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Brave browser–faster, no intrusive ads, and Brendan Eich

By on January 23, 2016 9:05:56 AM from JoeUser Forums JoeUser Forums


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Interesting…the guy who invented JavaScript has found (and founded) a new niche (Brave Co.) after the Mozilla disaster.

Ironic, because this browser will show you content with ads stripped out as well as elements designed to track your online behavior…so your security will be MUCH greater. Supposedly though, it will not remove all ads: It’ll leave those actually useful to you. For phones, it will speed things up by a factor of up to four, and up to x14 for laptop/desktop computers.

So…it’ll use your browsing history to infer what you’re interested in (say “skinning”, “Rock and Roll” and “Fast cars”), and will present ads appropriate to those topics supposedly without sending data home to his company.

At the moment, it’s in version 0.7, and no ads will be placed…just holes where they used to be, but in the future, count on ads for revenue…just pertinent ones a la Google.

Here’s the kicker, though…if he attracts enough users, money will be sent to you each month (like maybe a cup of coffee’s worth) as a percentage of the ad revenue.

The browser’s Chrome based, so the development and security are on Google. He won’t be doing it for Firefox as its base is shrinking.

So…first he invents JavaScript which has become a huge security compromise, then strips it out…and then returns it based on a Google type model, in a Chrome based browser, minus the tracking, supposedly, and making it faster by stripping out the tracking and reporting.

As I began this: Interesting. Hopefully it will do the work Ad Companies don’t. Hopefully.

You can read more about “Brave browser” and his company here:

You can request a Dev Build on that site.


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