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game crashes on same connection

By on February 9, 2012 10:24:09 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums


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Hello all,

I have 2 pcs my house with this game bought from steam and when we go to internet to play with some out of state friends one of the pcs can join but the other one will just sit and say trying to connect. while this is happening the person in the room will get kicked out and have a host timed out then a nat failed. we even tried one hosting a game one joining and it would just freeze on trying to connect. I made sure the ports where forwarded and all firewalls are passable even port checks say it open but still cant connect and locks up. Anyone know something else to do or a fix?



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February 10, 2012 2:39:53 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

The only thing I can think is both pc's may be trying for the same ports. You need to force then to use different ports from each other. If you were unaware of this possibility here's how:


ok, on your router you need to forward 2 different port ranges. 2 ranges of 20 for each pc. So For PC1 forward the ports 6120-6140, and for pc2 forward the ports 6160-6180 (any range of 20 within 6100-6200 is fine so long as they don't overlap)- the router will have the ip of each pc with the specified range for each when you are done.

THEN, on each PC go to the folder c:\stardock games\demigod\bin  and run the file ImpulseReactorOptions.  specify a different nat range for each PC that matches the ports forwarded for that pc (so in the above example pc1: 6120-6140, and pc2 6160-6180). If you mix them up you'll encounter the same problem, double check the range forwarded for each ip matches the range you specify in impulsereactoroptions on the pc that ip relates to.

Finally, check the firewalls on each pc allow incoming and outgoing traffic for demigod.. and if you have norton, give up and throw yr pc in the trash norton kills everything.


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