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Balance Mod 1.1 Final

By on January 19, 2012 1:10:28 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums


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Well, it has been a long road.
After 16 versions and getting feedback from the great players and great modders in the community, this mod is the best I could come up with to balance Demigod.

So special thanks to Pacov, Hedgie, Mithy and Ptarth who provided invaluble feeback, ideas, play testing and code to make this mod as tight as possible.

Once again you can find it in Pacov's Excellent mod package compilation.

Since this is a special version, I've also compiled a 20 page document on what I was thinking when I made these changes. You can download this Balance Mod 1.1 Tour Guide in document format.

Overview to Balance Mod 1.1


Section I
40% dodge cap is reachable.

Originally the dodge cap was set for 30% until demon assassin was released. At which point is was increased to 40% Unfortunately, this was pretty much impossible to reach without seriously crippling your demigod. As well +Armor items were much easier to reach and exceed the 40% damage mitigation provided by doge, while still improving your life pool at the same time.

Now dodge items and dodge skills are balanced around the 40% dodge cap.

Pendant of Grace gives 20% dodge to both Minions and the General wearing it.
Cloak of Elfinkind is increased from 15% dodge to 20% dodge.
Desperate Boots activate their 20% dodge at 50% life now instead of 30%

-Sedna's Inspiring Roar increases minion dodge to 20%.
-Demon Assassin's Elusiveness skill increases dodge to 10% per point, up from 5%.

 Now there are a variety of dodge related builds viable when facing heavy white damage.

-Any general can grab Pendant of Grace and Assassin's Foot Guards for an early 30% dodge amount.
-Any general can hit the 40% dodge cap conditionally using Desperate Boots and Pendant of Grace.
-Any general can hit 40% in a long game by using Pendant of Grace and Clock of Elfinkind.

Erebus gets a 10% dodge bonus in a long game at level 15 by choosing bloody haze. Couple this with Pendant of Grace and Assassin's Foot Guards for 40%.

Sedna's minions can reach 40% late game using Pendant of Grace and her level 15 Inspiring Roar skill.

Demon Assassin can reach 40% dodge at level 8 by investing 3 points in Elusiveness and buying Assassin's foot guards.

Naturally there are tradeoff's to using a dodge build. There is only 1 typically affordable dodge item that grants an increase in life, and that is Desperate Boots at 4000 gold. Even still that is conditional, granting 20% dodge only when you are below 50% life.

You cannot use items with Armor Proc effects effectively. Armor of Vengeance, Vinling Helm, Platemail of the Crusader, Groffling Warplate and Journeyman Treads all require you to be hit in order to have a chance to trigger their special effect.

However, there are advantages to having viable dodge builds. They are an efficient way to mitigate white damage, so are now effective counters to Auto-Attack and Minion Builds. They also allow you to operate behind enemy lines, allowing you to dodge tower fire and creeps. Demon Assassin with 40% dodge, 15% extra speed and long range Warp Strike needs to be watched. He can zip behind your lines to cap flags and escape just as easily.

Section II
Critical Hits and Auto-Attack Builds

There are 2 new critical hit items in game, Bejeweled Goggles and Assassin's Footguards. Additionally, the critical hit proc rate for normal items was increased to 15%.

Implications of this:

15% chance to do 1.5x damage increases your DPS by 7.5% (Bejeweled Goggles, Assassin's Foot Guards and Duelist’s Cuirass)
15% chance to do 2x damage increases your DPS by 12.5% (Slayer's Wraps)

You can increase your average DPS by 35% now by making a glass cannon critical hit build.

 For Auto-Attack Items

Many auto-attack based items have been improved, or had their costs adjusted.

 -Poison Dagger has 10% attack speed (up from 5%)
-Mard's Hammer grants a meta hit to your auto-attack, allowing you to focus on damage instead of creep management
-Furious Blade grants 300 life (up from 100)
-Totem of War adds 35 damage (up from 15) and also grants minions a 5% attack speed bonus
-Ring of the Ancients grants 10% attack speed (normally none)
-Warlord's Punisher is reduced to 1750 (normally 2250) and this item grants 30 weapon damage
-Parasite Egg is reduced to 2500 gold (normally 3000) and this item grants 30 weapons damage and 10% attack speed

 With the right itemization and skill choices, auto-attacks can be effective now, which was not the case previously. Because of this, you can easily force demigods into taking high armor or dodge items that offer no extra life pool in order to protect themselves from your white damage, which weakens them against your team's damage output from skills.

Section III:
Minion Builds

Both Oak and Erebus can output quite a bit of damage using their minions, and even this was barely viable in normal demigod. Now, Occulus, Queen of Thorns and Sedna have had their minions adjusted to be more comparable to Oak and Erebus's minions.

Of course, Erebus and Oak can pull ahead in the damage output department because they have higher numbers, but with viable minions on Queen of Thorns and Sedna, you will find they can increase the life levels of their minions for much higher survivability.

In addition to increasing the damage output of Occulus' minions, their casting cost was reduced, as they are on a time to live system.

Additionally to these changes, poor minion items have been adjusted to increase their viability.

-Totem of War adds 35 damage (up from 15) and also grants minions a 5% attack speed bonus.
-Tome of Endurance adds 450 life (up from 450) and 150 minion life (up from 120)
-Pendant of Grace adds 20% dodge to minions (up form 15%) and the Demigod (up from 10%)
-Horn of Battle adds 100 life over 10 seconds (normally 50 life over 20)
-Blood Soaked wand cast time is 1 second (normally 2 seconds)
-Forest Band cost reduced to 1000 (normally it is 1250)
-Twig of Life cost reduced to 2500 (normally it is 3000)
-Iron Walkers grant 450 armor and 800 mana to the demigod (normally there is no base bonus)
-Theurgist's Hat offers 70% mana regen (normally 35%) and 15% proc rate (normally 5%)
-Platemail of the Crusader proc rate increased to 3% (up from 1%)

Basically, going full minion is much stronger, and offers damage output comparable to skill damage, forcing enemies to invest in more armor or dodge.

Section IV:

Many of the consumable items were priced poorly, leaving only early small health potions as a choice followed by the Sigil of Vitality that trumps everything else.

Costs have been adjusted to increase the viability of other consumables.

-Robust Rejuvenation: 375 (down from 450)
The amount of life and mana this potion provides for the cost can be considered a viable alternative for low health and mana glass cannon builds. For example, a damage output build based on Angelic Fury and Sniper's Scope will have lower life and mana then normal, so you will get more utility out of this item for staying power in a lane.

-Hex Scroll and Scroll of Restoration Cost 150 (normally 250)
With the increased DPS potential of minion/general white damage builds, a well used hex scroll can kick a strong general out of lane unexpectedly. If overused though, you can use bring a Scroll of Restoration to free your minions from the hex the next time they try and pull it. Basically you can now by 5 Hex scrolls (anti-general + minion DPS) for the same price you'd get for Sludge Slinger (anti-Demigod DPS).

