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From Who Reason
Good taste in video games. <3 The Silencer
FE Beta Email
Funny pic of Frogboy always deserves Karma
Gamestop buys Impulse
A thoughtful and very accurate answer. Especially the last paragraph. Also, well written.
Lua vs. Python
Hit it right on the nose.
Motivation for Expanding
Yes, a tupperware party indeed.
Drama Cleansing Thread
It was good to see that the first reply was, appropriately, the hope that Brad will keep posting at the rate he does, even if he feels a need to apologize from time to time..
Stardock’s Response to PC Gamer UK and RPS
Like this? ;)
plese send karma
Succinct, giving criticism where it's due
For bringing up the issue of defining the game because that's what I don't get and you explained it really well! Maybe you could start a thread about it and see what other people's interpretation of it is and what they do.
Elemental: Launch-Week Status Report
Indeed, needs to be said.
Stardock’s Response to PC Gamer UK and RPS
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