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Apr 12, 2012 GalCiv II Forums colonizing planets: quality or quantity? Gaunathor Provided valuable information regarding research overflow.
Feb 02, 2012 GalCiv II Forums Income - Explanation needed Gaunathor Gave very useful information.
Jan 12, 2012 GalCiv II Forums 's Profile Neilo na Not sure iv'e ever given you +2, you deserve it for your efforts over the years!
Nov 27, 2011 GalCiv II Forums Buying resource mines from minors GW Swicord Guess I needed a translator. Thanks.
Jul 07, 2011 GalCiv II Forums No torpedos ultimate_wraith was helpful with a problem i was having
Jun 07, 2011 GalCiv II Forums Is there a Free Lunch? GW Swicord I almost replied to this OP with "You need someone like Sole Soul to answer this question."
Nov 29, 2010 GalCiv II Forums Base Growth per race in DA Mumblefratz Thanks for the response.
Jun 13, 2010 GalCiv II Forums Sole Soul's Profile Shalewind na Helping out with some sound advice.
Jun 02, 2010 GalCiv II Forums Game setup - Tech stealing DocUni helped me to understand how tech stealing works. Thx
Apr 27, 2010 GalCiv II Forums Does map size have a different effect on Gal Civ II v. other 4X games? GW Swicord You force me to confront my love-hate relationship with the math
Jan 08, 2010 GalCiv II Forums How is the planetary research output (number of flasks) calculated? Maiden666 excellent comeback!
Nov 22, 2009 GalCiv II Forums This torpedo is a NIGHTMARE! Maiden6Out6Of6Hell I found most of your post to be quite useful. Kudos to you!
Apr 19, 2009 Stardock Forums Sins of a Solar Empire v1.16 Change Log 303i your very helpful
Apr 07, 2009 GalCiv II Forums Quick question. Jetheren Helped me find what I was looking for, as I wouldn't be able to find it on my own.
Apr 06, 2009 GalCiv II Forums Kilts And Daggers Shwepie Congratulations on 100 Karma!
Apr 06, 2009 GalCiv II Forums Kilts And Daggers MottiKhan One step closer to 100. Plus, you deserve it on general principles.
Apr 05, 2009 Stardock Forums Request: Override invalid OS option Lord Reliant Well said on the Windows 7 support rationale.
Apr 04, 2009 GalCiv II Forums Question gruther4 useful answer
Apr 03, 2009 Stardock Forums AI suggested improvements and a couple bugs PLEASE READ jabberjaws good information
Apr 03, 2009 GalCiv II Forums Time Warner to punish gamers, other internet users. Oldstatesman Good job.
Apr 01, 2009 GalCiv II Forums It's Official... DethAdder Great Response
Mar 28, 2009 GalCiv II Forums Impulse DRM Lord KiRon agree on DRM issue
Mar 28, 2009 GalCiv II Forums Adepta Sororitas - An Active Metaverse Empire Thread GmOOnii You are Reply #50 and I have a hot post now, Thank You
Mar 27, 2009 WinCustomize Forums purchasing a new computer - any suggestions gmc2 provided help
Mar 25, 2009 GalCiv II Forums optimal population + crash amirberner helpful
Mar 24, 2009 Sins of a Solar Empire Forums Tug Of War! Attila464 h3 15 t3h 1337 m@nz
Mar 22, 2009 GalCiv II Forums Restore Archive bug Zyxpsilon Impulse archive file 7z password works exactly as it should!
Mar 21, 2009 GalCiv II Forums Question about conversion of unused resources synergy09 very helpful!
Mar 20, 2009 GalCiv II Forums Just bought this...can it be played windowed? Alfred Packer helped me w/ a question
Mar 17, 2009 Sins of a Solar Empire Forums Going Backwards mbaron888 for the SDC link. I've been looking for that!
Mar 16, 2009 Stardock Forums Proxy support? SOCKS/WPAD Lord Reliant Good suggestion on Proxifier on Impulse support- interesting program.
Mar 15, 2009 GalCiv II Forums Open Letter to Stardock Corporation Zyxpsilon How to use & discover "hidden functions of" Impulse the proper way...
Mar 14, 2009 GalCiv II Forums What Do YOU want to see in Gal Civ 3??? Shwepie For demonstrating civility in a world where such a quality is not only frowned upon but out right belittled and ostracized.
Mar 14, 2009 GalCiv II Forums Alliances Criteria for Beginners WDSherman For taking the time to clarify things for us beginners.
Mar 13, 2009 Sins of a Solar Empire Forums Tug Of War! SSAF #1 MVP on the DOWN Team! For a moment I actually thought you would pass Calania back when you were doing that lightning round with Cypher.
Mar 11, 2009 Sins of a Solar Empire Forums Eve ONline: What is That? Attila464 oh hi there
Mar 10, 2009 Sins of a Solar Empire Forums Tug Of War! FinisKalan Good fight last night.
Mar 09, 2009 GalCiv II Forums Tug Of War! Cypher For putting up a good stand with me in Tug of War round 2.
Mar 08, 2009 Sins of a Solar Empire Forums Tug Of War! SSAF You're MVP #2 for the DOWN Team! Great game, I'm glad you participated, it was a blast!
Mar 02, 2009 GalCiv II Forums Research Cost Inflation raidem Thanks for answering my question on inflation related to research costs. Sole Soul was very prompt and courteous.
Feb 18, 2009 GalCiv II Forums When an Empire dies .... LTjim Helpful expert
Feb 17, 2009 GalCiv II Forums NOT COOL xcorps helped in a VERY quiet forum
Feb 11, 2009 GalCiv II Forums Kzinti Empire - offical empire thread Noctilucus For the neverending stream of knowledge and your patience in explaining GalCiv II's mechanics!
Feb 08, 2009 GalCiv II Forums Blank Ships GW Swicord For being so eloquently Metaverse-averse
Feb 05, 2009 GalCiv II Forums All factory? I messed that one up! MisterVertigo Thanks for the help! I've seen a number of your posts around here, and you are always trying to be helpful. Thanks!
Feb 03, 2009 GalCiv II Forums Terror Stars - how to guide Loupdinour Because I'm sure you'd like to keep at 69 karma and also it seems I've never given you props for your work on the forums.
Feb 03, 2009 GalCiv II Forums Is there a sensor range cap? hairlessOrphan Well, I can't very well give karma for EVERY question you answer, but I figure +1 for every three is about right...
Jan 31, 2009 Elemental Forums Forums on the fritz? RisingLegend Helped me figure out the stupid avatar problem :)
Jan 31, 2009 Sins of a Solar Empire Forums can i run a 512mb 9800gtx in SLI with a 512mb 9800gtx+ flankers1010 for helping a ton
Jan 30, 2009 GalCiv II Forums All factory? I messed that one up! manolete75 Really patient with my noobish and probably tiresome question, with detailed replies
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