Artifact Consumables

-Enhanced Health 400 (normally 800)
Is your health under 4500? This item will be more efficient then carrying a Sigil of Vitality. It can also be used more often then a sigil. The trade off is, it can be interrupted.

-Enhanced Mana 400 (normally 1000)
Is your mana pool over 3000, and do you sometimes carry an emergency mana potion early on? You can keep doing this later in the game when skill mana costs are higher.

-Revitalization Elixir Cost 500 (normally 1000)
Are you using a demigod that can covert mana into life? This might be the choice for you now, over a Sigil of Vitality. Again, you need some care with this item, as the tradeoff is it can be interrupted.

- Supreme Health Cost 750 (normally 1200)
- Supreme Mana
Cost 750 (normally 1500)
- Supreme Revitalization Elixir
Cost 900 (normally 1500)
The costs were once pretty ridiculous, but if you are using a relatively safe demigod, you may consider these items instead of a Sigil of Vitality. It could save you a base trip. Just back off, and presto, a few seconds later you are back in the fight. (Of course that is the trick. These things are fairly easy to interrupt, and you don't want to be sucking them back like candy either)

Section V
New Itemization Meta for the typical Skill Damage based Builds

In addition to the new White Damage builds mentioned above, the itemization meta for standard skill based damage builds is more flexible. The biggest change will come from Blood of the Fallen being reduced to 600 life, down from 800. There is no way around it, after so many iterations of balance mod versions, it is apparent that Blood of the Fallen is slightly overpowered. 800 life is higher then any normal item in the game, and makes all other itemization combos always end up short in comparative trade-offs.

Now other combos can be derived from this change, that gain comparable trade offs versus benefits.


Low mana tank build
Blood of the Fallen (+600 life, +5 life/sec)
Banded Armor (+400 life, +5 life/sec)
Footman's Sabatons. (+200 life, +3 life/sec, +260 mana, +2 mana/sec)

This gives you the old +1200 starting life once had by the old opening combo of Blood + Banded + Scaled for lane dominating Demigods. Now however, you get 1/2 the mana potential by taking Sabatons over Scaled Helm. (260 mana and +2 mana per second vs 525 mana and +4 mana per second)

Balanced leveling build
Brilliant Bauble (+200 life, +260 mana, +10% XP)
Banded Armor (+400 life, +5 life/sec)
Footman's Sabatons (+200 life, +3 life/sec, +260 mana, +2 mana/sec)

This build gives Fire TB a balanced chance to capture many flags and lane creeps, without being too low on life, or running out of mana quickly. Previously it would be unthinkable to try this item combo.

Triple Helm Builds
You can take Staff of the Warmage with its new +1050 mana for specialized mana builds and eventually combo with Vlemish and Plenor, beating out the large gap between having to upgrade Scaled helm to an expensive helm when already combo'd with Plenor and Vlemish.

Low Cost Opening
Some demigods can do very well with little itemization early on. Now you'll be able to do this with less risk if you are on the hook for citadel upgrades or get kicked out of lane early while facing a tough Demigod in your lane.

Blood of the Fallen
Banded Armor (550 gold)
Scaled Helm (550 gold)
Trip 1
Footman's Sabatons (600 gold)
Scalemail (450 gold)
Trip 2
BloodStone Ring (1000 gold)

This will let you save up the Currency Citadel Upgrade at WarRank 3 while keeping you not as far behind in lane power compared to demigods who have already purchased 2 middle game items in addition to their opening items. Previously, 2 items on this list could not even be remotely considered for purchase. (Sabatons and Bloodstone ring).

Or, you could also use this low cost build to contest a stronger demigod in lane while they are saving for their middle game items.

There is a tradeoff for every tactic, but at least you can do these things now.

Section VI
Overview of Favor Item Usage

Before there were few favor item choices. Mainly you would take Blood of the Fallen, or a favor item that allowed you to challenge Blood of the Fallen with a specialized build on a specific demigod.

Standard Favor Items

Bejeweled Goggles
+12 Vision Radius
15% chance to do 1.5x Damage (normally no critical chance)
Can see invisible objects

By choosing this item you are now dedicating yourself to doing a white damage based build. Depending on the situation and your demigod, you'll be choosing to itemize with the other items that increase your damage output, through either attack speed, more base damage or more critical hits;

Gauntlet's of Brutality, Gloves of Despair, Warlord's Punisher, Assassin's Footguards, Duelist's Cuirass, Ring of the Ancients, Slayer's Wraps and Parasite Egg. Just remember that lifesteal does not increase because of a critical hit.

Charm of Life
+400 life
+10 life per seconds (normally +5 life per second)
+10% death penalty reduction

You'll be wanting this item for +life per second builds. Now that blood of the fallen is 600 life, that 200 life difference can be made up in 40 seconds with the extra +5 life per second. Sedna and Erebus can both get more out of this item then Blood of the Fallen with +Life per second itemization and skill choices.

Brilliant Bauble
+10% Experience Bonus
+200 Life (normally no life bonus)
+260 mana (normally no mana bonus)

You'll be able to use this item on demigods who can farm creeps rapidly while capturing flags. Mana side leveling on the Cataract map using Torch Bearer is the obvious example. In normal Demigod, the life advantage provided by a +800 life Blood of the Fallen versus a Brilliant Bauble that provided no bonuses itself to base stats was pretty much an insurmountable difference, even if you did get a few levels in advantage.

Magical Coin Pouch
+2 gold per second (normally no gold bonus)
+15% cost reduction

Previously, getting a 15% cost reduction while using up a slot that could potentially give you +800 life (or something equivalent to face an opposing Blood of the Fallen using Demigod) was non-viable. Now this item has 2 uses. It can be used on Demigods that are typically safe to use for early citadel purchases such as Regulus or Lord Erebus, and provide them with a gold bonus to keep their power on par with other Demigods through itemization. Or it can be used in situations where your Demigod cannot hope to push an enemy off of an extended gold flag, as seen on Crucible. Ultimately your Demigod will always be weaker when all your item slots are full, but you'll make it up by purchasing most of the citadel items and thus gaining strongly itemized teammates, or it will keep you in the game with a less beefy demigod on Crucible 1vs1.

Swift Anklet
+15% Movement Speed

This item has not changed, but its uses have become inherently stronger with a decrease to blood of the fallen and an increase to viable Auto-attack builds.

Symbol of Purity
+300 life (normally 250)
Purge all negative effects

This item becomes much more viable in situations where you'll be facing negative effects. The original 550 health point difference between this and Blood of the Fallen made Blood of the Fallen an all around safer hedge bet in Demigod on Demigod action. Now this item grants 1/2 the life of Blood of the Fallen, and some skills have had their negative effects increased to power up their viability. You will not be disadvantaged heavily in life pool potential choosing this item now.

