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IN1's 3v3 Sedna build

By on April 3, 2012 4:52:49 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums


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1. General notes.

- This is a 3v3 Sedna build. Probably, the 3v3 Sedna build, but still, that means it's not optimal for 2v2 (though it will work adequately), and that it's quite bad for 1v1.

- The main idea is to build a Sedna that hits the hp:speed ratio golden spot, becoming a mobile tank of sorts. In a nutshell, it means that this Sedna will be faster than the opponents at any given stage (except very early levels), and will have enough hp to be able to tank during ganks/counter-ganks.

- This is a mobile build. Thus, correct maneuvering is of utmost importance. Correct maneuvering, besides the obvious being-there-on-time-to-heal includes the following advanced concepts: half-caps (AKA yellowing); flag contesting; luring. The former should be familiar to any player that wishes to be condsidered competent - just let me note that being a mobile tank, this Sedna is ideal as a half-cap initiator, yet I would like to dwell on the latter two at some length.

A. Flag contesting:
In short, it's not what the vast majority of players thinks it is, i. e. you don't just trade AAs with your opponent in the immediate vicinity of the flag. Due to her HW aura, Sedna is extremely strong while contesting a flag correctly in a creepwave. The main principle is to take advantage of your creeps configuration by positioning yourself in such a way the opposing DG would be dpsed by creeps. Their damage might seem negligible, but trust me - it's not. Of course, this tactic, in conjunction with NR chain lightning, works wonders mainly against non-AoE guys (another Sed, Erb, practically also DA). It will be efficient against any DG as long as he doesn't spend his mana on AoE to clear creepwaves consistently.

B. Luring:
This build has two great assets for an initator/focus man/luremaster: speed (you are safe if you don't get completely chain-stunned) and deceptive fragility (it guarantees the opponents will follow you to get a kill). The second quality also ensures you will almost always get focused in team skirmishes, which is great -- let them waste their mana. Just make a mental switch, and get used to run->heal up->come back tactics. Luring proper is, obviously, a bit more tricky, and involves familiarizing oneself closely with monks' healing timer. I think it's better to show an example of what a competent Sedna can do:

2. An analytical phase-by-phase description of a typical Sedna match (Cataract 3v3):

A. Debut:
Buy monks, attach them to the proper DG(s). Wait till mark 00:44 (400 g), buy Scalemail, run to your lane as quickly as possible. If you are fast enough and your teammate is not a greedy egotistic asshole, you should get there just in the nick of time for the first creepwave. The so-called "monk block" tactic works great if there is an enemy DG at the flag, but your teammates are still absent from the lane for whatever reason. What should happen is this: an enemy DG will clear an allied creepwave, enemy creeps will advance towards the tower. Now you should block them for several crucial seconds with your monk at such a distance that the allied tower won't hit them. Sounds complicated, but easy to do as a matter of fact.

IMPORTANT: You'll have plenty of spare time waiting at crystal. Please do tell your teammates you are not AFK! Some players have a tendency to call you names, or, even worse, exit the game, if they don't see you rushing to fight for an exp flag like an idiot.

BotF - yup, that universal nooby favor. There is no alternative for this build. You will need those 800 hp badly, since you will only have 2 hp items almost for all match long.


(1) Heal 1 - your main active support skill, even though you won't have to use it much with this build if you are a competent Sedna player.

B. Early game (lvls 2-6):

With Scalemail, you are freakish strong, especially with Normal towers setting. While holding a hp flag, you can often 1v2 successfully. The moment the opponents are gone for some reason, don't be afraid to attack the tower. It won't do that much damage if the tower setting is Normal and you have a Scalemail. With Normal towers, your goal is to bring your tower down before your first base trip. Not only for a sense of accomplishment, mind you, but also for a +300 g. I strongly suggest waiting until you hit (6) before going back to the base. Of course, that involves a Cur 1 timing considerations, but more often than not, it will be suitable in this respect.

(2) IG 1 - I vote for this as the best "afk Sed"'s second level skill pick. +10 hps boost is nice, but having +5% speed at is essential, as it enables disengaging at will. 

(3) HW 1 - besides the obvious +12 hps benefit, that aura works wonders on allied creeps (see 'Flag contesting' sub-section above).

(4) Heal 2 - getting a strong heal early on is hardly essential, but still very nice. More importantly, +900 hp is enough to counter most alpha strikes, so it will stay at this level until (10). Yes, that means you won't be able to dispel negative effects until then. Get used to it. 

(5) HW 2 - +24 hps is amazing, enhanced monk heals are critical.

(6) IG 2 - yes, IG 2 it is. Not Silence 1. Two reasons: as a rule, you won't need to use Sil 1 at (6) in 3v3 -- the serious skirmishes do not begin before you hit (7); IG 2 means +10% speed = no need to invest in BoS early = getting Bishops ASAP.


You are stronger than any other DG, with the possible exception of a heavily tower-oriented Rook and a minion QoT, early game.

