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Demi God Ideas: Cheshire and Kess

Luck or Skill, Your throut shall meet their blade.

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(Note: This is some what based off my Families Religion of Soulistion, well at least the names come from it. just thought Id give you a heads up)


Back Ground/Origins

Faraway on the Island of Tovoon there lived a city of People who worshiped the Moon, Sun, Earth. The People lived under a Great and kind king Named Leave. Leave was a fantastic leader, He removed all idea of economics from the kingdom, Preventing greed and making it so every job had its purpose to provide for all. His idea of equality to every one including him self, often going to the farming fields and working a hard days work or going to the forest and help with hunting/fishing for the day, and every day he would kneel beside his followers in prayer of their three gods. The Moon, giver of change, Sun giver of power, but never would they pray to the earth, for she was the mother of life, Your mothers job is to let you grow till you are strong enough to leave her, as such the people of Tovoon would only pray to her if in great danger, which they haven't been in for many years.

He was indeed the peoples king, Sadly one day a war mongering clan of vikings discovered their peaceful island. They took the City that laid upon its shores and rounded up its people, only to find that they owned no gold, or money of any kind as they never had the need for it.The viking Leader called for the king and forced him to work to humiliate him in front of his people like a fat pig, but instead he did the work with out challenge, they didn't relies this king before them named Leave worked like a commoner every day, a little field work was nothing. So the Leader to show the king a lesson challenged him to 3 challenged in exstange freedom to the people of Tovoon , hunting, Fishing, and Building, each the king did on his own beating the viking leader in half he time.


All they found was a city with no gold, a King who could hold his own work, and nothing to take valuable, except the people who for the most part didn't seem to care about their predicament. The viking leader decided to go against his word and enslaved every one, turning the women to hores, men into workers, and children into bed warmers. This angered the king but upon out lashing at the viking leader he was chained and sentenced to death but they would wait till winter and allow his spirit to be broken watching as the vikings destroyed the peoples soul.


just a night before the execution the Leader of the Vikings told a girl he had impregnated to give the king his last drink, The king accepted but after drinking his full he spoke out loud to all his people,"I pray to mother now, I see your children's pain and I share it as I always have, Please mother show these people freedom and give them new life, Make the bastard children born to this man about to hang me be the blade who slaughter his kind and forever be known to us as our true gods"

the king was hanged and so to his word is true, The twin children born, given gifts of the moon and sun used their power to slaughter the vikings and saved Tovoon, now for ever ruined but free in death.



Clover of Blades: Cheshire ( Chess, Shire)

Chesire is a shape shifter Assassin class Demi God

She while a few hundred years old gives herself the appearance of a 16 year old wearing baggy and semi revealing clothes. She like her brother are immortal and have been blessed by the earth with the moon or sun, her the moon. She uses a simple bow and arrow, nothing really special about them.

Her passive makes her invisible to enemies as long as she hasn't attacked them once already, Because of this she cant capture points unless she  attacks something or is randomly hit by an attack. the first attack she makes out of invisibility is doubled in damage.


Ace of Spears: Kess (Keh Sh)

Kess is a spear man General Class Demi God

Kess unlike his twin sister chooses to look is age being estremey old looking while out of combat. He was giving the power of the sun by the earth and has lead many armies. He uses a Spear rusty and old often using it as a cane to help him walk,

Kess upon joining a battle will make him self young more then quintupling in speed and doubling in attack strength for a time before he reverts back to being a old man. He can summon Solar Lizards as lightly weaker soldier minions,

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