Blood of the Fallen
+600 life (normally +800)
+5 life per second

Normally this item was the strongest choice in the game, offering a life pool increase stronger then any normal item can provide. Unfortunately, this causes alot of problems in the meta game, because choices that might be viable end up just inefficient enough to always lose out to this favor choice. With some items being slightly increased in power, while this favor is slightly decreased, new meta game choices are made viable. Suck it up buttercup.

Staff of the Warmage
+1050 Mana (normally +800)
+15 damage

While Blood of the Fallen with +800 life was overpowered because it beat out all normal life items you could purchase, the same cannot be said of Staff of the Warmage at +800 mana. Middle game mana items provide more mana then the original +800 this item provided, as well, mana regeneration is always of considerable concern and this item provides none. It is hard to balance an item between what you can purchase later and how much power it gives you early game, but this item has a place for specialized builds. Typical 2 helm builds will still find more use out of a typical opening with scaled helm, upgrading eventually to Vlemish + Plenor. However, this item is now considerably stronger when compared directly to the early Scaled Helm, so has a place in special 3 helm builds to fill the gap between having Scaled, Vlemish and Plenor helms and upgrading the Scaled helm to one of the considerably more expensive late game helms.

Dark Crimson Vial
Heal 33% of your health

This item is unchanged, and is mostly unaffected by itemization meta changes, since +life changes occur on other favor items, and not the store bought items that are combo'd with this choice.

Amulet of Teleportation
Cooldown 30 (normally 45)

This is another large meta change that requires attention. Normally this item is very hard to work into a build because you are significantly weaker early in the game choosing it, and sometimes that 15 seconds of teleport cooldown really does make a big difference. Now you are no worse off in teleport cooldown then anyone else using teleport scrolls, Blood of the Fallen is weaker so you are not put out as much early game, AND many of the consumable slot trinkets have been increased in power, so you have choices besides waiting late game to get Orb of Defiance in the consumable slot you normally reserve for teleport scrolls.

Diamond Pendant
+525 Mana (normally 250)
+13% cooldown (normally +10%)

Originally this item is not even remotely balanced against the Assassin only favor item, Staff of Renewal. It was also very weak compared to the other typical choices available as a general. The extra mana and slightly increased cooldown might make you take a second look for Occulus Spam or a Sedna Magnificent Presence build.

Cape of Plentiful Mana
+500% mana aura for 10 seconds (normally +400)
Range 15 (normally 8)

This item has 2 niches; One for regenerating mana on the Leviathan map (because of the +15/sec mana flag) and one for regenerating mana using Frost Torch Bearer (+12.5 mana from the Permafrost III skill). Now this item is much easier to use because of the increased radius. Previously it was easy to misfire on a moving teammate. The extra +100% mana also means Frost Torch Bearer can regenerate 1500ish mana (1 Plenor Battlecrown) at level 8 with Vlemish and Perma Frost III. It is, in essence, the second helm in a 2 helm build that also allows team mates to regenerate mana.

Saam-El's cloak
+10% movement speed (normally +5)
Movement Speed cannot be reduced by more then 15%
There are 2 things to understand about this item when deciding to pick it or not over Swift Anklet.

First, it is important to understand how this item works, the 15% reduction cap is on BASE SPEED, not current speed. This means for a typical demigod, the speed reduction cutoff does not kick in until speed is reduced to 5.1 (15% of the standard 6.0 base speed) regardless of whatever speed items you are packing.

Second, when is this item better then Swift Anklet or other speed increasing items like Boots of Speed? It is typically better when your speed is going to get knocked below 5.1.

Here is an example: 40% speed reduction snare on a base Speed 6 Demigod

Swift Anklet: +15% speed and no snare protection
Speed 6.9 is reduced to 4.1

Saam-El's Cloak +10% Speed and 15% snare protection
Speed 6.6 is reduced to 5.1 (15% reduction cap on base speed 6)

Wings of the Seraphim
+333 life (normally +200)
6 Seconds (normally 10 seconds) any damage breaks this effect.
15 radius (normally 8 radius)

Understanding how this item works.
When fired, every friendly demigod in radius gets their own individual Seraphim buff. That is to say, damaging the Demigod who fired this favor item does not break the effect on other Demigods who were in the radius. They need to be damaged too to break their individual Seraphim effect. Likewise, moving out of the 15 radius after the effect was fired also does not break the effect.

The effect is also compacted into 6 seconds instead of 10, and the effect radius is bigger, making it easier to use to get the +2000 life on your teammates. Typically only Queen of Thorns can use this item, by shielding the person she wants the effect to last on. Now, Oak can also use the full effects of this item with Shield III (6 seconds of invulnerability). Basically, this item can actually be used for teammate saves now by Queen of Thorn or Oak. It can also be used on individual Demigods by Queen of Thorns and Oak in the middle of a close fight, via shielding, to turn the tables, or it can also be used to leave and rejoin the fight more quickly when shielding is not an option.

Assassin Favor Items

Blade of the Serpent
+400 mana
+25 Weapon Damage
Convert 75% of damage into mana for 10 seconds

Unchanged. This items works as it always has, though gets slightly more powerful with the decrease in Blood of the Fallen.

Poisoned Dagger
+10% Attack Speed (normally 5%)
20% chance on hit to reduce speed by 25% for 8 seconds.

This item has a strong snare for anti-demigod team ganks. It is made more viable by a decrease in Blood of the Fallen, and an increase in other auto-attack items. For example, combining it with parasite egg gives you a noticeable 20% increased Attack Speed, which is a great combination with the lifesteal items as your defense choices. Normally you wouldn't be able to consider this combination.

Mard's Hammer
+40 Damage
+5% Attack Speed
Smaller units are slain in one blow. (normally no meta-hit)

This item gets a strong anti-creep boost for Assassins who want to focus on an anti-demigod auto-attack build. All Assassins have some sort of meta hit skill for dealing with creeps, so they can choose this item instead without breaking balance.

Some assassins will get better use out of this item then others. For example, Unclean Beast, Fire Torch Bearer, and Rook all have easily accessible meta hit auto-attacks (Post-Mortem, Fire Nova, or reach +250 damage) so there is not much point in them taking this item.

Frost Torch Bearer, Demon Assassin and Regulus could get good use out of this item to deal with creeps and focusing on anti-demigod itemization tactics. Frost Torch Bearer doesn't have a meta-hit skill while Demon Assassin and Regulus both have weak level 15 meta hit skills (forceful blows and Vengeance[which is bugged without the Uberfix mod])

Staff of Renewal
+200 Health
+175 Mana
+20% Cooldown Reduction

This item is unchanged. It was one of the viable alternatives to Blood of the Fallen for certain Demigods, and is still an excellent choice for skill damage based builds.

