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Calling all Sinners for Life is Feudal: Your Own

By on October 2, 2015 2:30:19 PM from Sins of a Solar Empire Forums Sins of a Solar Empire Forums


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In it's own way, Life is Feudal is like a 4x style game as an MMO.  We are looking for a few sinners to join me and my fellow compatriots on a really fun, fair and well organized PVP server for Life is Feudal.  There are some amazing things about this game(and the server), and the game has only improved massively since the day it came out.  When the game is finished and opens up to become the massive MMO, it will ultimately be a unique game experience.  The bigger the group of friends you bring to this world, the bigger the impact you will have on it.  The community that this game builds is really incredible, yet it's simple enough to go it alone and do your own thing(just takes a lot longer).  

The goal is first to have carefree fun, with some good organized PVP events.  We can then grow our community and have a nice group of cool people for when the MMO (and the real fun) arrives.  

A little about me:  I'm a mellow dude. I like bloody intense fights.  I've played a lot of Sins of a Solar Empire, that's why I want to call us "Bloody Sin". Those who sin together, win together.  I plan to build, fight, and procure our agenda to lay low the other factions on the current server map and the MMO map when it's released.  This game can be as hardcore as you make it, so many things to do! I want to play around with all the personalities that I've enjoyed over the years playing sins, a nice rough group of first rate bastards and good guys alike.

Anyways, here is the server website for those who are interested:

Respond to THIS post saying if you are interested, or PM me on THIS website.  We will organize the meet and greet once you hit server-side.  

Our first order of business will be getting you to show up.  Then it will be to setup weapon and armor production while skilling up.  Right now we are in the early phases of building up our production so there is still plenty of time to make your mark in a big way. We plan to go all out against guilds on the weekends, for around around 2 hours each day.  The best weapons/armor/horses go to those who are online regularly.  Our current group has just finished our first fully walled enclosure, so rampant theft by individual actors is going to be strongly deterred.  You can do whatever you want, usually people try to fill niches since there are a lot of specialties in the game, play however you want.   

We use TS3, I haven't heard any annoying assholes on there, so far, so good.  

Feel free to invite your friends and family, this is the perfect kind of game to play with your significant other as you communally build something great.  

And as always, don't let the wolves eat you. Oh, and the Bear. Definitely run from the bear.

 Note: This server is only 4 days old and already is the 3rd most active server(on average) in LiF:YO 

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October 17, 2015 12:35:27 PM from Sins of a Solar Empire Forums Sins of a Solar Empire Forums

We are still going strong, have a nice castle and a great group of guys, come join the fun!

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