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BalanceMod 1.0 [old]

By on August 10, 2011 10:15:54 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums


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Deprecating this BalMod 1.0 post, and creating a new one for BalMod 1.1 final


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August 10, 2011 10:32:10 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums


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August 12, 2011 3:52:38 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

Concerning the DG changes


Demon Precision Chance 20,30,40,50 (normally 10,20,30,40)
Elusiveness 10,20,30,40[assassin speed] (normally 5,10,15)
Warp Area: Debuff Immune during hops

-Can't say much about that, exept that it is a good thing to tweak that skills.

Mode Switch 0.8 seconds (normally 1.5 seconds)
PermaFrost consumable by Deep Freeze
FireNova 400,650,900 (normally 400,600,800)

- Reducing the mode switch time is great, imho. And to make PermaFrost consumable is a nice but not too high damage push for ice TBs. The increase of Fire Nova seems to be cosmetic to me but I wouldn't argue about that.

Base Speed 6.0 (normally 6.3)
Inner Beast Move Speed 5,10,15 (normally 5,7,10)
Diseased Claw 5,10,15 (normally 5,7,10)
Ooze Attack Speed penalty 10,15,20,25 (normally 10,20,30,40)
Acclimation 20% (down from 40%)
Bestial Wrath Duration 15,15,15,20 (normally 7,7,7,10)

- I really like the changes here. The decreasing of the base speed in combination with increasing inner beast and diseased claws is really nice. Diseased claws is now an real option to invest in. The increasement of beastial wrath to that long duration, really makes it shine and the high mana cost is justified now. Maybe it gets too strong endgame? Hope to get some experience with that soon.

Angelic Fury mode speed +5%
DeadEye Proc 13% (normally 3%)
Impedance Bolt Proc 20% @ 20 seconds (normally 10% @ 10 seconds)
Maim 5,10,15 (normally 5,7,10)
Scope +Vision 3,6,9

- The speed increasement with angelic fury is a nice thing, so investing 1 skill point could be worth it. Still, it is not worth investing more I think, maybe an alternated veangence skill could be nice. Deadeye proc number looks really high but I can't tell if it's too high. Impedance bolt looks strong now. Whenever you engage someone with AAs, he/she will surely be under the influence of it. But it's a Lvl 15 skill, so maybe it is ok. The changes to maim are good and the +vision to snipers scope are a nice add, I like it.


Rally lasts 10 seconds (normally 5 seconds)
Pen Damage 200,375,550,725 (normally 200,400,600,800)

- As I said in another thread(s), I think shield is overpowered and need to be nerferd.

Ball Lightning Damage 25,50,75,100  (up from 20,25,30,35)
Ball Lighnting Mana 250,375,500,625 (down from 450,625,800,975)

- I can't imagine that someone will use Ball lightnings before Level 15, because Blastoff and chainlightnig are just better. Still it will help for more burst damage at lvl 15 and the reduced mana cost is good for spamming BLs. I can't tell if it's good that that way.

Entourage Damage 12,24,36 (normally 6,12,18)
Mulch Time To Damage 0.5 sec (normally 2 sec).
Uproot Range 20,25,25,30 (normally 20,20,20,20)
Uproot Cooldown 15,15,10,7 (normally 15,15,15,15)
Spike Wave Snare 20,30,40 (normally 15,20,25)
Spike Wave Cooldown 10,10,10 (normally 10,10,15)
Compost Shambler Damage: 2,4,6,10,14,18 (normally 4,6,8,10,12,14)
Compost Shambler Affects apply to QoT as well
Gspike Mana Cost 425,500,675,750 (normally 500,500,675,750)

-  Uproot starts as useless as it was but at Lvl 10 you can easily tear down structures from a long distance. I'm not sure about that. I like it, because it may be worth now to invest 4 skill points, but maybe it is just too strong at lvl 10. It's a nice add that compost works now for queen as well. The increased snare amount for spike wave is ok, I think. Lategame, Journeymans are worn and even -40% leave 25% left once triggered.

Poison Arrow: Slow 15% (normally 10%)

- Rook is strong enough, so I guess, it's just because he shouldn't be without changes?

