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When Site Where From Who Link Reason
Nov 20, 2009 GalCiv II Forums New Player says hi Slim1951 He responded nicely.
May 06, 2009 GalCiv II Forums Underdog Question GmOOnii good idea
May 05, 2009 GalCiv II Forums Underdog Question GW Swicord Fun is more fun than points.
Apr 06, 2009 GalCiv II Forums Tyranny of Evil - A Metaverse Empire. MottiKhan Thanks
Mar 17, 2009 GalCiv II Forums What Do YOU want to see in Gal Civ 3??? Extant Faora For wanting to see cut-scenes of what goes on inside the fertility clinics. Personnally I would like to as well... LOLZ / LLL (Laugh, Laugh, Laugh)
Mar 12, 2009 GalCiv II Forums submitting games twice TorontoRock beinghelpfull
Jan 20, 2009 GalCiv II Forums The main map icons manolete75 very helpful
Dec 19, 2008 GalCiv II Forums A few new-player questions Hrothgaar He gave valuable information to a newbie.
Oct 09, 2008 Stardock Forums Is it a good idea to buy planets from an insane AI ? whismerhill thanks for answering
Sep 26, 2008 GalCiv II Forums The Galactic Senate MottiKhan For always being humorous and level headed.
Aug 28, 2008 GalCiv II Forums Metaverse Forum Ranks Mumblefratz Nice point.
Aug 12, 2008 GalCiv II Forums A Futuristic Metal....... For liking to say the word "Thermodynamics" (and because it hopefully put the literal thinkers in their place)!!!
Jul 26, 2008 GalCiv II Forums An idea for the game Nobz Leader Buried my idea, but not with "I don't like it" but with "It won't work because". Me likes that.
Jul 23, 2008 GalCiv II Forums A Few Newb Questions GJDriessen For clarifying an important part of the game.
Jun 26, 2008 GalCiv II Forums Negative karma? Loupdinour Giving you karma so you'll mail me some Kudos...M&M ones preferred. -Loupdinour
May 19, 2008 GalCiv II Forums Trouble Influencing a planet, 1st game KzintiPatriarch For being helpful to newbies on the forums. -KzintiPatriarch
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