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Elemental RPG Wish

By on April 24, 2012 6:38:38 PM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

In an Elemental RPG I would like to see the player's decisions and actions have a major impact on the world around them.

Example 1:  Outpost Assault

  • [Good]You learn of a planned Empire attack on an outpost. Warn the outpost garrison in time and you may be able to save it. Arrive late and you find the outpost in ruins.
  • [Evil] You are hired to destroy an outpost of Reslon. Talk about your quest to the wrong people and the garrison is reinforced and prepared for your attack.

Example 2: Winter Crystal Quests

  • [Evil]The Empire hires you to retrieve a white winter crystal before the planets are aligned, in 3 months. Complete the quest and the Kingdom lands experience a winter that covers the lands with snow and ice. The stranger from the Empire will offer you more quests. Fail and have a bounty placed on your head. 
  • [Good]A Kingdom sovereign hires you to retrive a white crystal globe before the Empire's agents can. Fail in this quest or decline to accept it and Kingdom land's are plunged into winter. Succeed and the land is spared while your reputation increases.
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