Essence of Magic
+210 magic
+7 mana per second
The cost of abilities is reduced to 0 for 3 seconds
30 second cooldown (normally 45 seconds)

This is a niche item for Demigods who can fire off their damage skills in the 3 second window. If was always tough to make a case for this item, but now with 30 second cooldown you can be spammy, mainly with Demon Assassin (Spine, Strike, Area combo) or Unclean Beast (Grasp, Spit combo). The best way to use this item is to lead with the 0 cost skill combo, fire skills again between cooldown, and then fire skills again under 0 cost. This let's you stack 5 defensive items in your item slots, and fire a full salvo of skills like you were using a 2 helm build. Naturally the tradeoff is the enemy can goad you into using the power, and then make themselves unattackable for 3 seconds.

Furious Blade
+300 life (normally 100)
+5% attack speed
15% chance to increase attack speed by 30%

In normal Demigod, this item offers too low a life level to compete with Blood of the Fallen, and the auto-attack meta is not as good as it is in Balance Mod.

Now auto-attack based builds can compete with skill based damage + life stack builds.
Example: In normal Demigod, Unclean Beast's Wrath skill line is nigh unusable with it's 7 second timer (1.5 of that is wasted during the wrath roar). Now, late game in Balance Mod, UB can be under the wrath effect and as such will hit for 500 damage. If this item procs during the wrath effect, UB can be hitting close to 1000 DPS. Better make sure your armor mitigation is at least 50% if this happens.

Heaven's Wrath
250 damage metahit bolt from the sky

This item is unchanged. It was one of the few viable items to replace Blood of the Fallen for certain Demigods and builds.

General's Favor Items

Charred Totem of War
+35 Damage (normally +15)
+5% Attack Speed
+5 Minion Damage
+5% Minion Attack Speed (normally no minion attack speed)

This item used to be inferior in every way to Ring of Divine might for DPS builds. Now the difference is this item empowers the General's auto-attack significantly, so itemization can include offensive auto-attack weapons to be on equal footing to Ring of Divine Might's minion damage potential.

Tome of Endurance
+450 Life (normally +400)
+5 life per second
+150 Minion Life (normally +130)

Compared to the normal Blood of the Fallen, this item was significantly weaker. Couple this with the weakness of generals with 4x minion types, rather then the 10x minion types, and this item really didn't have a place. You'd either take Blood of the Fallen, or do a 10x minion DPS build.

Now there is only 150 points difference between this and Blood of the Fallen's 600 life, and Shamblers or Yetis are comparable to Night Crawlers and Spirits from an unmodified damage perspective.

This is a solid choice for making a tanky build with tanky minions.

Pendant of Grace
+20% Dodge (normally 10%)
+20% Minion Dodge (normally 15%)

This item let's you reach the 40% dodge cap. If you know you are facing alot of white damage, this item can protect you and your minions. It also allows you to tower dive and be aggressive. For example, Sedna with Pendant of Grace, Assassin's Foot Guards and the Inner Grace skill can chase down demigods earlier in the game before armor can reach a similar protection level.

Also check the Dodge section on meta game changes at the beginning of this guide for additional details.

Horn of Battle
+100 life (normally +50)
10 second aura (normally 20 seconds)
+20 life per second

This item was originally +200 minion life over 10 seconds, and also had a bug where it would apply itself to newly made minions. As such, there was a knee jerk reaction to nerf the item that caused indestructible minions.

The +50 life over 20 seconds barely allowed minions to survive under tower fire (what this item is mainly used for). Now, it can be used once again for this purpose, attacking Towers at regular intervals with weak DPS oriented minions.

Ring of Divine Might
+15 weapon damage
+10 minion damage
Add temporary Meta hit to minions (normally no meta-hit)

This item in unchanged, and was one of the viable alternatives to Blood of the Fallen for a minion based DPS build using Oak or Erebus. Nothing has changed in this regard, with the exception of new viability by weakening Blood of the Fallen and increasing the potential of other minion items never considered.

Blood Soaked Wand
Heal 1000 life
Castimg time 1 second (normally 2 seconds)

The casting time was the biggest fault of this item, making it VERY easy to interrupt. It also doesn't hurt that Blood of the Fallen is decreased in power.

This item is a great early healing potion, then it wanes in power during the middle game as life and damage increases, but then it becomes very potent again end game when Giants are in play. A 1000 point heal on a creep wave with giants gives you incredible pushing power.

Cloak of Night
+280 mana
+4 Mana Per Second
Warp to taget location doin 100 damage
Cooldown 45 (normally 60)

This was one of the viable alternatives to Blood of the Fallen for highly skilled players. You need to be very insightful to deal with the 60 second cooldown after using this item. Nothing has changed in the use of the item, but it has been made easier to use by reducing its cooldown to 45, the normal favor item cooldown.

Section VII
Explanation of Demigod Changes

 Demon Assassin

-Elusiveness 10% dodge (normally 5%)
It is impossible to justify a skill that increases your dodge amount much less then even basic armor. However now it is quite easy to reach the 40% dodge cap.

-Demon Precision 15% chance to do 1.5x critical (normally 10%)
Each point in this skill now increases Demon Assassin's average DPS by 7.5% (normally only increased by 5%). Originally this skill level was quite poor at increasing Demon Assassin's overall DPS. It is less powerful then Regulus' Angelic Fury skill, but does allow Demon Assassin to catch up by taking items with higher base damage. The new 15% critical hit number is also a uniform with the normal critical hit items, which now have also have a 15% chance to proc, instead of 10%.

Demon Assassin Auto Attack at level 10
.8912 attack speed
234 damage
+30% DPS increase from Demon Precision IV
= 271 DPS

Regulus Auto Attack at Level 10
1.05 attack speed
207 damage
+100 damage from Angelic Fury IV
= 322 DPS (but costs mana)

-Warp Area:
Added debuff immunity.
This skill is supposed to make you invincible, yet it is still possible to knock demon Assassin out of his Warp Area level II skill, after the 4th hop, by targeting Demon Assassin with an Interrupt or Stun outside of your skills range, causing it to fire after Demon Assassin begins hopping. The only effect this new ability has is to prevent negative effects from being added while Demon Assassin is hopping. It does not remove any effects already in place before you fire this skill.

Torch Bearer

-Mode Switch decrease time to 0.8 seconds. (down from 1.5 seconds)
This is a useability fix. It is much easier to manage a form change now before going into battle. This also increases the viability of Hybrid Fire and Ice builds, that were very difficult to perform with.

-Consume Damage: 100,200,300,400,500 (normally 100,175,250,325,425)
A frost based Torch Bearer's biggest problem is damage output from skills. These new numbers allow a similar burst damage comparable to Fire Torch Bearer.

For example, a 2x shatter with Deep Freeze IV and Rain of Ice IV will do 1600 damage, where Fire Ball IV + Fire Nova II will do 1650.

