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AI control MOD Idea

By on June 11, 2011 2:19:44 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums


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Hi. I have an idea for players using AI mod. Currently the mod is great and vastly improves AI, but we're still wishing for AI to do what we want hey.

I don't know zip about modding but what if we could switch control of our DG with AI. So let's say we have a game with 1 human and 1 AI on each side. I'm playing Oculus and my AI is Reg. Reg is being dumb and leaving a flag yellow, or not coming into a 2v1 melee. HOW ANNOYING!

So in my idea, you could add a button on the UI mod that is above any AI controlled DG. You right click that button and bingo, you now have control of that DG, and AI takes over control of your DG while in this mode. You can then switch back when you feel he has done what was needed.

 Then there's the problem of builds purchased, and the possibility of forcing AI to drop items for your DG to stack on, AND AI gaining more EXP and GOLD in hard/nightmare.  So I think that you'd need this 'takeover' button would limit you to ONLY move/attack/cast commands and NOT selecting skills or purchasing for them (I think AI makes good enough citadel upgrades to disallow you from making those for it). 

When taking over an AI player BOTH DG's are disabled from purchases or skill selections. AND BOTH DG's earn the exp/gold they would have as if they are controlled by the original owner. (So you can't switch with AI to get your DG levelled up faster).


This is an idea purely for small temporary control of AI to make it attack or move or spit/snipe/stun/TP.


In a game with let's say 2 human players per team then with this mod each player must have an assigned 'pet' AI. So must be a 4v4 - 2human +2 ai each side. Their 'Pet' is the ONLY AI they can take control of in this way, to prevent issues with two players trying to control the same AI at once.  In this scenario I'd pic Occ and beast would be my Pet.... oo7 would pick Oak and have Rook as a pet (how handy to force AI into putting up towers where u need them). 


What do you THINK!?

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June 11, 2011 2:20:04 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums


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June 11, 2011 2:21:20 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

oh, in a 2+1AI vs 2+1 ai (3v3) you could enable only 1 player per side to have a Pet AI, but really EVERYONE WANTS A PET RIGHT?

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June 11, 2011 3:15:57 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

Most of what you requested is not really possible.  The best you could do is switch armies, but it requires cheats enabled, is extremely buggy and laggy, and the AI does not deactivate when you switch to its army.  And if you can switch to an AI army, you can switch to an enemy army, and easily do all sorts of other cheating things to the point where the rules would no longer matter.

Nevermind that this would require a lot of work, and that time and energy (that nobody left in the mod community has) would be much, much better spent further improving the enhanced AI mod than working on a hack that forces the player to do an annoying switch back-and-forth, opens up cheats, etc.  Even just having to manually give an AI purchase orders would be irritating, and it's already technically possible to achieve that without any cheats (still a huge amount of work, and won't happen).

Try to keep in mind that the most significant mods made to date have added a few copies of existing UI panels and some items and minions (FavorMod) or overhauled only parts of the AI (Enhanced AI), and these mods already represent hundreds of hours of work.  Even the UberFix has consumed 80+ hours of my time, and it doesn't even add or fundamentally change anything.

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