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Atempt at Moding a new demigod, help sorely needed


By on November 2, 2015 8:04:17 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums


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Hello everyone!

First of all, I'm fairly new in this modding business, but have certain degree of success so far, mainly following Miraya, Pacov, Peppe (hope I got the names right) and others posts regarding the subject. 

So far I've managed to significantly change abilities, units and other stuff in a non-destructive way. 

So I've decided to try my hand at modding a new demigod. As far as I know, adding an option to select a brand new DG is tricky to say at least, so I'm trying to replace Oculus with something more appealing (I hate that guy, ruins my day!). My concept is a general version of rook, taking abilities from other DG to create a "buildings" oriented general, the idea is for it to summon towers, deploy mines, perform structural transfer the other way around (healing your own towers at the expense of your HP) and perhaps a damage dealing ability, like Oculu's chain lightning. I wanted to use the Giant model, always liked it. 

All this is very nice, but I had tons of troubles. First I had graphic issues, the model won't play attack animations, nor autoattack (save from vs structures). I sorted that out. So I had a giant that attacked and used Occulus' abilities, with Oak's stats (and Rook's speed). Pretty good. 

But abilities, I thought it would be easier: My plan was to make this destructive, since its going to be a new guy, none of the changes in other mods would make sense. So I took on explosive mines first, copied the needed sections from Regulus's abilities, and renamed the abilities to match Blast off ability (otherwise it would f*ck up the skill tree). Didn't work, the ability icon was greyed out. The debug panel didn't show any error I could see. I tried a lot of work arounds, but didn't manage to make it work, it didn't even show the icons properly in the skill tree (while it did show the mine icon properly before buying it).

Among other things that happened was that when I bought the skill it turned into blast off! 

I would like to know which approach should I use to accomplish my goal, and if I need to modify something else than the files in unit/heroes/hoculus.

Thanks in advance!


Needless to say this is mainly for my own fun, I care not for balance or mod integrity (which doesn't mean that after I make it work I could try to make it a functional mod worth using).


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