Unclean Beast

OK, bad news 1st. Unclean Beast is slightly overpowered, and the next 3 entries address the causes of this problem.

-Base Speed
decreased to 6.0 (normally 6.3)
UB is a tank with incredible damage over time, and as such should have no real advantage over the other Demigods in the base speed department. This also makes Erebus have a unique claim to fame, he is the only Demigod with a 6.3 base speed now.

-Ooze Attack Speed Penalty 10%, 15%, 20%, 25% (normally 10,20,30,40)
Ooze is a very strong skill that breaks pretty much every auto-attack build when it reduces attack speed by 40% to every Demigod in the vicinity. Even at this reduced level, it still offers Unclean Beast considerable auto-attack defense when stacked with armor.

-Acclimation Damage Reduction 25% (normally 40%)
There is no doubt about it, this skill is completely overpowered and makes Unclean Beast nigh invincible. The reduction to 25% is still considerably powerful, and this is still a skill that will be taken with any good Unclean Beast Build.

Now for the good news.

-Diseased Claw Speed Reduction 5%, 10%, 15% (normally 5,7,10)
Originally you'd need to be a crazy person to sink 3 points into this skill. Now every point has a purpose, which is to basically bring faster Demigods down to the speed of your team, so you can gank them.

-Bestial Wrath Duration 15,15,15,20 (normally 7,7,7,10)
You can actually use this skill now to deliver damage. Basically the fee is some mana and a chance to be interrupted, after that, you are good to go until the next skill refresh. Bestial Wrath 4 lets a level 20 Unclean Beast do 480 damage per hit. Naturally you'll want this to be higher by taking auto-attack items if using this skill. You can reach 1000 DPS @ level 20 with the proper itemization, forcing the enemy to stack armor or else.

Note about Unrelenting Wrath: As with Saam-El's cloak, this speed protection only affects Base Speed. So basically picking unrelenting wrath caps your speed reduction to 6.0, any speed above this is susceptible to snares. However, the good news is, if you have 15% speed reduction from Diseased Claws III, most enemies will not be escaping from you on foot regardless of their snare power. Most speed increases in the game from skills or items do not exceed 15%.

-Foul Grasp Drain 83,166,249 (normally 83,125,166)

This drain is per ½ second. Foul grasp III gives you 996 drain total over 2 seconds. That is a fantastic way to heal yourself last second, and really does give you incentive to think about investing further points in this skill line. In normal Demigod, there is no reason to take Foul Grasp II or III, since the main benefit of this skill is the stun, and the drain at higher levels offers significant diminishing returns.


-Angelic Fury Mode +5% speed when active (normally no speed bonus when active)

To play an auto-attack build, Regulus does get benefit from speed increases. You would also assume he would move faster when flying.

-Maim snare 5%, 10% 15% (normally 5,7,10)

As with Unclean Beast, there is seldom a reason to put 3 points in this skill. Now you can more easily gauge and achieve how much snare you require to slow someone for your team to keep up with.

-Sniper Scope +2, +4, +6 Vision Radius. (normally no vision range bonus)
This makes is slightly safer to use an auto-attack build by increasing your vision radius by the same amount your range increases.

-Impedance Bolt Proc at 20% (normally 10%)

This is a utility increase for the usefulness of this skill. At 20%, you can expect a hit in battle.

-Deadeye Proc 10% (normally 3%)
At 3% it is more like bad luck, not risk, when this effect procs. At 10%, there is a risk that any long cast you do will be interrupted by Reg, be it flag locking or escaping with a Teleport. At 10%, when you have bad luck, Reg will interrupt your flag lock, and then your attempt to teleport out. If you want to be certain, either move away from Reg (snare), or prevent Reg from harming you (shield/stun), before you cast.



-Rally 10 second duration (normally 5)
This skill was seldom taken because it was pretty weak. At level 15, the reward it offered for securing a kill on an enemy Demigod was hardly beneficial because of the short duration. Now the benefit is effectively double, giving you a window of opportunity to take advantage if the battle still rages on.


-Ball Lightning Damage 25,50,75,100 (up from 20,25,30,35)
-Ball Lighnting
Mana 250,375,500,625 (down from 450,625,800,975)
Ball lightning is a terribly underpowered skill if you actually intend to play a minion build before stepping them up to Occ's Explosive End Balls skill at level 15. They are also on a timer, and expire regardless if they still have life points.

This change puts them inline in power with other minion builds, and also takes into consideration the continual need to recast them because of their time-to-live, by lowering the mana cost.

Queen of Thorns

Quick note: Queen of Thorns has many changes because she has the most unusable skill lines and also the most inconsistent stats that make no sense when compared to the same skill line.

-Entourage Shambler Damage 10,20,30 (normally 6,12,18)
-Compost Shambler Damage 4,6,8,10,15,20 (normally 4,6,8,10,12,14)
Queen of Thorns minion skills based on Shamblers do not make mathematical sense. In almost all cases, you are better off taking Morale, because the benefits are higher when you consider it applies to your minion idols as well as your Shamblers. Shambler damage potential is also seriously underpowered compared to Erebus and Oak, even when considering Ground Spikes. The damage increase to both the Entourage and Compost makes these skill lines viable if you are doing minion builds. Basically now you choose if you want to do maximum damage to a single target (morale) or slightly less damage to many targets (Shambler skills)

Note: Here is the affect level spread on compost for minion damage
Compost 1 = 4-10 (6 point spread) Compost II = 6-15 (9 point spread), Compost III = 8-20 (12 point spread)


-Compost Queen of Thorns Range +1,+2,+3,+4,+5,+6 (normally no range bonus)
Queen of Thorns actually had this buff in the beta, back before people truly understood this game. It was removed because it was feared compost was too powerful. As it turns out, Queen of Thorns is not a Tier 1 demigod, and most of her skill lines are actually underpowered and non-viable.

-Uproot Range 20,25,30,35 (normally 20,20,20,20)
Uproot in normal Demigod is a terrible skill. Compared it to Rook'sTrebuchet Hat. Range 35, costs no mana, and does 100 DPS to structures, the same damage as Uproot level II. (which costs 585 mana, is Range 20, interruptible and has a 15 second cooldown once fired for its 10 seconds of damage)

It is also hard to make a case for Uproot when Ground Spikes allow you to demolish towers instantly with their armor penalty when it also has a radius of 15.

In order to make Uproot a choice to consider in some circumstances, there must be reasons to take it.

It now has a safe range of 35 @ Uproot IV, matching Rook's trebuchet range. There is also Uproot synergy in Compost (+200 uproot damage per affect level) and a reason to take Compost now (better minion damage, and Queen of Thorn Range)

What we are left with at maximum potential for taking Uproot IV and Compost III?
A range 35 blast that can do 3200 tower damage over 10 seconds
Shambler's that do 30% more damage and have 390 extra life (quite a bit of a bonus in the minion world)
A Queen of Thorns that has a range 21 auto-attack, up from Range 15.

