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Sedna & Minions

By on June 2, 2011 4:09:07 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums


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I´ve read about the issue that Yetis are, well, "not so good". Still, if I get the other minions as well (the ones to be bought) it is some extra damage when the games goes longer and you want to do some damage too. But why bother about that?

I think it´s a pity just to get Magnifying Presence for the cooldown improvement, since your minions are boosted as well.


Maybe it´s also my unexperience that might let me think, there could be something good about a Minion using Sedna?


Skills could be like that:

1. Heal I

2. IG I

3. HW I

4. Pounce

5. Silence I

6. MP I

7. HW II

8. * Heal II

9. heal III

10. MP II

11. Yetis I

12. Yetis II

13. Yetis III

14. Morale I

15. MP III

16. Morale II

17. Morale III

18. Morale IV

19. Morale V

20. Counter Healing

* From Lvl 8 on Counter Healing can be chosen due to things going on in the game, the other skills go one Lvl up.


Surely this is just a simple layout. Getting Yetis later due to mana problems may be one conclusion, as i think, they´re not cheap.

And until lvl 10 you can decide to get no minion based build due to the circumstances.


Feel free to critizise my build, make suggestions or tell from your experience or tryouts with a minion based Sedna.

You may also say something about items or favor even if I skipped that topic for now.

Thank for any replies!


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June 2, 2011 5:17:07 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

MP isn't useless even if you don't get Yetis. 

It improves Monk hp which is extremely valuable, and it also increases demo or mino hp if you're using them. 

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June 3, 2011 1:35:34 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

Oh, I didn´t wanted to intent that MP is a useless skill. Even if you only get monks it´s a skill to invest in I think because of cooldown reduction.


But if I start getting all the minions and investing into morale then is getting yetis that bad? Ok, the numbers don´t speak for them HotY III offers them +600 (1410 total which doesn´t fit into their discription of being durable minions ^^), +14 more damage (44 total) and NO armor (which is really a pity I think. Not at all durable...). Minotaur kings are much better, I think. Too bad you can´t get 6 of them.


But if they are ignored and no heavy AoE damage is applied they can do some extra damage. Maybe enough (with the other minions as well) to hold the lane 1v1?

I lack experience here. Since I can imagine that torch bearer eats your minion (crispy please ^^) there is still a chance to interrupt him. An oozing beast of course... Well, one good thing is, you don´t trigger acclimation! ^^


But gaining experience with a minion sedna is not so easy when even chosing her as a demigod let pop up comments like: "If he gets Sedna we lose". I don´t intend to be the main player on my team, but if I would even answer that I would be less a support and get minions... Well, maybe rage quitting on my own team because they see Yetis around! ^^


Well, just some thoughts about it.

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June 3, 2011 2:55:09 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

I ran minion sedna for a little while in 2s. 

I was using Ring of Divine Might and NO Yetis. Just focused on morale, MP, Healing Wind, Inner Grace (make minions faster). Some points in heal here and there. It was alright and works pretty decent against other Sednas and Erebus. 

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June 3, 2011 4:07:57 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

So you suggest that even with MP and Morale any point in Yetis is a waste?

I mean there is no reason to just put one point or two in it. With 3 you have 4 yetis which can hopefully put some pressure on opposing demigods... 4 points is not a great advance at all and wild swings even theoretically seems to be much to powerless to justify the sacrifice of one skillpoint in it.


So, it is to decide if you invest 3 or no points in yetis... I´m not sure on that. Is the sacrifice of three points in yetis paying off?

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June 3, 2011 12:13:11 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

Well I am budding in, but I think u really underestimate sedna's Yetis... I had a good build with Yetis (mostly for 2vs2) and I wanted to improve it , but I couldn't play for a while... but Yetis are a real advantage for sedna, who is weak against creeps and help her get into Rook's towers ... Thnk about what yetis and natures reckoning can do... especially in late game...  All u need is some more mana.. 

I am back now, so I will try to finallize my build... since then I can tell anything more

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June 3, 2011 5:33:40 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

I think you can use one point in Yetis. If you get it at level 1, you can summon 2 of them at the crystal and not be oom which is nice. 

However, I think that going from Yeti I to Yeti III you don't get a huge benefit (since most abilities that will kill one Yeti can kill four just as easily). 

However, RoDM Minion Sedna is extremely match-up dependent and only viable in a few matchups (Erebus, Sedna, DA...). Against those guys, the additional points in Yetis can pay off. However, I find Inner Grace to be a little better because it gives your minions the + speed which helps them chase (4 yetis that can't catch their target do less damage than 1 that can), and also it helps keeping you capping/alive. 

