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Sep 08, 2010 Elemental Forums 3 Weeks Later, I Still Don't Have My Limited Edition in Reston, Virginia DevildogFF friendly bump!
Sep 02, 2010 Elemental Forums Multiplayer : This is my wishlist. Vhorthex We share the same pain. I feel for you my friend! We want our Elemental MP untarnished.
Aug 31, 2010 Elemental Forums Detailed Opinions and Suggestions about 1.6 _PawelS_ good suggestions
Jul 15, 2009 Demigod Forums Structures need to give favor Neinik <3 Bear
Jul 15, 2009 Elemental Forums Over and out Zaptail You're awesome dude :3
Jul 12, 2009 PoliticalMachine Forums Over and out Gera1t thanks for key friend
Jul 11, 2009 PoliticalMachine Forums Over and out orpse Thanks for the beta key!
Jul 09, 2009 Demigod Forums Over and out Shade beta key ftw
Jul 09, 2009 Demigod Forums Over and out Polynomial Friendly beta key invite.
Jul 08, 2009 Demigod Forums Random choice doesn't allow doubles pseudomelon We must teach the public common math skills! :P
Jul 07, 2009 Demigod Forums The post formerly known as the earn some karma post pacov Good guy and clearly knows his stuff
Jul 07, 2009 Demigod Forums Mini Community Game - Reply if you want in pacov Always has good insight and points!
Jul 06, 2009 Demigod Forums Random choice doesn't allow doubles cwsault hahaha awesomeness
Jun 30, 2009 Demigod Forums Official Stats are Worthless- Get Over It BGH122 WickedBear was a moron and you showed how illogical he was.
Jun 23, 2009 Demigod Forums Priests - A potential problem and why RowSkin Positive and constructive
Jun 23, 2009 Stardock Forums CPU Upgrade for gaming? Melchiz Thank you for the tip!
Jun 11, 2009 Demigod Forums Stardock/GPG please don't listen to the noobs and make this game easy mode! bman654 replying to OP retard
Apr 26, 2009 Demigod Forums Some questions about some items Arcodus Correcting an answer
Apr 22, 2009 Demigod Forums An Education of Simspeed. Beaver you rock
Apr 21, 2009 Demigod Forums KARMA WORKS!!111!!!1 Heavenfall karma lol
Apr 01, 2009 Sins of a Solar Empire Forums Negative karma? psychoak You're a tard? I'm using an up to date FF 3 and I can give karma just fine by clicking ze button!
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