that they will be better off giving you what you want in exchange for what you give them.

To sell Demigod:

Expand the public awareness of it – start off by excluding what type of public is it that you want to target, only a fool shoots targets blindly, for he will have no pleasure of know what he hit. And only a true shooter loves to hit what loves him. Now, the type of people that would play this type of exclusive strategy would be those who are well aware of strategy games such as warcraft and such…post ads in those forums or popular gamming sites that display those types of games. Target the virgin (people who haven’t really played pc games such as these) public as well, advertise on social sites that have lots of young people, such as tweeter or facebook. TELEVISON IS THE BEST ADVERTISING UTILITY btw.


Create the illusion that makes people want it – don’t just say it’s there but make people feel like they need it. What is so freaking special about Demigod? If you can answer this question so that it works for every group of person then you can successfully develop a hook to get your merchandize off the shelves!


Set the price – make sure that the public you targeted can afford it! Teenagers don’t have much money, and the adults, who have time to spend with this, either don’t make a lot, or make too much. Either way, games should never have high end prices unless every done is perfect (which is hardly the case here), 30 US dollars would be a good max for this game, for now…


Create the illusion that the price is worth it – I suggest, as it has been mentioned b4, making a trial version that provides online server with those who already have the game, allowing everything in the game to be used but limiting a few things, such as taking out tournaments, pantheon, it sort of a lite version…


2) The Closed Market:

What usually brings down good products is the closed market, that’s the market for the item, that means that instead of focusing how well the game is doing with the public by comparing it to other games, compare the launched version with the basics of strategic game genres and newer version cooperated to the older ones using the basics of strategic game genres as control. If the game doesn’t keep up with the open market hype, it won’t last for too long, so you must observe the item’s closed market.

To keep satisfaction and thus improve credibility: take value customer feedback, don’t be blind and just throw your item out there, you got make sure it doesn’t get thrown back at you, cuz you won’t have the money to pay for the injury to your wallet, no matter how deep it is, lost money is ALWAYS BAD, it doesn’t get canceled out and leaves you  with profit, which all good and successful business men know, a successful business doesn’t waste pennies. Carry out customer feedback responsibly, with proper timing. Keep on fixing your product, there is always room to add and to remove.

To keep demigod in the market:

Customer feedback – everything is fine here, so don’t need to teach anyone much here, forums are best for games, just be sure to organize the forums, we need more mods.

Timing – you guys are actually listening to the community, to your customers, that more than what the others do, but you don’t have the balance with in game issues and popularity to have the luxury of taking your time with things. Other games don’t bother much with customer feedback, because to some, their problems aren’t that many or their problems are not of high priority. This is not the case with demigod. Get the major bugs fixed first, AND THEN worry on other things, the game will be dropped from most people if this doesn’t happen. TIME is important. Sacrifice time from less important things, then you will have the luxury to take your time. You must sweat for your business.

Update – keeping your things up to date is essential for today’s rapidly evolving society, make sure your product meets the standards, update it to fit all the new ideas and any new customer population that might be coming in. Be sure to add expansions, and once your product if stabilized, make a sequel!


-organize your feedback center, forum, and keep it active and maintained!!! This is high priority, always.

-fix all the bugs, improve online connections or w/e and be sure to get things done in a timely manner, high priority for now, if you guys get these things done quickly you won’t have to worry about bugs for a long time…

-add new mechanisms to the game, such as a map editor type of a thing, you have already introduced the modifying capabilities to the community, now provide them with all opportunities of moding, take your time, get the bugs fixed first, for now, this is medium priority.

-add new characters, face it, you have completion, and either you keep your game at their level or you do better, one of the things lots of people look at is how the other games have an abundance of characters, you if you meet this basic then most surely you will have lots of people getting your product instead of the other, business is about completion, if not to yourself then to others.


