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Firefox 3 Release & Stardock Site Compatibility
Jun 30, 2008 12:59

Firefox 3.0 goes final and is scheduled for release on Tuesday, June 17th.

There are currently known incompatibilities between Firefox 3 and many of our sites and forums.  For the most part, the sites function properly, but have formatting issues.  A specific example are the login & password fields to log into these forums.  In Firefox 3, instead of both being on the same line, they are stacked vertically.

We will be addressing these visual issues in time.  Please do NOT post threads on the forums pointing out Firefox 3 site issues.  They will be deleted.  We are aware of the problems and will work as quickly as we can to resolve them.

Until posted otherwise, the only version of Firefox our sites support at the moment is Firefox 2.

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