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From Who Reason
LeonLayer well done!
GW Swicord Saving me typing, doing credit to the Old Guard
GW Swicord "The goal of sovereign customization should be have players choose 'picks' for their sovereign that truly differentiate them in ways that cannot easily be done (or can't be done at all) within the game."
Tasunke great recent post on the Tactical Combat thread (the one from the journal)
Tasunke Yes, tactical battles should definitely be given the same "simulation" effect as the total war series' battles. Props.
MatBerryman2 For noticing the swamp thing!!
Martok Very well said about modding. I agree only too well!
KellenDunk Walls of text grow the karma
Spartan Great retort!
Luckmann Haha, thanks. I totally missed your post when writing mine. You totally put it spot-on better than I ever could. :)
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