That's not bad for 7 skill points, giving you a chance to further itemize and base a build around all of this long range safe firepower.

-Spike Wave Snare: 20%, 30%, 40% (normally 15,20,25)
This skill is very similar to boulder roll, but without the useful stun. The snare is actually very weak comparative to the mana cost and damage delivered. At one point in beta it was 30,40,50% and it was determined this might be too strong, so it was cut in ½. This was too much of a reduction.

-Spike Wave Cooldown 10,10,10 (normally 10,10,15)
For some odd reason this Spike Wave III has a cooldown of 15, this is probably a typo, and makes Spike Wave III a more viable choice.

-Mulch time to damage 0.5 seconds (normally 2 seconds)
This is a useability fix. Normally after you explode a Shambler with Mulch, it takes 2 seconds after the explosion before the damage is delivered. That is a bit unwieldy.

-Ground Spike
mana cost 425,500,675,750 (normally 500,500,675,750)
This is probably a typo, there is no reason for Ground Spike I to cost the same as II. Now it scales by the same mana increase curve, +75, +175, +75


-Poison Arrow: Slow 15% (normally 10%)
Rook has a 10% speed penalty. This will allow him to close in on normal speed demigods.


-Horn of the Yeti Damage: 30,60,90,120 (normally 30,37,44,51)
-Horn of the Yeti
Health: 810, 1210, 1610, 2010 (normally 810, 1110, 1410, 1710)
-Wild Swings
Radius 3 (normally 2)
Yetis are a poor minion in normal demigod. With the new damage levels they are equal to Spirits and Crawlers in damage at least until itemization and morale are taken, and the 10x minions pull away. As compensation, Yetis are incredibly durable compared to the 10x minons, and also have the potential for high dodge levels and area effect attacks late game.

-Life's Child Proc @ 50% life (normally 30%)
The 30% amount is too low, most of the time you will heal out of this amount before you get any benefit of this skill. At a 50% threshold, if you are heavily damaged, you will still be below the 50% cutoff, where the extra life regeneration can make a large difference as you retreat.

-Inspiring Roar
Evasion 20% Duration 20 (normally 15% / 10)
This is a usability change. The 20 second duration also allows you to get the effect of this buff without having to Pounce continuously. This dodge amount also allows you to reach the 40% dodge cap with Yetis by using this skill in combination with Pendant of Grace.

Lord Erebus

-Bat Swarm II Range 25 (normally 30)
This is most likely a mistake, as the skill at range 30 leaves little reason to take Bat Swarm III. Additionally, 30 range at level 10 is the most powerful gank skill in the game, allowing Erebus to ambush from the periphery of line of sight, with little chance to escape him. This is an all around good balance change, from the perspective of giving Erebus a reason to take Bat Swarm III, and from the perspective that a 30 range skill is slightly too powerful at level 10.

-NightCrawler Base Speed 6.3 (normally 6)
Turn Rate 360 (normally 180, were 540 before the last patch)
This is a useability change for minion builds. Crawler's should be able to keep up to Erebus, and be able to navigate around obstacles. Reducing the turn rate from 540 to 180 was too much of a decrease. This nerf was also a direct result of the Horn of Battle knee jerk nerf reaction.

Section VIII
Item Changes


-Sabatons: +3 Health Per Second, +2 Mana Per Second (normally no +life +mana bonus)
This item is now 50% of Banded Armor and Scaled Helm rolled into one.

-Assassin's Footguard: 15% Chance to do 1.5X critcal (normally no critical hit chance)
As is, there is no way to justify the cost of this item. Now it has a 7.5% DPS boost by adding the critical and is usually the 1st item of choice from the shop to increase dodge for a build.

-Iron Walkers:
+450 Armor +800 Mana (normally no armor / mana)
This now becomes a way for minion builds to increase their mana pool. (previously unavailable) As well, by coupling this with Nimoth chest plate, you get the +1200 armor amount provided by big ticket items like Groffling war plate or Godplate, which is useful if you are taking white damage.

This item is also a Queen of Thorn counter, basically nullifying her Spike armor reduction if she uses her snare on you.

-Desperate Boots: Activate on 50% Health (normally 30%) +500 health (normally 400) +500 mana (normally 350)
This item's stats has been adjusted for its cost, as well the proc effect is usable at 50% life. Any general can reach the dodge cap with this item by also taking Pendant of Grace.


-Plate Visor: +260 Mana (normally no mana)
This item is generally only viable when your base mana regeneration is above +15. Then you can use it as a replacement for Scaled Helm, as you will be able to regenerate the 265 mana pool difference in about 30 seconds or so. So, basically you can take this as your starting helm on Leviathan, or if you already have Vlemish and are restricted to Scaled Helm because of your gold situation. (In which case you are better off with Plate Visor) . Eg: You have Vlemish, and return to base to buy Unbreakable boots and Scaled Helm, choose Unbreakable Boots and Plate Visor instead now.

-Theurgist's Hat: +70% mana, 15% proc (normally 35% mana / 5% proc
This item needed an adjustment for its cost. The 70% mana regen is inline with other helms of this cost, and the proc rate reaches the normal rates found on other auto-attack items.

-Vinling Helm:
5% proc effect (up from 3%)
3% was a little low for the cost, as you'd typically be dead before you could make up the mana loss provided by trading in Plenor or Vlemish. It doesn't look like much, but a 5% proc rate when getting pelted by minion and creeps really can regenerate quite a bit of mana. For example now, once you are getting hit an average of one time per second with white damage, this helm is regenerating an average of +18 mana per second. This makes up the 500 mana pool loss of Plenor in about 30 seconds. Don't forget to wear heavy armor, you want to be around to use the mana you are regenerating.


-Duelists Cuirass: CritChance 15% (normally 10%)
There was typically no reason to ever take this item, the proc rate was too low and the armor/life bonus is lower then cheaper costing items. This item now does 7.5% extra DPS, an increase over the old 5%. Additionally, with the new itemization, this item is
a great way to stack firepower while still increasing your defenses. If you are doing an auto-attack build, it is probably the 1st premium item you add to your inventory. Look at the end of this section for some comparisons of the premium 2500 gold damage items.

-Armor of Vengenance: Cost 2750 (down from 3250) +10 life per second (normally no life per second)
There is no way to justify the cost of this item at 3250, and even at 2750 it is relatively underpowered compared to other item combos without the +10 life regen. Now you get a decent way to protect yourself from white damage. Infact, you may be forced into taking this item now when someone concentrates on white damage output.

-Groffling Warplate: Proc chance 5% (up from 1%)
Although the proc appears powerful, there was one oversight in the design of this armor. You cannot proc a new shield while the current shield is activated. With 5% proc, you can expect to get the shield regularly while you are under heavy fire, and have it reproc at regular intervals once it is knocked down.

