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The 2nd Attempt at the August Monthly Demigod Community Question Thread :)

Cut off date 8/31/2009

By on August 23, 2009 8:52:14 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

Let's try this one more time.    

Why does this thread exist?  Frogboy suggested we create a monthly question post and agreed to write a dev journal answering the questions as well as possible. 

Who is Frogboy?  Frogboy is the user name of Brad Wardell, the CEO of Stardock.  If anyone can get or provide an answer on anything Demigod related, Frogboy is that guy. 

What should you post in this thread?  Specific, constructive questions that haven't already been previously answered. 

I've compiled the previous questions from the original thread  If you have any additional questions that fit the criteria, ask away.  There will be a cutoff date (8/31/2009) for asking questions.  After then,  I won't be updating the list with any new questions.  Also, be aware that even though I'm currently tracking the vast majority of the questions, I don't think we'll be asking Brad to answer each and every one of these (e.g. some will be removed on the final version of this list).  That said, here we go:

The fire torch bearer cannot auto-attack and move at the same time.  Is this by design or is it a bug?  It's listed in Kryo's known/reported issues thread (  If it is a bug, can we expect to see a fix soon?  Here is the exact code that would need to be added to implement the change:

Open the file MageFire_Character.lua.  Select lines 179/180/181 and paste in the following code:  

Code: c++
  1. ANIM_START_MOVING = { Duration = 0.2, TargetState = 'AttackRangedMove', CopyClocks = true, },
  2.             },
  3.         },
  4.         AttackRangedMove = {
  5.              SoundLoop = 'Forge/DEMIGODS/Torch_Bearer/snd_dg_torch_idle_fire_lp',
  6.              BaseAttackLength = 1.5,
  7.              Compositions = {
  8.                  {
  9.                     Animation = '/characters/Mage/animations/Mage_AttackFire_anim.gr2',
  10.                     Loop = false,
  11.                     EventOnCompletion = true,
  12.                     Events = {
  13.                         { name = 'torch_mode2_attack', time = 0.48, }, #sound
  14.                         { name = 'FireAttack', time = 0.5, },
  15.                         { name = 'attack_effect_01', time = 0.4, },
  16.                         { name = 'attack_effect_02', time = 0.6, },
  17.                     },
  18.                 },
  19.             },
  20.             Transitions = {
  21.                 ANIM_DONE = { TargetState = 'Idle',},
  22.                 ANIM_INTERRUPT =  { Duration = 0.2, TargetStateStationary = 'Idle', TargetStateMoving = 'Run', },
  23.                 ANIM_STOP_MOVING = { Duration = 0.2, TargetState = 'AttackRanged', CopyClocks = true, },
  24.             },
  25.         },

Can you provide us with any behind the scenes information on how the Sedna + bishop/high priest fix came about (the fix went live on 8/6/2009, but the issue was identified on 5/11/2009)?  Can you help us understand the process for getting the fix in place or anything we can do to expedite fixes if the community has identified the exact code required for a fix? 

Are there currently any new maps planned or in development?   If the only new maps we can expect are from the modding tools, will we be able to upload maps for other people to play somehow?

Can we expect to see any new favor items soon or perhaps see some favor item buffs for the lesser used items?  Are the items that were removed due to balance reasons going to return in their original, albeit tweaked, forms or are we going to see all new items in their stead?

Can you please make the descriptions (tool tips) more descriptive in what they do? (TB's Auras)  Would it help if the community provided a list of more detailed tooltips that could be added in a future update?

How does Stardock/GPG handle balancing? Do you watch for player suggestions (subjective but insightful) or do you watch the stats (objective but maybe misleading)?  Along those same lines, could you shed some light on whether there has been any thought/discussion in changing any of the demigods skills/stats (Tribute? Violent Siege? Poisoned blood? Bestial Wrath? etc)?  How was the gold and experience for reinforcement waves (archers, minotaurs, priests, etc) balanced? When it was adjusted in the last patches, what methodology was used to balance it?

What is the best and most useful way to make constructive suggestions to the developers about features and balance?

What do you think of the idea of splitting custom games into two sections: random team and arranged team?  Would it be possible to have a ranked/unranked lobby or option for the game host to select? 

Is there currently any work going into improving Demigod and minion path finding?

Are there any plans for improving the Minion User Interface based on feedback from the community?

Can you provide an update regarding the progress being made towards improving the online ranking and stat tracking? 

Has there been any progress on the ping-spiking issue detailed here (  A small portion of the player base (including myself) have put Demigod on hold, as we cannot play games with more than X (where x is a number between 4 and 8, with the median being 4) players in them, despite solid connections. Many of us have tested the game with worse connections in another area and the same ISP, and had no trouble running the game.

Instant cast items are an issue at the moment because they 'stop' your previous action.  Is there going to be a fix for this?

Are you able to provide your current Demigod to-do-list?

Are Demigod character ideas (in the ideas section of the forum) looked at for inspiration?   

Is it possible to create or connect to a game via the command line for Demigod (I.E demigod.exe -multiplayer -(login) -(password) (GameName))

The Unclean Beast was modeled originally with a extremely long tongue. What was the design reason for changing the model (The model is still present in the current release of demigod)?

What was your favorite ability that had to be removed for game play issues?

What ability surprised you during play testing in a good way. 

What is the biggest surprise in player play styles (I.E. we never thought people would like Regulus that much.)

Will the SDK require Granny to create new models.

What abilities should the FrogBoy Demigod have?

How can the community help Stardock and Gas Powered Games to make Demigod better?

Why is it that Gas Powered Games has become a seemingly invisible partner in Demigods development? 

The original demigods are a bit grim, any plans for more light hearted demigods?

Are there any plans for additional game types (conquest/domination/slaughter) within Demigod?

How much does Stardock make off a retail purchase using Impulse versus how much you get from a local store purchase.

Was there a long term feature implementation plan put in place before Demigod shipped (replays, team features, etc.) or was it created based on the input from the community?

Apart from the features that have already been confirmed to be 'on their way' are there any additional features that can be confirmed as in the works, or at the very least being talked about? Hints threw clever word use is an acceptable answer.

Are Gas Powered Games happy with the direction Demigod is headed?

With the Team Features on the horizon, are there any plans at either GPG or SD to push the advertising or promotion of Demigod further?

Seeing how Supreme Commander received an expansion pack, of sorts, will we realistically see an expansion pack to Demigod? Any thoughts on whether it will it be a retail release or downloadable content?

With the addition of two new Demigods, we see the end of the promised roster additions. Will we see additional Paid Content that were hinted at in some of the posts made by Brad Wardell?

Does Chris Taylor have a forum name on the Stardock forums and can you tell us what it is?

Despite some mediocre reviews received at release, due in no small part to the connectivity issues, do you believe that Demigod will eventually receive the sequel treatment?

What have you learned as both a Publisher and a Development company from Demigod, both in terms of its release and the community that is growing around it?

Coke or Pepsi?

Frogboy has a new Avatar, was was the thinking behind the change? Can we expect constant Avatar updates?

What's on the other side of the portals?

Stardock/GPG, will you be giving the existing demigods new funny replies? At the moment only TB and Erebus made me seriously chuckle. And of course oak with : This armor itches (LOL!!!)

How much time do you spend reading the Ideas section and what Demigods/Maps did you find interesting there and would consider implementing?

Is SD/GPG willing to "officalize" and distribute community made maps, mods, items, demigods, and the like if they gain popularity?


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September 5, 2009 1:34:35 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

nvm - I'm putting up a new thread now. 

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