-add new game modes, survival, story, etc. some of these can be added as an expansion and you could try adding game modes with a story with a twist in the end, but the end of the story could be launched with a sequel, think marketing, remember that you should only provide sequels once bugs have been fixed…this is low priority.



Frogboy is a succesful buisness man, but this product is not successful because it has so much potential but it doesnt meet up to its potential. Once it does, it will be successful, and once it goes over its potential, it will be self-rewarding. now, frogboy, I am sure you know not to waste time, and not to let everything up to GPG, be sure to make sure they are actually putting in some real effort. I get the feeling that they never really cared for this game, they just put fancy things in it, threw it out into the market, and said screw it, let's suck the money and slowly change things so we dont work as hard for it. Now, you may say that's not the case, im being rude by judging this, but hey, if it wasnt the case, why would I have a reason to think this? I am tired of hearing that my 40 bucks has falts in it, I want my 40 bucks to get fixed as fast as I gave it to you, be fair, or be poor, cuz even though this is one game, one customer, it is also one trigger for getting rid of two other customer, who each get rid of two more, until it expands to other products of stardock. But I know that this isnt going to happen, because you will make sure it wont, my only issue is all of these complains, and the FACT that this is taking a while now, I dont believe in this "takes to long" BS, they are prob dividing their attention with other things, these bugs are very important, they need more attention, I am getting displeased!

to everyone who reads:

- never waste time, or risk money

- never trust anyone with more than 40% power over what you have control of. be vigilant of everything, and dont depend on others to get information, always TRY to get things observed and done YOURSELF.






December 20, 2009 3:23:04 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

this is an important post:

December 20, 2009 3:25:04 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums


I plan on releasing all of my demigod concepts, if none of them get added, fuc* me, if they do get added, we clearly have beaten all other games, nuff said really, then me and UB will mass spam you guys with good well-tought out ideas for additions to the game. Good luck to this plan...

December 20, 2009 3:40:46 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums



Noone is interested in your ideas now fuck off.

December 20, 2009 5:25:43 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

Quoting lifekatana,


Noone is interested in your ideas now fuck off.


Fine, I will, consider me gone.

Just to let everyone know, speacially you, UB, I will no longer post anything else after this. You can all forget about me. I try to help but I get shit, this isnt the first time that I have been disrespected, but it's the last. Go to hell people, and get ready for me to torture you in there.

December 20, 2009 8:42:53 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

@ Lifekatana: I reailize that you are annoyed by him, but come on dude. Don't be tota dick about. Just say, "I dont know about this" or "Please leave". What the fuck katana? He's just trying to help, just cause you think your a badass or whatever your deal is. Yeah, there are sometimes I want to rip people's hearts out cause they are just that dumb, but I don't. Don't like my chastisement? Oh, this is just beggining man. You are now one of the few people in the community who people will hate, prolly even Frogboy.

December 21, 2009 12:58:29 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

Quoting UncleanBeast,
@ Lifekatana: I reailize that you are annoyed by him, but come on dude. Don't be tota dick about. Just say, "I dont know about this" or "Please leave". What the fuck katana? He's just trying to help, just cause you think your a badass or whatever your deal is. Yeah, there are sometimes I want to rip people's hearts out cause they are just that dumb, but I don't. Don't like my chastisement? Oh, this is just beggining man. You are now one of the few people in the community who people will hate, prolly even Frogboy.

all im going to do is post my last two demigod concepts, then no one will hear from me again, unless they join multiplayer servers, because at least then, I will be able to block them out...I have been rejected or ignored enough, I dont have to put up ideas to help a game that should help itself for 40 dollars so only two people can give me a good job, so that developers dont give a danm, so that as**oles can treat people like shi*, I dont need any of this, I can just keep quiet and let devlopers and community member fix everything without helping them, see yah UncleanBeast! It was a pleasure meeting your aquaintance! And the countdown starts....

December 21, 2009 1:06:40 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

here's a parting gift, authored by lifekatana:

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