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From Who Reason
You da man today!
Interesting TEC lore
Good Summary of Adv/TEC
My Final Feedback on Beta-2: 31 hours
For making me laugh just how stubborn you are to accept that counters exist repulsion
Red Button/Repulse both need a nerf. [Devs Watch this replay]
Nice pic.
The Vasari Are Coming...
Cuz karma is free! Have some! Nomnomnomnomnom
Good argument and reasoning
Battleship Discussion: Buffing the Radiance and the Kol
Helping with TEC Econ
Solid Unbiased Argument
Red Button/Repulse both need a nerf. [Devs Watch this replay]
helpfull reply against a raging person
Rebellion Beta 2b (0.80) Change Log
I don't know we can learned something new everyday, but yes, we learn something new once a while. LOL!
forum down?
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