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The Political Machine 2016 Week 1: Donald and Bernie in the Lead

By on February 15, 2016 1:53:00 PM from JoeUser Forums JoeUser Forums

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Recently, Stardock released The Political Machine 2016, which lets you run your own political campaign and see if you have what it takes to win the Presidency of the United States. Besides being a fun game to play, it also has a cool Metaverse feature that takes some of the data from the games and lets us view various stats, such as the top winning candidates.

See the 'Exit Polls' here.

Last week during the New Hampshire primary, I made a quick post about the top two winning candidates and how that will compare to the actual primary results. Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders were the top two winning candidates (which does not include custom candidates) in the game, and they also happened to be winners of the primary.

So, let's take a look at some of the data from The Political Machine 2016 this week. As we move through election season, I'll do additional posts so we can see how it compares to the real elections.

Note: Custom candidates are the most popular winning candidates, as people can create their own candidates and play campaigns with them. I'm excluding them from here as I want to focus on real candidates and people.

Winning Candidates
The top 5 winning candidates so far this week are:

  1. Donald Trump – 14%
  2. Bernie Sanders – 14%
  3. Hillary Clinton – 5%
  4. Michael Bloomberg – 4%
  5. Rand Paul – 2%


Bernie and Donald are leading with 14% of the winning games, and Hillary is next with 5% The various other candidates are staying in the 2% area.


Wins by Party
Next we'll take a look at the wins by party. Democrats have an edge on Republicans this week with a 55% of the wins.



The Big Issues
There are a lot of issues that can help your campaign, and some of these will win you the Presidency.

The top 5 big issues:

  1. Fighting ISIS – 41%
  2. Resettlement of Refugees – 28%
  3. Secure the Borders – 13%
  4. Supporting Gay Marriage – 7%
  5. Addressing Climate Change – 2%

Fighting ISIS and the resettlement of refugees were the two dominating issues. Securing the borders and gay marriage were the next two issues after that, with climate change coming in at just 2%.

It will be interesting to follow this and see how the winning candidates and issues change as we go through the primaries and onto the election.

Learn more about The Political Machine 2016 here.

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