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So I'm from Australia...

By on December 17, 2011 11:58:48 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums


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due to the fact that players host their own games... and I'm in a completely different timezone from everyone else... its alittle difficult to find games and not lag and cause everyone trouble, is there a way to reduce my lag so I can play with everyone else?


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December 17, 2011 4:40:50 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

Hi Arashii - I'm from Aus also and we naturally get a good ping to NA from here. Their prime time is around morning to noon for us so if you can log on then you will definitely get a low latency game. EU can be problematic for Aus even with the most stable connection.

Apart from that can you give me some more details on your connection etc and I may be able to help you out.

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