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Color blindness disability in Demigod, doh

By on June 15, 2009 10:09:45 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums


Yes, I am color blind. It wouldn't be bold to say that Demigod is mostly a game with a male dominated player base. That means that around 7-10% of the players are also color blind. Please, please, please can we have something that will help us, the color blind people, to distinguish between normal grunts and enemy demigods (I'm talking about the smaller model demigods). One time when I was playing, an Erebus was attacking me from behind while being inside a group of grunts. His model color was (to my eyes) very similar to the Forces of Light color. I didn't even notice he was hitting me for quite a while until he killed me. At which point I said "WTF? I didn't even see the guy". I have the same issues with Regulus or a Frost TB. They are hard to notice due to small size and (sometimes) same color palette (again, to my eyes). I am not talking about them hiding in a group of giants or near a Rook (this is a different problem altogether).

A glow around the demigods perhaps? More contrast between demigod colors and grunt colors? Bigger models for TB/Reg/Erebus?

Please take us into account Stardock/GPG (I know GPG don't read the forums, so please pass it on).


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June 15, 2009 10:41:11 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

Thats not only a problem for color blind guys^^ i have some problems with this too

June 15, 2009 10:47:11 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

How are you with red/green? We've been trying to get GPG to make the team colors more contrasting during the beta, but they gave us the auras beneath the demigods (you = green, friendly = blue, enemy = red).

The only problem is it's hard to see it sometimes with lots of stuff around.

I always suggested just putting the player name above the Demigod's head, that'd be a pretty dead giveaway even if it's hard to see colors.

June 15, 2009 10:52:44 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

I am ok with Red/Green. It is the close colors that I have issues with (blue/purple, orange/brown, etc). The problem about the aura is that it's on the ground. When you are surrounded by grunts you can't see anything. Perhaps an arrow above the Demigod's head?

June 15, 2009 11:03:29 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

What you should do is press the ~ buttong a few times. This will put health bars above every demigods head, making it easier to tell where they are. It's what I do.

June 15, 2009 11:07:13 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

I think there are like 11 different options for pressing the tilde ~. Don't remember I will definitely use it more often but there still needs to be a more decent indicator. The health bar is too small.

June 15, 2009 3:19:18 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

Shameless bump to get a response from Stardock?

June 15, 2009 3:26:07 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

One of the modes for ~ is to show bars only above Demigods, which may help you.

I use bars over everything (Demigods and creeps)

June 15, 2009 3:30:56 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

I think there was a thread about how you can change the textures of a Demigod somewhere in these forums. If I recall correctly it even worked online but I am not totally sure. So you could just change the colors of the problematic Demigods to something which can be seen more easily for you. (I'll post the link once I find it).

(not sure if it works online or not but if you play single player or LAN it definitely works this way)


June 15, 2009 7:33:57 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

I'm red/green color blind (partially, I don't fail ALL the tests oddly enough), but it would be nice to have different color schemes to compensate for color blindnesses.


Isn't red/green color blindness the most common?

June 16, 2009 8:18:42 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

I think so Chemical_Mayhem. 

June 17, 2009 2:53:39 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

Demigods definitely need some sort of persistant glow about them to help  distinguish them from the background/creeps. I'm not colorblind, but I've definitely been killed because an erebus or regulus was just blending in with the other creeps.

June 18, 2009 6:23:33 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

Red-Green is indeed the most common. The least common is Blue-Yellow. A quick fix for GPG/modders would be an option to take important targeting info that requires a distinction between Red-Green and replace it with a distinction between Blue-Yellow.



June 18, 2009 6:45:43 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

Well, the colours just don't contrast enough. Even I can't see Regulus or Erebus before it's too late, and I'm a twitch-reaction Counter-Strike player.

June 18, 2009 7:46:53 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

SD/GPG, feedback? Someone? Even "we are looking into it" would suffice

June 18, 2009 9:32:25 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

What do you suppose would be the best pair of colours to use? Blue and yellow as was said just above? It wouldn't be hard to change the colours that the game applies to the models of Light/Dark, though I am not too sure of how distinct it is. I will try this after work and post some screenshot if I have some time, and then possibly put out a mod when version 1.2 comes out with mod support.

June 18, 2009 10:46:18 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

They should use the color that you are on the lobby screen.  The Demigods themselves should have portions of that color on their models as well.

They solved this problem long ago.

June 18, 2009 10:56:21 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

Erebus has full body color variations depending on number of Erebus chosen. This is true for other demigods. I've seen orange, purple and green so far.

June 18, 2009 10:57:22 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

Not on the minimap though, and that's really half of the problem.

June 18, 2009 5:23:56 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

I'm colorblind. Half of the colors in the lobby look the same to me. I don't care if there are only two colors: yellow and blue, or black and white. Telling my teammates apart are not as important to me as telling enemies and friendlies apart.

June 18, 2009 6:49:35 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

How is this for the units? I'll see if I can mess with the minimap. If the teams were yellow and blue on the minimap, what colour should the flags be?

If possible, I would eventually like to make an option in the game settings so that users could define their own colours for the teams.

EDIT: Editing the minimap works, although it goes on a friendly/enemy color system, so it would likely be confusing to use the same blue/yellow colours for that.

Here is another picture, but ignore the minimap. That was just for testing.

June 18, 2009 8:14:20 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

I feel sorry for people with color blindness. I can't imagine how a world would look with half less colors in. Certainly not as vibrant and nice :/

June 19, 2009 1:28:59 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

hmm black and white is actually quiet cool

June 19, 2009 4:38:02 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

I really need to put this on my note especially for my future products...

Us normal people really take things for granted.

June 19, 2009 6:13:42 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

Chirmaya: wow that looks a lot better in general!!! I wonder how it would look like with big/small demigods in a cluster fight because this is the main issue. Thanks!

June 19, 2009 1:29:08 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

 Chirmaya, those look awesome, haha! I like the colors. Although, it seems if we want to fit into the Light/Darkness theme, maybe a simple black/white scheme would work. I think that's sort of what they have now, but it's not pronounced enough for smaller units. The black needs to be blacker, and the white whiter.

Edit: The biggest problem is really the Demigods themselves, not the grunts.

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