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Totally Agree
Devs: can you update us on DLL plans & modding support
Nice work hosting the thread. Here's hoping the essence mechanics are going to be prominent in that 'lots of changes between the last beta and 1.0' space...
Talking about Essence
This person gave me a great tip about windowed mode!
[.805][Computer Crash] Computer freezes, requires complete powerdown
Your awesome dressing down of endofdayz anti-lore rant in the 'Lore Inconsistencies' thread.
Lore inconsistencies
Answered all my fears :)
32 vs 64
Absolutely hilarious post. A world without lore, imagine that.
Lore inconsistencies
Knowledgeable, helpful.
Elemental – Data Driving the AI
Awesome details on how the NWN stuff works and sample.
Elemental – Data Driving the AI
Thoughtful post
Races & Factions - my short guide
Providing dynamic relationships between races adds character to a game, and makes for more strategic playing.
Rethinking factions…
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