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A DA Build

What do you think?

By on February 4, 2012 10:25:45 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums


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As a DA player I'm wondering what you guys make of this build.  How could it be better?

Note:  If going against another DA, I get the Warp Strike line instead of the passives.  The DA that Swaps/Warps/Spine Attacks first will win.

Favor: Staff of Renewal


1: Spine Attack 1

2: Demon's Speed 1

3: Elusiveness 1

4: Spine Attack 2

5: Shadow Swap 1

6: Demon's Speed 2

7: Spine Attack 3

8: Demon's Speed 3

9: Save

10: Shadow Swap 2 and Spine Attack 4

11: Warp Strike 1

12: Warp Strike 2

13: Warp Strike 3

14: Warp Strike 4

15: Deadly Warp

16: Shadow Swap 3

17: Elusiveness 2            Alternate 17-20: Precision line or Enhanced Attributes, or a mix.

18: Elusiveness 3

19: Assasin's Speed

20: Precision 1


Gold Stuff:

1: Scaled Helm                ->    6/7. Hungarling's Crown

2: Banded Armor             ->    6/7. Narmoth's Ring

3: Unbreakable Boots (If I can get Currency 1/Fortified Structure 1, I get them before this)

4: Nimoth Chest

5: Vlemish Faceguard      ->    8: Journeyman's Treads

8/9/10: Creeps

8/9/10: Maybe Cloak of Elfinkind (speed with Treads and Assasin's Speed is very high, evasion maxes)

8/9/10: Maybe Cloak of Flames (To have more mana without Vlemish)

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February 5, 2012 12:06:29 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

1st -thx for posting this build.  I'm going to be a little critical, but no offense intended.  I'm not a fan of this build.  I typically go with what I consider to be the standard da build and haven't found much adv in deviating from it.  The standard build is more or less maxing warp/spine asap - swap at 5, and repeat.  I do some variants on that, but find that is generally the best.  If its 2v2, then DA + HW = a must imo.  Sometimes hw on da is great in 3v3 as long as you are the solo lane fella.  I don't think I ever go hungarlings though.  Maybe narmoths from time to time in the order you described.  Honestly, all you typically need is jtreads as your late game item and I'd generally recommend saving towards that instead of narmoths (and def not hungralings). 

I always treat da as a character that I have little intention of staying out in a lane with for extended durations.  Eg - I really use him as an assassin - in and out of combat as quick as possible for kills - then hw to keep your leveling up when u are away from a lane.  For me, this means I don't need huge amounts of mana because I'm going to blow through everything I have then hit base after doing my job.  I'm not looking for sustained combat. 

re: your build - dodge is a useless mechanic in demigod unless you are up against an AA build.  Dodge doesn't stop ANY abilities (outside of a tick or 2 of ub's spit from time to time if I remember right).  This means you still get nuked for that full damage and only can dodge the occasional aa.  So, the way I play da (eg in and out), dodge is completely useless because I won't be doing any sustained combat where I'm getting wailed on with AA.  That said, even if you don't play like me, dodge would really only be valuable if you could randomly dodge abilities... and you can't.  So, putting a point into dodge early doesn't help you all that much. 

re: your super late game item thoughts - I have never, ever had a game where I've played DA and been able to get anything more than jtreads.  His level 15 dmg output generally means games will end.  Personally, I'd just go with orb of defiance as a late game item in case you are getting focused and to buy time between your cd's.  Then dump the rest of your money into buying your teammates stuff or citadel upgrades. 

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February 5, 2012 12:31:38 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

I forgot to put down that I was using Staff of Renewal.  I've actually never used HW with DA before.  I use it because late game, 4 second cd on warp strike is really good, and it's easier to get more spines off quickly in fights.  To keep up with experience I really have to try staying in the lane, that's really why I get Hungarling's.  And I just put Narmoth's there because it's a nice upgrade, I guess Treads should be first though.  As for late game, I just put those there incase I have so much gold I don't know what to buy (that doesn't happen a lot though).  I was thinking the Cloak of Elfinkind has armor and passive evasion, which might help against giants.

Since I mentioned I try staying in the lane, Warp Strike early really only burns through mana much faster, without adding a lot of damage.  I did go with that before, but then I had to buy another helm early to do anything, and it just made me squishy.  The way I was using it, the mana was only there and worth it for the damage late game.  Demon's Speed I like because it makes it so that you can catch up with someone running and swap, it's easier for ganks, and that also pushed Warp Strike to later.

You say that evasion is bad, and I agree.  If you don't think it's good early, do you think it's good later?  Is Assasin's Speed worth getting that late, and do I really need the speed with Treads already?

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February 5, 2012 2:46:24 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

Quoting Bryff,
I use it because late game, 4 second cd on warp strike is really good, and it's easier to get more spines off quickly in fights.

I suppose that could work, but I feel it would just leave you way too squishy early.  No BoTF for staying power.  No HW for leveling.  I'd just think it would make you far too weak to be of much use early/mid game.  + with the mana costs of his abilities, being able to spam them more often doesn't help you at all early or much mid game. 

Quoting Bryff,
You say that evasion is bad, and I agree. If you don't think it's good early, do you think it's good later?

I don't personally think its good late either.  Sure, there's going to be a bit more AA late game, but the vast majority of damage is still going to come from ability damage.  The only place I think it might bear some value would be against minions.  Anyway, I still don't think its truly worth it.

re: demon speed - sure, that can definitely be fun.  I fit that in when possible.  I think the bottom line is that the ability sequence you choose should reflect how you play and not some dogmatic approach.  For instance, I generally don't use my abilities unless I have a very good reason or am going for a kill.  This means that early game, maxing warp strike and spine attack is fine as I will likely have enough mana available when I need it.  That said, if I didn't have the mana, it wouldn't be quite as valuable to have those maxed earlier than later.  So, I really think it comes down to play style.

I'm still not a fan of staff of renewal on da, but if it works for you, then great.  I just think you'd have a good deal of difficulty early/mid and perhaps even late game as you are very likely going to get outleveled and pushed out if you are the solo lane guy.  I pretty much treat playing da as a rush to level 15 - if I make it there before anyone else, well - folks are going to die alot.  That's why I like hw so much on him.  Because even if you screw up and get pushed out of a lane, you can still farm your lane from base.

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February 5, 2012 5:44:49 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

Let's say in a 3v3 cataract, would I want to solo a lane or pair with someone?

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February 5, 2012 5:53:10 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

Well, I'd always take the solo lane if possible.  It means you'll level faster.  But that said, with a character like da, you likely need to defer to what's best for the team composition.  Anyway, I'd always try to solo if possible and then just exchange the mid flag back and forth while you level.  If you end up having to be in the duo lane, then HW is generally not such a great item as you'll still be sharing creeps.  It can still work, but its not as good ofc.

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