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The Political Machine 2016 Week 2: Donald Trump Inches Ahead

By on February 26, 2016 3:42:00 PM from JoeUser Forums JoeUser Forums

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In week 1 of our look at The Political Machine 2016 data, we saw that Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders were tied for wins in the game. Anything changed since we’ve had a couple primaries and endorsements in the past week or so? Let’s take a look….

Since week 1 we’ve had a big primary in Nevada which Hillary Clinton closely defeated Bernie Sanders for the democrats, and Donald Trump took the republican win with Marco Rubio taking 2nd, and Ted Cruz just behind him. South Carolina has it’s GOP primary which Donald Trump won, and Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz at a virtual tie for 2nd. The democrats primary in South Carolina happens in the next couple of days.

See the ‘Exit polls’ here.

Winning Candidates

The top 5 winning candidates so far this week are:

  1. Donald Trump – 13.8%
  2. Bernie Sanders – 13.2%
  3. Hillary Clinton – 5%
  4. Michael Bloomberg – 4.4%
  5. John Kasich – 2.1%


Donald Trump has taken the overall lead (aside from custom candidates) and is above Bernie Sanders by just a bit. Hillary Clinton is continuing at 5%, and Michael Bloomberg edged up just a bit to 4.4%. As you might remember, Michael Bloomberg has been in the news recently as it’s rumored he would announcement his candidacy. Other candidates such as John Kasich and Marco Rubio are around 2%.

It’s seems Hillary’s win in Nevada didn’t do much to get her any higher in your game matches. We’ll see if that continues.


Wins by Party
The stats for the wins by party as almost the same as they were for the previous week. Democrats are at 55.5% and the republicans are at 44.5% this week.



The Big Issues
The issues that helped shape the campaigns haven’t changed much since the last time. Lots of these issues are still making news, so no surprise they are still some of the top issues in-game.

The top 5 big issues:

  1. Fighting ISIS – 41%
  2. Resettlement of Refugees – 28.1%
  3. Secure the Borders – 13%
  4. Supporting Gay Marriage – 7.3%
  5. Addressing Climate Change – 1.8%


We have the democrat primary upcoming in South Carolina, and then the big Super Tuesday on March 1st which will certainly be an interest day in politics. We’ll be keeping an eye on it and watching to see if it affects any of the in-game candidates or election issues.

Learn more about The Political Machine 2016 here.

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