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Demigod Site Issues Moderation Policy

By on September 9, 2008 3:06:32 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

The 'Site Issues' forum is a unique forum. We use it to get good feedback from out visitors on the website, what's not working, what the visitors may not understand or what is just plain broken. It allows the developers, testers and support to view reported problems with the website(s) in a forum which is convoluted by many unrelated posts.

In the spirit of communicating with users reporting issues as effectively as possible, the moderation policy in place for the 'Site Issues' forum is much different from that of the rest of any forum. This forum isn't necessarily ruled with an iron fist, but more so a softer metal, like bronze or copper.

  • When an issue has been resolved, the post is locked following a moderator reply. This is in place to help moderators and developers move on to other issues and to help with organization.
  • Off topic posts are moved to the General Discussion forum.
  • Off topic replies are moderated (and typically removed)
  • Joking, trolling or non-constructive replies are moderated.
  • Blatant negativity, developer bashing, and Stardock bashing are not allowed. Posts and replies as such are moderated. If you're not here to help, please move onto another forum on the site in which that is welcomed. General Discussion is a good example of a forum which allows this (within reason).
  • 'Me too' replies are moderated. Unless a developer or moderator ask implicitly how many other people are experiencing an issue, 'me too' replies just make it harder to wade through the replies for a post. This is especially true for very large posts with many replies.
  • 'Are we there yet' replies and posts will be moderated. If a developer or rep has responded to an issue and has stated that they are taking action (eventual or immediate) please do not make posts or replies asking when or if a fix has been made. A developer or rep will respond with the action taken as soon as is possible.

That about covers it. I would just like to reiterate that this policy is in place to help us work faster and more efficiently for you, the users.

Normally I would lock this post up and just leave it for people to read, but if you have something constructive to say on this topic, please do reply.

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