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May 30, 2011 Stardock Forums Disconnected from Ironclad Online Thanadros Prompt response. I sent an Email. Hope it works
May 15, 2011 Elemental Forums This one???s for Jafo and I.D.: IP Bill Introduced in Senate Vandenburg For understanding that extending power to somebody doesn't mean that this new power is used correctly and justly necessary.
Apr 20, 2011 GalCiv II Forums Crash after choosing race win7 paphjort Nice tip. I will try it later. Thanks.
Apr 20, 2011 GalCiv II Forums 's Profile DeeJay66 na Fast and helpful response.
Feb 18, 2011 Stardock Forums Changing resolution avsari Helped me out with a question in the forum.
Jan 26, 2011 GalCiv II Forums Can I combine Logicsequence Hi res mod w/ KHSM-TA mod? builder680 helpful
Jan 23, 2011 Elemental Forums [MOD] 7 DEADLY SINS : by DANMAN GAMES (DANMAN3712) ver 2.5 FINAL AVAILABLE to the PUBLIC! marcusaveon For being a fair mod.
Jan 22, 2011 Sins of a Solar Empire Forums A simple Sins question Emplear Thanks
Jan 06, 2011 Stardock Forums Elemental unable to detect DirectX version Svecke Helpful!
Nov 30, 2010 Sins of a Solar Empire Forums IRONCLAD ONLINE trsears you were very helpfull and i thank you
Nov 14, 2010 Sins of a Solar Empire Forums Disconnected from Ironclad Online Cyphor09 Really Helpful Person.
Nov 11, 2010 Sins of a Solar Empire Forums Double Account woolysockofdoom Helpful response
Oct 20, 2010 GalCiv II Forums Crash after starting cinematice? (TA) anagain Very prompt advice to fix a problem that's had me flustered for a few hours...even if I did manage a lucky fix before I saw his post.
Oct 17, 2010 Elemental Forums Help On Horses Thormodr Very quick to help.
Sep 29, 2010 WinCustomize Forums Do You "Skin" Your Browser Start Page? Zubaz Awesome
Sep 28, 2010 GalCiv II Forums Game crashes at loading screen MonsieurSmog Effectiveness incarnated.
Sep 25, 2010 Elemental Forums i screwed up my files jb136 very helpful and accurate
Sep 18, 2010 Stardock Forums 1.08 hotfix - Broke more than it fixed MigraineMan Provided solution for issue I was having.
Sep 17, 2010 Elemental Forums [1.08] UI Bug Wizard1200 Great customer support
Sep 16, 2010 Sins of a Solar Empire Forums no mouse cursor Jadawin3 he helped me
Sep 13, 2010 Elemental Forums Out of Memory more and more problematic! dopeydave For responding to my post in a timeley manner with technical issues.
Sep 11, 2010 Elemental Forums kryo's Profile Valentine82 na Your approach to Pirates
Sep 07, 2010 Elemental Forums Tim animusvirtus You rock! Repeatedly!!!
Sep 05, 2010 Elemental Forums [Suggestion] Building and training alerts sleem Helpful!
Sep 04, 2010 Elemental Forums Food For Settlements animusvirtus Thanks for the help
Sep 03, 2010 Elemental Forums official PC Gamer review Vhorthex Moderation is always appreciated! Keeping the peace!
Sep 02, 2010 Elemental Forums I REALLY don't like the city building limit solidsmooky Patttch
Sep 01, 2010 Elemental Forums How to rotate camera? ChungasRevenge Thanks - quick reply
Aug 30, 2010 Elemental Forums Transparent UI AndrasLucifugo Found the solution for the Transparent UI problem
Aug 28, 2010 Elemental Forums [Bug 1.06] Menu Overlapping? Trunammer fixed my menu problem :)
Aug 26, 2010 Elemental Forums campaign dead end after looking for survivors nomaam8383 his a nice guy
Aug 24, 2010 Elemental Forums Lots of crashes Tallbloke Helping to make the game work!
Aug 23, 2010 Elemental Forums Game Manual BababooeyHTJ Thanks
Aug 23, 2010 Elemental Forums A question regarding installation files Mornick Thanks for the info.
Aug 22, 2010 Elemental Forums Elemental: Updating to the Release Version! Prince of Crows Useful information
Aug 22, 2010 Elemental Forums Confused : Pre-order has been charged but doesn't show up Luxxicon Patience for all the people who refuse to read a little in the forums and ask the same question 4 trillion times...
Aug 21, 2010 Elemental Forums Pre-ordered last year but no registration shown anywhere! arunodayt Quick response!
Aug 21, 2010 Elemental Forums Pre Ordered From Amazon, what to expect? Harper007 thanks for the info.
Aug 20, 2010 Elemental Forums NO!! Why do this to me!! Kazroth Good arguments
Aug 02, 2010 GalCiv II Forums Answer my question please 1kingbarton For telling me where to buy the game.
Aug 02, 2010 Elemental Forums Elemental: We’re so excited! RaptorMenace Nicely put.
Jul 31, 2010 Elemental Forums [Crash][4] CTD on Sovereign Movement saraam Helping out testers like me! Thank you so much for your hard work! There is someone out there who appreciates it:)
Jul 30, 2010 Elemental Forums kryo's Profile KillzEmAllGod na must feel like a robot.
Jul 09, 2010 GalCiv II Forums kryo's Profile GeneralEtrius na Thanks for the help!
Jul 01, 2010 Elemental Forums Pre-Order Frustrations - Game-Ruining? strayth kryo gives good information, and his avatar makes me think of my druid. I'm not biased though, he really did give good info.
Jun 29, 2010 Sins of a Solar Empire Forums Diplo server issues (crashing everyone out) Derek06 Timely response
Jun 16, 2010 Elemental Forums [Crash] Starting a new game Del137 useful answer
Jun 07, 2010 GalCiv II Forums Can interface colors be modified? azerbaijan42 answered question
Jun 06, 2010 Demigod Forums New Clan: DD (Drunken Demigod) OMG_Teseer For being the man, lol.
Jun 04, 2010 Demigod Forums THE HALL OF SHAME morpheas768 For doing a very good job as forum moderator, in every thread of the whole Stardock forums.
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