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When Site Where From Who Link Reason
Jun 19, 2011 Elemental Forums New noob game of Dominions 3 Tophat1812 Being helpful
Jun 12, 2011 Elemental Forums Storm: Frontline Nation marlowwe For sharing thoughts on Storm: Frontline Nation
May 29, 2011 Demigod Forums Terraria - Dig, Build, Fight OMG_pacov Thanks for the feedback on Terraria
May 14, 2011 Elemental Forums Any awesome RTS out there? ArcElement2002 Thanks for your suggestion!
Mar 31, 2011 Elemental Forums Crusader Kings: Why I love it. IrateAdmin Thanks for the good comparison and short description of CK and EU.
Mar 31, 2011 Stardock Forums Crusader Kings: Why I love it. mbaron888 answered my Crusader Kings question
Mar 11, 2011 Sins of a Solar Empire Forums EA Forum Bans stop you from playing games? SIN-Imperium And Eve has the bitchiest shiniest group of trolls I have ever seen. You are correct.
Dec 06, 2010 Stardock Forums Eve Online OMG_pacov Thanks for taking the time to explain eve online in greater detail.
Nov 11, 2010 Elemental Forums Silent Storm DariasDruss Thanks for the info on how to hex edit S2
Sep 11, 2010 Elemental Forums AoW SM guide - help needed Vallu751 Good overview of AoW SM
Jul 08, 2010 Demigod Forums Disciples III: I'm Gonna do you all a favor! the_hunger good description of Disciples 3
Jul 04, 2010 Elemental Forums Disciples III: I'm Gonna do you all a favor! dsk2293 good info
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