Perhaps to give you some more context in what we were doing, I would play with a fire TB. I would go health side initially, then switch to mana side after WS 3. With fire aura, RoDM and a host full of minions, the fire TB would go camp health side and destroy everything because he was basically 1.5 demigods with the minion support. Meanwhile I would run around on mana side and hold one flag (usually had a minion with me to help clear creeps with RoDM ability). 


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June 6, 2011 8:07:39 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

That is an interesting strategy, Awuffleablehedgie, and it sounds like it could work (or did work?). Using the fire aura of TB as a boost for the minons is a nice synergie.

But still I think that one points in Yetis is not enough if you really want to rely on them.

But still I would be interested what your skilling would be? It hasn´t to be exact because gameplay influences such choices.


I haven´t yet dared to try a minion build with Yetis in a online game since just by choosing Sedna can provoke the statement: "If he´s taking Sedna, we'll lose." and if the game starts and Yetis pop up... Well, I think, I´ve to warn the other before the game starts. 

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June 7, 2011 12:23:13 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums


Mostly a joke 2v2 build, as it's shutdown by a lot of other demigods (Oak, UB, Occulus, TB, Queen). However, it can be used against a Rook with limited success  and it's actually pretty effective against another Sedna or DA. 

Yetis are useless, so don't get them. However, going full minion build isn't quite as anti-combat as other minion builds. You can use Heal from a pretty long distance away from combat, Healing Wind II can cover your supporting monks. All-in-all you're more useful in a 2v2 fight than most other minion builds. 

Ring of Divine Might also lets you farm quickly and lets you do an impressive amount of damage. It's fun because Sedna's role is almost completely inverted. She can creep great and do good damage, but can't survive a long engagement at all.

Play like any normal minion build. Siege Demolishers + Gloves of Brutality + Gloves of Fel Daekur. Kill them half a mile away, run around and cap things. Get Wand of Speed to make yourself and your minions run faster. Best played while drunk (I only play minion builds while buzzed   )

Favor: Ring of Divine Might


2. Healing Wind I + Morale I

3. Inner Grace I

4. Morale II

5. Healing Wind II

6. Morale III

7. Heal I

8. Morale IV

9. Magnificient Presence I

10. Morale V

11. Inner Grace II

12. Inner Grace III

13. Mag. Presence II

14. SAVE

15. Morale VI + Mag. Presence III

16. Heal II

17. Silence I

18. Heal III

19. Heal IV

20. Pounce I

Is what I used to run. 

If you're really looking for Yetis, you could probably easily drop Silence and/or Heal. Perhaps:

1. Yeti I

2. Moral I.

3. Inner Grace I

4. Morale II

5. Yeti II

6. Morale III

7. Yeti III

8. Morale IV

9. MP I or IG II

10. Morale V

11. MP II or IG III

12. IG II or MP I

13. IG III or MP II


The problem is you lose Heal and Healing Wind for Yetis. Note that Yeti IV does not actually buff your yetis unless you're using Uberfix. 


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June 7, 2011 1:33:53 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

Perhaps understanding where Yetis came from will help

In beta you had 8 Yetis with a normal 3K HP

Now you have 4 with 2K HP

Yeti dmg is 30 @ level 1 + 7 per level after that

Something was lost in translation in the yeti nerf from beta to release. compared to Crawlers and Spirits.

Unfortunately Yetis have no ancillary support to Sedna's skill lines (thinking of Mulch vs crappy Shamblers)

Yeti 1 is a pretty decent skill when you compare stats to other minions.... any point after that is plain shite.

eg: I will occasionally sink 3 points into Shamblers, only because this skill is attached to Ground Spike.

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June 7, 2011 2:40:47 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

well Rook gets a bunch of 3k hp towers, and unless they actually did appreciable damage (like towers) I fail to see the problem. Even 8 yetis with 3k hp at their current damage levels would barely be worth it. 

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June 7, 2011 9:09:58 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

Thanks, Awuffleablehedgie!

It looks interesting and I think I´m going to try it and slightly cahnges as soon as I´ve enough favor points to get RoDM.

That favor point & favor item stuff is really annoying... Ok, it´s another topic.


Thanks for the information, Lord-Orion!

It´s a pity that it seems to be a mistake.


