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Balance mod 1.31 Final

By on May 4, 2012 4:05:49 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums


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The final version of BalanceMod, Version 1.31, can now be grabbed in Pacov's Mod Installer Package. This will alleviate the previous hoop jumping of having to do a manual update to get the latest version.

As always, it should be played with the latest Uberfix, Enhanced AI and Enhanced UI mods that are included in the package.

The 1.31 Tour Guide file is available for more in depth information found in this change list.

Quick summary...
Stat changes to Demigods, items and MOBA aspects of the game that have been tested through 19 revisions, allowing more diversity and higher skill play in Demigod.

Change list

Demon Assassin
Warp Area: Added Debuff Immune (normally no debuff immunity)
Elusiveness 10%,20%,30% Dodge (normally 5%,10%,15%)

Torch Bearer
Mode Switch time 0.8 seconds (normally 1.5 seconds)
Consume Damage is 100,200,300,400,500 (normally 100,175,250,325,425)

Unclean Beast
Base Speed 6.0 (normally 6.3)
Diseased Claw 5%,10%,15% speed reduction (normally 5%,7%,10%)
Bestial Wrath Duration 10,10,10,15 (normally 7,7,7,10)
Foul Grasp Drain 83,166,249 (normally 83,125,166)

Angelic Fury mode: speed +5% (normally no speed bonus)
Maim: 5%,10%,15% (normally 5%,7%,10%)
DeadEye: Proc 10% (normally 3%)

Rally lasts 10 seconds (normally 5 seconds)

Ball Lightning Damage 25,50,75,100  (up from 20,25,30,35)

Queen of Thorns
Uproot Range: 20,25,30,35 (normally 20)
Entourage Damage 10,20,30 (normally 6,12,18)
Compost Shambler Damage: 4,6,8,10,15,20 (normally 4,6,8,10,12,14)
Mulch Time To Damage 0.5 sec (normally 2 sec)
Spike Wave Cooldown 10,10,10 (normally 10,10,15)
Gspike Mana Cost 425,500,675,750 (normally 500,500,675,750)

Poison Arrow: Slow 15% (normally 10%)

Yeti Damage: 30,60,90,120 (normally 30,37,44,51)
Yeti Wild Swing Radius 3 (normally 2)
Life's Child: Proc @ 50% life (normally 30%)
Inspiring Roar: Evasion 20, Duration 10 (normally 15, 5)

Lord Erebus
Bat Swarm II Range 25 (normally 30)
NightCrawler Base Speed 6.3 (normally 6)
NightCrawler Turn Rate 360 (normally 180)


-Sabatons: Cost 400 (normally 600)
-Assassin's footguard: 10% Chance to do 1.5X critical (normally no critical hit chance)
-Iron Walkers +450 Armor +1050 Mana (normally no armor / mana)
-Desperate Boots: Activate on 50% Health (normally 30%) dodge 30% (normally 20%)

-Plate Visor: +260 Mana (normally no mana)
-Theurgist's Hat: +70% mana, 10% proc (normally 35% mana / 5% proc)
-Vinling Helm: 5% proc effect (up from 3%)

-Armor of Vengenance: +10 life per second (normally no life per second)
-Groffling Warplate: Proc chance 5% (up from 1%)
-Platemail of the Crusader: Proc Chance 3% (up from 1%)

-Gauntlet's of Despair: Mana drain 525 (up from 300)
-Slayer's Wraps: Damage 35 (normally 30)
-DoomSpite: Cleave Radius 3 (normally 1.5) Proc Chance 50/33 (up from 25/16)

-Blood Stone Ring Cost 1250, LifeSteal 4% (normally 3%)
-Warlord's Punisher: Range = 20 (up from 15), 0.3 cast time (normally 1), chain radius 8 (normally 5)
-Ring of the Ancients: +10% Attack Speed (normally no attack speed)
-WarpStone: Instant Cast (normally 0.3 Second Cast)

-Robust Rejuv: Cost 400 (normally 450)
-Hex Scroll: Cost 150 (normally 250)
-Scroll of Restoration: Cost 150 (normally 250)

Artifact Consumables
-Enhanced Health: Cost 400 (normally 800)
-Enhanced Mana: Cost 400 (normally 1000)
-Revitalization Elixir: Cost 500 (normally 1000)
-Supreme Health: Cost 750 (normally 1200)
-Supreme Mana: Cost 750 (normally 1500)
-Supreme Revitalization Elixir: Cost 900 (normally 1500)

-Cloak of Elfinkind: Dodge 20 (normally 15)

Favor Items

-Goggles: 10% chance to do 1.5x damage (normally no crit chance)
-Charm of Life +10 Health Per Second (normally 5)
-Brilliant Bauble: +250 Health +175 mana (normally none)
-Blood of the Fallen +600 life (normally +800)
-Staff of the Warmage: +1050 mana (normally 800)
-Diamond Pendant: Mana 525 (up from 250) Cooldown 13% (up from 10%)
-Amulet of Teleportation: Cooldown 30 (normally 45)
-Cape of Plentiful Magic: Radius 15 (normally 8)
-Saam-Els Cloak: +10% Movement (up from +5%)
-Wings of the Seraphim: Radius 15 (normally radius 8)

