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porting and trading flags?

By on August 26, 2011 2:54:07 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums


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mmm I'm pretty new at the game, and I found most of the time when i need to run away - I run. I'm usually afraid that the extra hits from standing still while waiting for the port will kill me.

so when is it safe to port?


another question I have is in my last game online I was kinda confused about where to go... lol

I ended up trading flags back and forth with oak, but he would outlevel me in time due to surge killing the creeps, while most times I would be forced to run away and capping the flag he left unattended. Once in a while, I would try doing some damage to a tower or something, but usually I would end up dead when I tried that due to having no gold for most the match (and therefore little items), and the towers outdamaging me early on. Later on, oak would just defend it before I could look at if funny.


lastly, whats the best counter to Regulus? he is my biggest problem, sniping me and also taking free shots at towers due to his range. I was literally like a half second from my health crystal, and ....arrrg! lol.


in the last game I was playing as UB, but most of these problems are problematic for me no matter who I play as.


I think I have pretty solid builds and item choice - though I might buy portals to often (though I never port away I usually use them for getting somewhere faster - is this a mistake?)

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