Nevertheless, I can´t really believe that it is total crap to invest on 4 yetis since damageout is like 4 minotaur high kings.

I don´t want to say you´re wrong, though. But I think I´ve to experience it by myself. (Since I´m really bad at using silence i´ve no problem to skip that one for example ^^)

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June 12, 2011 5:11:57 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

Well, I played two games now with a "full retard" build (thx for that clip, Pavoc, always have to think of that ^^) since I could afford RoDM. Prison seems to be a good place for a lots of minions cause of the movement freedom. Another thing is that being very low on HP and have no "active skills" feels very unusual. But just first impressions, maybe I can tell more about that later.


One thing to mention is that inner grace don´t help your minions to move faster, so it´s completly useless for your minions.

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June 12, 2011 2:03:26 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

minions move at the same speed of the demigod. Even temporary buffs such as Surge of Faith will accelerate your minions. 

Wand of Speed actually affects your minions twice. It has two buffs; one that affects your demigod, and one that affects your minions. If you use Wand of Speed your minions will gain +3 movement speed. 

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June 12, 2011 4:14:45 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

the only thing I'm not sure works on minions is the jtreads activated effect. 

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June 12, 2011 5:37:25 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

Journeyman treads works, but inner grace does not. I´m sure of that because I tested it.

Without inner grace Sedna had the same speed as their minions and with inner grace she was faster.

The same with swift anklet: Sedna is faster than their minions. Haven't tested Saam-el's Cloak yet, but I think it will also only effect the DG.

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July 10, 2011 6:50:36 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

What do you think about that?


Favor: Blood of the Fallen

1. Heal 1

2. HW 1

3. Pounce 1

4. Heal 2

5. HW 2

6. MP 1

7. Heal 3

8. Counterhealing (if generals on opposing team)

9. Morale 1

10. MP 2


Increasing morale from that point on. I usually get Silence 1 between 10 and 15 even if I not really clever using it yet...

Late game (15+) maxing out pounce could be an option, but I've not yet had the chance of testing it. Maybe the mana consume gets too high if you really get no helm (could skip banded armor for it).


What this make feel comfortable to me is that you start the game as a "normal" sedna, getting monks from the start. Another nice ting about that is you don't have to set yourself until Lvl 9 or when you decide to get siege demolisher idols (and even then you can still decide not to get morale since MP also boosts your minions but I would not get minotaur high kings then, the small ones for mines could be an option if Regulus is in the opposing team)

I can't really specify item order yet, but it would be someting like that:

0. monks

1. Currency 1 (if the other don't get it before or just don't want to)

2. bishops

3. siege demolisher idol

4. unbreakable boots

Until here it seems to be fine yet. The following purchases and their order I'm not sure yet.

5. hauberk of life

6. banded armor (Vlemish or nature's reckoning could also be an option)

7. minotaur high king idol

8. boots of speed (otherwise your minions can't chase fleeing DGs properly)

9. nimoth


Wand of speed is also really nice for chasing fleeing DGs but it consumes a slot of course...

If everything goes fine I get J-Threads later, of course.


Well, that's it for the moment. Maybe you have a suggestion or try something similar if you're bored of the other stuff.

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July 10, 2011 11:36:42 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

4 second cooldown 1000 damage pounce is fantastic.. 

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September 2, 2011 1:39:05 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

Then what is UB's 5 second cooldown 1500 damage

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December 20, 2011 9:30:21 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

Hmm, I recently was thinking about a minion Sedna but without Yetis. As I like to improve strengths instead of weaknesses it might be quite interesting.

First: Sedna seems to be the only demigod having passive skills boosting idols (MP and healing aura)

Second: Sedna herself is able to get really high hitpoint regeneration

Third: Items that boost hitpoint regeneration tend to boost minions hp and hp regeneration as well

With horn of battle, hauberk. platemail of crusader sedna, theurgist cap would get an extra 60 HP/s while her minions would get extra hp of 650 and 10 hp/s + 50 hp/s when HoB is used +24 hp/s from Healing Wind (84 HP/s), making minions pretty tough and hard to kill (when facing Occ, Twig of Life will add another 150 hp while being able to heal your minions).

So basically Sedna would stay alive due to hp/s, heal and priests heal while her minions would be tough enough to withhold aoe attacks or ooze for quite a while while being the main damage deals (against towers or demigods; ooze would do 56 damage/s to minions with at least 2500 health resulting in at least up to 40 seconds to kill minions, enough to cast them again with reduced cooldowns).

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