Yeti Damage: 30,60,90,120 (normally 30,37,44,51)
Yeti Health: 810, 1210, 1610, 2010 (normally 810, 1110, 1410, 1710)
Pounce Damage: 400,600,800,1200 (normally 400,600,800,1000)
Life's Child: Proc @ 50% life (normally 30%)
Inspiring Roar: Evasion 20% Duration 20 (normally 15% / 10)

- We've already dicussed the yeti changes in another thread. But one good thing about the damage is, that equalizing it with other minion builds is more simple and I surely can accept that changes to the Yeti skill. Pounce, 1200 damage at lvl 10? Maybe ok, but I was surprised and can't judge that jump. something like 400/650/900/1150 (or even 1200) would look so strange. Inspiring roar was 15%/5 secs i think. The long duration makes it useable, I guess, but still it seems to be special because it affects your minions and as a general it may be a hard decision to skill pounce... Well, not sure about that.

Lord Erebus:
Bat Swarm II Range 25 (normally 30)
Bite 250,400,550,700 (normally 250,425,600,775)
NightCrawler Base Speed 6.3 (normally 6)
NightCrawler Turn Rate 360 (normally 180)

- Nightcrawler turn rate: The higher the faster? Can't say anything about that. I though Crawlers base speed was 6.3 before. In a test they were the same speed as Erebus or maybe I've not been observant enough. Stiil, he's the onl DG with a base speed of 6.3 which is not nice I think. He should be in line with all the others.

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August 12, 2011 12:13:52 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

Responses to your response to help clarify things

1) On damage increases/ decrease

They are not cosmetic, they are calculated on burst / refresh (basically DoT) and life ratios.

eg: Sedna with her long follow through on pounce (1.2 seconds) is not capable of delivering that twice in a row unless you let her. Alternatively, she can choose Cloak of Night, and the damage factor considered is 2x pounce + Heal IV Damage + Cloak of Night Damage vs the life she loses vs life of a tank with blood of the fallen. This is problematic because it is not really enough to kill someone, and she can't do it 3 times in a row. So her ratio follows UB's DoT progression, more upfront, because you can mitigate it if you build / itemize against it.

Are the ratios perfect? No, they have been rounded so you don't get weird numbers like 162.5 damage progression on Pen, but they are not arbitrary.

2) We will never agree on shield III being OP, or yetis needing armor instead of life.

3) Uproot still does less damage then white damage queen. The difference is, you trade anti-tower range for less lane power. eg: Think of it as support Queen, you lose alot of anti-DG power taking 4 points of uproot to level 10 and get pushed around easily, so it better do something useful. 

4) Occ's minon DPS considering lightning blast is inline with the other minions, like how QoT's is too considering ground spike.

5) Rook was made weaker with the other tweaks. eg: Minion builds, +armor proc chances... he has been nerfed indirectly.

6) Nightcrawler turn rate was once 540 and minion builds were used frequently. Then in a patch they knocked it down to 180 and nerfed horn of battle. That was the end of Crawler builds since they run around like idiots before attacking. Fixed.

7) Deadeye proc: Depending on itemization, Dead eye procs once every 10-6.5 seconds. On a TP, this means 13-39% chance of an interrupt depending on itemization.


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August 12, 2011 1:03:29 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

Thanks for your reply, LORD-Orion!

concerning 1)

Ok, that's fine. I was still influence by CrazyTown, where the follow through time of pounce were reduced. But why does pounce 2 and 3 scale so poorly then? Not an issue, just wondering.

Concerning 2)

As I said, I'm fine with the changes to HotY. Maybe it was not declared clearly to me. But I am really curios why you think that shield 3 is not overpowered concering the other skills. If I think about it, only Sednas silence can come close to it. But shield 3 is much saver, isn't it?

Concerning 3)

That's right, you have to invest 4 skill points into uproot. Maybe it's fine now. I hope to get some people playing it online (if the servers will ever be up again. Mods don't seem to work on Gameranger, thoogh I can't imagine why)

4), 5) & 6)


Concerning 7)

I'm curious how this will "feel" in a real game, not just by the numbers.


I haven't said it yet, because I also wanted to go through the other changes as well, but I really thing most changes are fine and I'm curios to (hopefully) test this mod with other players.

I just say that now, so you don't understand me the false way and think I'm not appreciating the work you've done.


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January 9, 2012 10:43:35 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

Removed old 1.1 change list, reposted it to top post (the change list is now slightly different)

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January 12, 2012 6:09:13 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

Submitted 1.1 for release to package, see the top post for final change list.


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