-Poison Dagger: 10% Attack Speed (normally 5%)
-Essence of Magic: Cooldown 30 (normally 45)
-Furious Blade: +250 Life (normally +100)

-Charred Totem of War: Damage 30, Minion Attack Speed 5% (normally 15 damage, no minion attack speed)
-Pendant of Grace: +20 dodge for demigod and minions (normally +10% for demigods, +15% for minions)
-Horn of Battle: +100 Minion life over 10 seconds (normally 50 life over 20 sec)
-Blood Soaked Wand: 1 second cast (normally 2 seconds)
-Cloak of the Night: Cooldown 45 (normally 60)


Damage 90 (normally 45)
Targeting Prioirty: Catapultasauri -> Priests -> Everything

Targeting Priority: Demigods -> Structures -> Everything

Targeting Priority: Demigods -> Structures -> Everything

Citadel Upgrades

Armory1 = 500 (normally 600
Armory2 = 1500 (normally 1800)    
Armory3 = 2500 (normally 3000)
Armory4 = 3500 (normally 4800)

GraveYard1 = 500 (normally 600)
GraveYard2 - 1500 (normally 1800)
Graveyard3 = 3500 (normally 5400)

Trebuchets = 2500 (normally 3200)
Finger of God = 3500 (normally 4000)

Gold2 = Produce 4 gold (normally 2)
Gold3 = Produce 4 gold (normally 2)

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May 5, 2012 5:43:38 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

One! One download! AH AH AH AHH! *thunder and lightning*

+1 to whomever downloaded

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May 6, 2012 6:06:52 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

I really like the work and the drive to do these things, so please dont get me wrong

Great "project", but you mod seams to make everything much easier. The trick is to make things balanced, or harder?

Like the AI mod thats out now, WOW! I can play with just comps and still loose, hehe.

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May 6, 2012 10:27:32 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

Not sure what you mean be "easier"... I'd say it is harder now. It is far easier to die, and far easier to get out built.

In a nutshell

1) Decreasing the cost of items (as in 1.1) ultimately really wasn't as great as increasing the flow of gold. It pretty much does the same thing with more flexibility. (items or cit upgrades?)
- Look a the flow of gold in normal Demigod; Everyone ends up mostly on 1500 to 1750 itemization, and saving for reinforcement upgrades most of the game. By the time reinforcements are fielded, you are so highly leveled, and so much gold is flowing in from giants and cata, the next step is to get more premium items. The game wasn't balanced really around this, and alot of Demigods suffer for it.

2) More cit upgrade options:
-You can't get all the upgrades, but depending on team composition, you really can do things like forgo Gold II and instead go early priests + armory, and make it really hard for the other team to hold flags. I don't think you are realizing how hard it is, even as UB with ooze, to fight off a wave of Armor II priests with TB right behind them fireballing your face.
-Counter dynamics: Demigod cit upgrades are far more offensive oriented now with the Armory costs reduced and gold output increased. There is actually reason now to upgrade tower strength or field angels... because you are getting your ass kicked by priests and demigods that kill creeps, so fielding your own is not going to help.

3) More itemization options
Most of the favor items are pretty self-explanatory. (some are not so obvious, like how coin purse with Gold II and Gold III producing an extra +2 per tick is far more valuable) But the subtle changes to Demigods and other items really do allow you to do things you can't in ordinary Demigod. You can play exactly as you can in normal demigod and do just as well, or you can go full minion or auto-attack. I also wouldn't say playing minions or doing auto-attack is any easier, but rather viable... eg: Sedna Occ and QoT are only now doing what LE and Oak can do in normal demigod.
-Also, some things just plain suck in normal demigod. Like desperate boots... for 4000 gold you are effectively getting a conditional 6% life boost vs white damage. Or how about iron walkers... completely bugged for Rook (buy and sell for 1000 free armor forever) but other than that is it really worth it to get a conditional 1000 armor for 2750 gold? Hell no.

Try the mod out and set up a Cata game like this
Each team has  1x total Random, 1x Random Assassin, 1x Random General
put 2 normal demigods on your team
put 1 nightmare and 2x normal demigods on the other team

You are going to see what the cit changes do now, because if you don't buy any, the nightmare demigod is going to tear your normal AIs a new one as they buy the basic upgrades. If you do spend, you are going to feel the effects of being behind on itemization.

If you get something lame like a nightmare DA, switch it to a Rook or Sedna next game.

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July 2, 2012 2:16:03 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

I am around this week, anyone want to play this mod with me?

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August 24, 2012 12:21:04 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

Orion - I'll likely try to find all of my installer files in the near future and issue a refresh of the modding package.  Let me know if you have anything else you'd like added.  Thanks.

smeh - the files are gone...

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August 27, 2012 1:48:00 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

Wow, it even looks like you checked Narnia for them. tee hee...

Mwhaha... click the link.... go on....the "random" button is waiting for you all....

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January 15, 2013 6:08:59 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

Released and added version 1.31 to Pacov's mod package.

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January 17, 2013 7:15:43 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

Thank you LO, I'm going to try this out ; )

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February 13, 2013 3:17:28 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

Hey, awesome job.
I just wanna say THANK YOU, there are still people who play this game and enjoy your work!

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