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May 26, 2009 Demigod Forums Builds are Stupid DarkW01f yeah..!
May 19, 2009 Demigod Forums ITT: THIS IS WHAT THE MODS (who aren't asleep) WANT US TO BECOME! StAcK3D_ActR owning the biggest troll on these forums
May 17, 2009 Stardock Forums To be honest... (Not a "OMG such and such is OP" thread) line0042 Well worded and appropriate post.
May 16, 2009 Demigod Forums ITT: We discuss how UP erebus is now. Kitkun Adapt and FAIL.
May 11, 2009 Demigod Forums Official "Favorite Bands" Thread - Youtube Edition jnyX2 Enjoyable Thread and good taste of music! :D
May 05, 2009 Demigod Forums New Game Mode Idea - Dreadful Domination - BRUTAL Samuraiwarlord Nice damn mode!
May 04, 2009 Demigod Forums "Timemachine Demigod" Check it out. Divos Cool thoughts with the timemachine demigod!
May 03, 2009 Demigod Forums Girls playing DG? MishYu Cuz he's sexxxxy. :)
Apr 20, 2009 GalCiv II Forums GameBizBlog Interview with Brad Wardell GeneralEtrius For hating piracy. Damn pirates!
Apr 19, 2009 Sins of a Solar Empire Forums GameBizBlog Interview with Brad Wardell Craig Fraser well said
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