C. First base trip:
Cur 1 (self-explanatory), NR (see below), Totem of Revelation (optional, but valuable for a +5 passive vision radius). Yes, no TP yet. If you are that much into ganking, ask one of your teammates to buy one for you.
Reasons to get NR as your first non-debut item: half-a-helm as far as passive mana reserve is considered; compensates for Sedna's cardinal weakness - lack of AoE -> inability to creep efficiently -> poor leveling and gold gain - here's an example for sceptics:; Sedna's AA animation is why NR is so efficient on her - you will notice a lot of double and triple NR procs you won't be able to score with any other DG - since that's a huge amount of surprise damage, NR is indispensable: while contesting flags, it will also clear the enemy creepwave, making it easier to get the opposing DG creep-dpsed; always procs double on structures.

D. Mid game (lvls 7-11):
You are still very strong. You have a good speed and a decent AoE capability. Once you get Counter Healing, you will have no trouble holding the flag. You will have to make an additional trip to the base somewhere mid (7-11) range to get Bishops, BoS, and probably Banded/Unbreakables.
(7) Sil 1 - the ultimate skill-blocker. You should use it wisely: mainly for defense (Rook trying to slam the whole team) and for securing kills (preventing a sigil/a pot/a port). Remember, during the chain-stunning you should be the last man casting. In any case, timing is crucial, just spamming it won't do you much good.
(8) CH - usually an essential skill. However, if that's a no-general (or 1 general not laning against you directly) matchup, you should forego it.
(9) IG 3 - +15% speed and another hps boost. Self-explanatory for a speed/regen build.
(10) Heal 3 - +1200 hp and dispels negative effects. Critical.
(11) Silence 2 - 4 sec duration does make a difference. Also, allows you to Silence -> TP out if absolutely necessary. Usually, it's safer to Silence->run away with a speed build due to the ever-present lag.
Essential gear (trip 2):
TP scroll, Bishops, BoS, Banded/Unbreakables.
Essential gear (trip 3):
Sigil, Scalemail->Hauberk/Nimoth, Vlemish.
Good UBs become dangerous, but you should outrun them; fire TBs can occasionally get annoying, but you should outlast them. Minion builds (QoT and Oak) and Rooks are still the worst of the bunch.

E. Post-mid game (lvls 12-15+):
You are considerably weaker now. However, you have lots of speed and hp, a strong heal, and a great skill-blocker. All these make you a valuable team member and a very safe DG.
Pick whatever is most needed ATM. Heal 4 is usually a good idea due to AoE (200 dmg might not seem much, but it helps a lot, especially with NR). Pounce also becomes valuable at this stage, mainly as an additional interrupt for portal-contesting. Silence 3 at 15 is a natural choice.
J-Treads, whenever you have enough gold. In a very long run, NR->Girdle of Giants is a nice possibility, but hardly crucial.
Fire TBs cease to pose a serious threat; UBs just get stronger, stay alert. Minion builds and Rooks' power gradually decreases due to your armor+hp accumulation. Watch out for chain stuns: a well-timed Silence will get you out.

3. Summary:


- High mobility.

- Good tankability.

- Adequate support capability.

- Extremely good for initiating/luring.

- Super-strong while contesting a hp lane, second only to a tower Rook.


- A tricky build relying on advanced tactics and heavy maneuvering. Not easy to play.

- Cannot really kill, except early game. However, can secure kills wonderfully.

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June 20, 2012 2:45:20 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

I've been tempted too... to get myself intentionally banned... as the only way to stop myself from lurking this awesome, but dead game.

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June 25, 2012 4:11:22 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

I played Sedna a lot lately. Wonder if someone would read my tactics.

I would like to change a few of IN1s really good Tactics for Sedna. My thinking may or may not be better then IN1. Make up your own mind.

I would like to add a "Winner" sedna section when you realize you got a weak team, or anything else that gives you an disadvantage, like teamplayer DC.

The Game is not over. There are several things a Sedna can do to win when you are the low one.

This of course have to do with team setup. Demigods etc. However, if you feel that one side will win right away and you play Sedna. Try this.

Sedna is the best tank in the game. Impossible to kill when doing the right things. Get the cheap ARMOR items and simply hold HP flag. Doing this right, by not attacking your tower and just defending by can stand against 2 DG as long as you are close to your tower and have 2 monks. The other team may already think they wun, so they go on dicking around...untill they see Sedna and decide all to go for her. This is where your teammate who can take orders goes for both the other flags.

Use Sedna to slow down your opposite sides teams. I used this on a DC and a few times when newbies was in my team.

I actually wun a few of those games


Also, on Items. I do not fully agree on the support sedna. There are better things to buy. Armor is still key for sedna.

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June 25, 2012 7:34:11 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

You are explaining very basic things that hardly need to be explained at all, IMHO... Most of them were mentioned in my guide. I wonder if you read it. Also, you aren't too specific (e. g., you are just happy to mention "better items" cryptically, without going into much detail).

You know what... I'm playing a bit whenever reggird is in the mood. I can log in and lane vs you as Sedna to see some wonderful tactics of yours by myself. Deal? Just tell me when you are online. 

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June 25, 2012 12:24:06 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

For some reason this commercial reminds me of IN1 pretending to be nnnils

Must be the "N" at the end

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June 26, 2012 11:33:06 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

Again, for some people that calls "normal" things in this game, are totaly new!

Please remember that every player is different. Everyone isnt as smart as you

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August 29, 2012 11:36:39 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

>> Duelist's (btw, its listed stats are inverted: it should be +500 armor/+350 hp)

Please explain

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