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Dec 26, 2011 WinCustomize Forums Happy Birthday, Philly! Philly0381 Thank you
Dec 19, 2011 WinCustomize Forums Happy Birthday, sViz sViz Thank you! :)
Nov 01, 2011 WinCustomize Forums Granny k10w3 k10w3 For congrats on my new grandson.
Oct 02, 2011 WinCustomize Forums Happy Birthday Jimbo9294 Jimbo9294 Thanks for the birthday greeting.
Aug 15, 2011 WinCustomize Forums Happy Birthday Master Xiandi Xiandi Thank you!
Jul 22, 2011 WinCustomize Forums Prayers Needed .. now. Xiandi Thank you
Jul 08, 2011 WinCustomize Forums 's Profile geraldine971 na Thanks Lantec!
Jun 18, 2011 WinCustomize Forums Happy Birthday, Curtis! cplair For all the years of true friendship and the mutual respect. You are a great person my friend!
Jun 18, 2011 WinCustomize Forums Congrats to Xiandi, WC’s Newest Master Skinner! Xiandi Thank you! :)
May 23, 2011 WinCustomize Forums News Flash: H-G's Birthday! Pizza Give Away (He's Buying) HG_Eliminator Thx Bro :)
May 09, 2011 WinCustomize Forums It's Carguy1's Birthday! Celebrate! CarGuy1 For the Birthday well wishes.
Feb 14, 2011 WinCustomize Forums January - February Promotions karmat Thanks Lantec!
Jan 02, 2011 WinCustomize Forums The Penultimate New Master for 2010 - theAVMAN theAVMAN Thank you very much sir!! :)
Jan 01, 2011 WinCustomize Forums How do I remove my Old faulty upload ? neone6 You??re great !!! THANX super support !
Dec 16, 2010 WinCustomize Forums Windowblinds 7 no longer applies skins correctly Silentsnot Being helpful.
Nov 07, 2010 Stardock Forums Happy Medium Between Flyout Menus and Tabs voyager529 Good Response.
Oct 10, 2010 WinCustomize Forums October Promotions Wizard1956 Congrats! <:)
Oct 10, 2010 WinCustomize Forums October Promotions tazgecko Superman ;)
Sep 02, 2010 WinCustomize Forums Lantec has done it again! scharchuk Happy Birthday.
Aug 21, 2010 WinCustomize Forums Windowblinds problem? Can't see files in explorer.. crodley For contributing to my thread and helping fix my WB problem
Aug 15, 2010 WinCustomize Forums IT's XIANDI's Birthday ... Xiandi Thank you!! :)
Jul 16, 2010 Elemental Forums Guru Zazimire thanks
Jun 18, 2010 WinCustomize Forums RedneckDude's Skinner Spotlight theAVMAN Thank you
May 27, 2010 Stardock Forums Object Dock 64-bit Start Menu and Taskba paulc201 good answer
Apr 09, 2010 GalCiv II Forums [Request] Go to first new post option GW Swicord That button is awesomely handy to be so unobtrusive and ambiguously illustrated.
Apr 04, 2010 WinCustomize Forums bk13GarbageMan is older bk13GarbageMan Thanks for the Birthday wishes!
Mar 30, 2010 WinCustomize Forums Thank You for 2.0! bk13GarbageMan Thanks for giving Me RC on Win7!
Mar 30, 2010 WinCustomize Forums Thank You for 2.0! Mirsguy Thanks! I'm gonna try that!
Mar 16, 2010 Stardock Forums sevenconfig.exe issue hrydhswyfe For replying and trying to help....deeply appreciated! :)
Mar 03, 2010 GalCiv II Forums Lantec's Profile Alorum na thanks for the info
Mar 01, 2010 Stardock Forums WindowBlinds 7.01 won't load Aero Theodiskaz Giving advice that worked.
Feb 18, 2010 Stardock Forums Problem with windows too small when skinned Macmatt Help with a WB problem.
Feb 17, 2010 Stardock Forums Windows Graphics Experience - skinning trouble frode789 Fixed my problem as described in the OP.
Feb 17, 2010 WinCustomize Forums My new 'toy' DrJBHL Just plain funny as hell!
Feb 04, 2010 WinCustomize Forums VERY SAD DAY scruf57 Thank you
Jan 09, 2010 WinCustomize Forums Favorite WindowBlinds Skin of 2009? Xiandi Yay! One of my skins was on your list! Thanks!
Jan 05, 2010 WinCustomize Forums Sad News mrs starkers that means a lot to me
Jan 01, 2010 WinCustomize Forums 10 gadgets of the decade DPCloud Happy new Year!
Dec 30, 2009 WinCustomize Forums Happy Birthday Philly0381 Philly0381 Wishing me a Happy Birthday
Dec 28, 2009 WinCustomize Forums Happy Birthday pjdark pjdark For the kind birthday wish! :)
Dec 14, 2009 WinCustomize Forums Deskscapes Wont Load Xiandi thanks for helping!
Dec 09, 2009 WinCustomize Forums Happy Birthday To A Very Special Person and Skinnerette k10w3 For wishing me a happy birthday.
Dec 08, 2009 WinCustomize Forums December Promotions DPCloud Thanks!
Nov 25, 2009 WinCustomize Forums The Community That Gives Back DaveBax Thanks Lantec, you support is very much appreciated.
Nov 10, 2009 WinCustomize Forums November Promotions angus1949 Thanks Lantec, you're always there to help me.
Nov 10, 2009 WinCustomize Forums Blue Screen on windows exit CarGuy1 For your system settings
Nov 03, 2009 Sins of a Solar Empire Forums Just need some confirmation. Carnston Help's appreciated. Very much so. Thanks.
Oct 30, 2009 WinCustomize Forums May have lost all my work......I need your help 2of3 Thanks for helping me out!
Oct 13, 2009 WinCustomize Forums Welcome our Newest Master Skinner: Vampothika (aka Kitty) Vampothika thankyou!!
Oct 10, 2009 WinCustomize Forums Ed Was Down! AND It's His Birthday! DrJBHL Thanx for Ed...and Subsecret RightClick!
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