 -Platemail of the Crusader: Proc Chance 3% (up from 1%)
Again, the proc effect is very low. If you were hit 100 times before this item ever healed you, you'd get a blip of life just as you were about to die. At 3%, this item can give you some extra time to tower dive while you are under fire from an archer tower. Stack it with a +Armor + Life item for best results.

-Godplate: cost 8750 (down from 10000)
This item's cost is now inline with the bonuses it provides.


-Gauntlet's of Depair: Cost 600 (normally 1750)
This item really has no place except early on in the game. No amount of fancy tricks can compensate for the up and coming mana pool increases provided by the middle game helms. What you have now is a nice early game way to contest demigods who convert mana into life. If you can hit Erebus, Sedna or Queen of Thorns with your auto-attacks, you can neutralize their lane holding powers when they are hiding behind a beefy tank.

-Slayer's Wraps: Cost 2500 (down from 3300), CritChance 15% (up from 10%)
This item was pretty ridiculous costing considering what you get. Also. NO! Critical hits do not proc additional life steal, stop saying this item stacks nicely with Narmoth's Ring or Mage Slayer. It makes no differece to the life steal they grant, except for the extra 30 damage. Look at the end of this section for some comparisons of the premium 2500 gold damage items.

-Doomspite Grips: Cleave Radius 3 (normally 1.5) Cost 4000 (down from 6750) Proc Chance 50/33 (up from 25/16)
This item is the next area attack increase for demigods who choose Nature's Reckoning for farming.
It can actually hit multiple creeps now, does not have a ridiculous cost for what you get, and has decent proc rate. The next step up from this item is Girdle of Giant Strength. This item's cost is now also inline with the performance provided by Gloves of Fell-Darkur.


-Forest Band Cost 1000 (normally 1250)
This item needed a slight cost adjustment

-Blood Stone Ring Cost 1000 (normally 1750), LifeSteal 4% (normally 3%)
This item was way out of whack from a cost perspective. It was basically a ridiculously overpriced and inferior version of Banded Armor (+400 life, +5 life per second), and inferior in every way to the 1750 gold costing Hauberk of Life (+600 life, +10 life per second, + minion life). Basically, until you are level 10, this item is not producing +10 life per second from the life steal, and even then you are not constantly getting that +10 life, because you are not auto-attacking 100% of the time you are wearing this.

-Warlord's Punisher: Range = 20 (up from 15) Cost 1750 (normally 2250)
With 20 range and a cost of 1750, this can be a decent way to add some auto-attack damage and creep farming damage if you can spare the slot.

-Twig of Life: Cost 2500 (normally 3000)
Priced too high to be viable. This is one possible way to counter Ooze from Unclean Beast on your minions if you do it right.

-Parasite Egg: Cost 2500 (normally 3000)
Priced too high for what you get. This item is comparable to other auto-attack items now in this price range, with the slant of being an anti-minion general item too. Look at the end of this section for some comparisons of the premium 2500 gold damage items.

-Ring of the Ancients: +10% Attack Speed (normally no attack speed)
Again, priced too high for what you get. 400 armor and 30 damage is easily acquired for 1/3 the gold this item costs. With the 10% attack speed addition, it is now perfectly aligned with other auto-attack items in this price category. Look at the end of this section for some comparisons of the premium 2500 gold damage items.

-WarpStone: Instant Cast / Cost 4250 (normally 0.3 Second Cast / 5500 cost)
One more time, this could be a useable item if it didn't cost such a ridiculous amount of gold and didn;t have the casting time. (the other 2 warp items do not have a cast time). In this price range, you have to decide if your Demigod can make better use of Orb of Defiance, or the ability to hop in and out of danger.

The 2500 gold item premium category.

What item is best? It really depends on your needs, they all have a use.
Let's compare with this example

Demon Assassin level 10
Attack Speed: 0.8912
Damage: 233.95
= 208 DPS

What to itemize?

Ring of the Ancients
Attack Speed = 0.9803
Damage = 273.95
= 268.5 DPS
But +400 armor

Stacking blood stone ring = +10.75 life / sec and end game adding Narmoths = +21.5 life/ sec. This provides the best + life per second defense option, and these numbers only get higher from here.

Slayer's Wraps
Average Damage = 263 DPS (15% to do 2x damage = 12.5% increase in average DPS)
But + 10 life sec, and the largest irregular damage chunks can also threaten enemies in low life situations better then consistent damage.

Duelist's Cuirass
DPS = 223.6 (15% chance to do 1.5x damage = 7.5% increase in average DPS)
350 armor
500 health

Parasite Egg

Attack Speed = 0.9803
Damage = 273.95
= 268.5 DPS
Has an anti-minion effect on it, and also takes up a consumable slot

So what's the difference?

-Ring of the ancients = Better for procing life steal (crits do not proc extra life steal) and protecting from white damage with the +400 armor
-Slayer's Wraps
= better for stacking additional damage upgrades and taking off irregular life chunks, does provide some built in life regen for defense.
-Duelist's Cuirass
= Most safety in this category + some dps output.
-Parasite Egg = Same as ring of the ancients from a damage perspective, but with an anti-minion slant instead of armor. There is also the fact that it takes up a consumable slot (can you spare one?)

Section IX
Complete Change List

Warp Area: Added Debuff Immune (normally no debuff immunity)
Elusiveness 10%,20%,30% Dodge (normally 5%,10%,15%)
Demon Precision Chance 15,30,45,60 (normally 10,20,30,40)

Mode Switch time 0.8 seconds (normally 1.5 seconds)
Consume Damage is 100,200,300,400,500 (normally 100,175,250,325,425)

Base Speed 6.0 (normally 6.3)
Diseased Claw 5%,10%,15% speed reduction (normally 5%,7%,10%)
Ooze:  10%,15%,20%,25% Attack Speed penalty (normally 10%,20%,30%,40%)
Acclimation 25% (down from 40%)
Bestial Wrath Duration 15,15,15,20 (normally 7,7,7,10)
Foul Grasp Drain 83,166,249 (normally 83,125,166)

Angelic Fury mode: speed +5% (normally no speed bonus)
Maim: 5%,10%,15% (normally 5%,7%,10%)
Max Range: +2,+4,+6 vision range (normally no vision bonus)
Impedance Bolt: Proc 20% (normally 10%)
DeadEye: Proc 10% (normally 3%)

Rally lasts 10 seconds (normally 5 seconds)

Ball Lightning Damage 25,50,75,100  (up from 20,25,30,35)
Ball Lighnting Mana 250,375,500,625 (down from 450,625,800,975)

Entourage Damage 10,20,30 (normally 6,12,18)
Spike Wave Cooldown 10,10,10 (normally 10,10,15)
Spike Wave Snare 20,30,40 (normally 15,20,25)
Uproot Range 20,25,30,35 (normally 20,20,20,20)
Compost Shambler Damage: 4,6,8,10,15,20 (normally 4,6,8,10,12,14)
Compost QoT Range +1,+2,+3,+4,+5,+6 (normally no range)
Gspike Mana Cost 425,500,675,750 (normally 500,500,675,750)
Mulch Time To Damage 0.5 sec (normally 2 sec)

Poison Arrow: Slow 15% (normally 10%)

Yeti Damage: 30,60,90,120 (normally 30,37,44,51)
Yeti Health: 810, 1210, 1610, 2010 (normally 810, 1110, 1410, 1710)
Yeti Wild Swing Radius 3 (normally 2)
Life's Child: Proc @ 50% life (normally 30%)
Inspiring Roar: Evasion 20% Duration 20 (normally 15% / 10)

Lord Erebus
Bat Swarm II Range 25 (normally 30)
NightCrawler Base Speed 6.3 (normally 6)
NightCrawler Turn Rate 360 (normally 180)


-Sabatons: +3 Health Per Second, +2 Mana Per Second
-Assassin's footguard: 15% Chance to do 1.5X critcal (normally no ciritical hit chance)
-Iron Walkers +450 Armor +800 Mana (normally no armor / mana)
-Desperate Boots: Activate on 50% Health (normally 30%) +500 health (normally 400) +500 mana (normally 350)

-Plate Visor: +260 Mana (normally no mana)
-Theurgist's Hat: +70% mana, 15% proc (normally 35% mana / 5% proc
-Vinling Helm: 5% proc effect (up from 3%)

-Duelists Cuirass: CritChance 15% (normally 10%)
-Armor of Vengenance: Cost 2750 (down from 3250) +10 life per second (normally no life per second)
-Groffling Warplate: Proc chance 5% (up from 1%)
-Platemail of the Crusader: Proc Chance 3% (up from 1%)
-Godplate: cost 8750 (down from 10000)

-Gauntlet's of Depair: Cost 600
-Slayer's Wraps: Cost 2500 (down from 3300), CritChance 15% (up from 10%)
-DoomSpite: Cleave Radius 3 (normally 1.5) Cost 4000 (down from 6750) Proc Chance 50/33 (up from 25/16)

-Forest Band Cost 1000 (normally 1250)
-Blood Stone Ring COst 1000, LifeSteal 4% (normally 3%)
-Warlord's Punisher: Range = 20 (up from 15) COst 1750 (normally 2250)
-Twig of Life: Cost 2500 (normally 3000)
-Parasite Egg: Cost 2500 (normally 3000)
-Ring of the Ancients: +10% Attack Speed (normally no attack speed)
-WarpStone: Instant Cast / Cost 4250 (normally 0.3 Second Cast / 5500 cost)

-Robust Rejuv: Cost 375 (normally 450)
-Hex Scroll: Cost 150 (normally 250)
-Scroll of Restoration: Cost 150 (normally 250)

Artifact Consumables
-Enhanced Health: Cost 400 (normally 800)
-Enhanced Mana: Cost 400 (normally 1000)
-Revitalization Elixir: Cost 500 (normally 1000)
-Supreme Health: Cost 750 (normally 1200)
-Supreme Mana: Cost 750 (normally 1500)
-Supreme Revitalization Elixir: Cost 900 (normally 1500)

-Orb of Veiled Storms: Cooldown 30 (normally 45)
-Cloak of Elfinkind: Dodge 20 (normally 15)

Favor Items

Goggles: 15% chance to do 1.5x damage (normally no crit chance)
Charm of Life +10 Health Per Second (normally 5)
Brilliant Bauble: +200 Health +260 mana (normally none)
Symbol of Purity: +300 Life (normally 250)
Blood of the Fallen +600 life (normally +800)
Staff of the Warmage: +1050 mana (normally 800)
Diamond Pendant: Mana 525 (up from 250) Cooldown 13% (up from 10%)
Amulet of Teleportation: Cooldown 30 (normally 45)
Cape of Plentiful Magic: Mana Bonus +500%, Radius 15 (normally +400, Radius 8)
Saam-Els Cloak: +10% Movement (up from +5%)
Wings of the Seraphim: Heal 333 over 6 seconds, Radius 15 (normally 200 over 10, radius 8)

Mard's Hammer: Smaller units are crushed in one blow (normally no meta hit)
Poison Dagger: 10% Attack Speed (normally 5)
Essence of Magic: Cooldown 30 (normally 45)
Furious Blade: +300 Life (normally +100)

Chared Totem of War: Damage 35, Minion Attack Speed 5% (normally 15 damage, no minion attack speed)
Tome of Endurance: +450 life, +150 Minion Life (normally +400, +130)
Pendant of Grace: +20 dodge for demigod and minions (normally +10% for demigods, +15% for minions)
Horn of Battle: +100 Minion life over 10 seconds (normally 50 life over 20 sec)
Blood Soaked Wand: 1 second cast (normally 2 seconds)
Cloak of the Night: Cooldown 45 (normally 60)


Damage 90 (normally 45)
Targeting Priority: Catapultasaurus -> Priests -> Everything

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January 19, 2012 1:45:31 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums


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January 19, 2012 5:09:29 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

Would never have imagined this much refinement was possible, mega-kudos to LORD-ORION and all those that made this possible. THX!!!!

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January 19, 2012 9:44:56 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

Is this a joke? Why would I want to play the same game with different rules? Once people figure out the weaknesses to this mod they will have the advantage. Why not keep it how it is, all on a level playing field? Or do you really think you've "balanced" it?

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January 20, 2012 12:19:07 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

Quoting noobeinstein,
Why would I want to play the same game with different rules? Once people figure out the weaknesses to this mod they will have the advantage.

Here's the thing (and side note - your view is exactly the same view I held) - you are completely right.  If I've played 50 games on this mod vs your 0, I will clearly have a big advantage.  Same things goes for favor mod.  That said, try to look at it this way.  It's a mod.  It's a different way to play Demigod.  Will everyone want to play it this way?  No.  But if you want to give it a go and play with other pals; well then, you can have a fun experience trying a new way of playing.  It's really that simple.  If you want to try something new, give it a go.  If you don't, then this mod is certainly not for you as you'd obviously need to play it a bit to become skilled with it.  That said, you can only really say if its imbalanced or rot after playing it many, many times. So, take it for what its worth (a modder's hard work) and play it if you want to.

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January 20, 2012 3:26:38 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

GPG gave up on their game (like they did to Forged Alliance) so yes, this mod is more balanced than the original. You just have to look at items, how gauntlets and rings are totally useless in the original Demigod ; now they are not anymore.

Modding is what gives strength and sustainability to a game ; in default of having official patches.

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