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[Mod] CrazyTown 1.4 Final

Balance mod

By on March 31, 2011 12:18:35 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums


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You can get the final version of CrazyTown 1.4 in Pacov's excellent mod compilation package. (Click on the link BESIDE the big "Recommended Download" button heh)

This mod should be enabled with the latest version of Uberfix, and it is also recommended that you enable the Enhanced UI and Enhanced AI mods as well. (All of these excellent mods are also found in Pacov's mod compilation).

Working on Content- it will all get there eventually

CrazyTown version 1.4

Demigod Changes


Synopsis: Regulus needs a little more to hold his own in his lane, and some additional level 15 improvements so he has a role other than the pew-pew-pew guy. Also it would be nice if his quote "this would be faster with wings" made sense.

Change 1: Mark of the Betrayer is an Interrupt.
A fast, ranged interrupt gives Reg some new respect in the lane. You'll need to watch the skill timings to use slow skills and items (like teleport or flag lock)

Change 2: Deadeye and Impedance Bolt will proc on a snipe once you have acquired them.
These are the level 15 improvements. These 2 skills are not really note worthy on their own, as they have low proc rates on auto-attack.  The deadeye proc on snipe gives Reg a unique ability; to prevent flag locks by sniping you from the mist when he sees you about to try it. The Impedance bolt change will give snipe some additional cross lane power to change battle outcomes.

Change 3: Angelic Fury grants 5% speed when active
This will give Reg some kiting potential if you choose to sink a point into this auto-attack skill.

Demon Assassin

Synopsis: Demon Assasin is supposed the be the guy that you can't get away from, so it's kind of embarrasing that 1/2 the demigods can outrun him when considering base speed. He also has 2 ignored skill lines that could use some adjustments; elusiveness and precision.

Change 1: Base Speed increased to 6.3
DA now has the highest speed potential in the game by 5% (speed 6.3 + 15% from 3X Demon Speed).

Change 2: Elusiveness grants 10% dodge per level instead of 5. Assassin's Speed gives an additional 10% dodge while it is "on".
This gives DA the possibility to reach the 40% Dodge cap from skills alone at level 15, or to reach the cap with minimal investment in items and skills.

Change 3: Increase Demon Precision by 10% per level.
If we were to calcualte the criticals over time, this translates to a 5% increase in average DPS perlevel. However since you cannot always be auto-attacking with DA on a demigod, the improved chance to score a hit is nice, so it may go off 1 time instead of 0 times.

Queen of Thorns

Synopsis: Queen has several lines of skills that are beyond bad and thus never taken by anyone sane. The main theme is to tweak entourage and compost to bring her minions up to par with Oak and Erebus.

Change 1: Entourage;
+10 Shambler Damage per level (normally +6)
+100 Shambler Armor per level (normally no armor)
+5% Shambler Attack Speed per level (normally no attack speed boost)

Change 2: Compost (previous Shambler Damage Scale 4,6,8,10,12)
Shambler Damage Scale is now 5,10,15,20,25,30 (you must use Uberfix to get the effect level VI +30 damage, because compost is broken)

Change 3: Reduce Mulch Explosion timer to 0.5 seconds (It is normally 2 seconds before damage from the mulch explosion is applied)
This is a useability change, now you can intentionally damage something with mulch via kamikazi shamblers.

Change 4: Reduce Spike Wave III cooldown to 10 (normally it is 15)
Level I and II are at 10 so it makes no sense to have the cooldown suddenly jump to 15 at level III. (My opinion is that this is an oversight. Spike Wave used to be 15 cooldown across the board, but the snare amount was MUCH higher [50% at level III].)

Change 5: Increase Uproot range to 25 (normally 20)
This is a safety change. Closing to Range 20 to fire this skill exposes you to surprise" skills like Bat Swarm and Warp Strike.

Torch Bearer

Synopsis: Form transitions limit the potential of Torch Bearer. Ice Mode needs a bit more burst damage potential.

Change 1: Decrease form transition times to 0.8 seconds (It is normally 1.5 seconds)
This gives much more potential to hybrid builds, as the form change is now fast enough to be performed in battle without getting yourself killed.

Change 2: Add Permafrost to the deep freeze consumable effect list.
This will increase the shatter multiplier by 1X throughout the entire game for a Frost Torch Bearer, and give you access to a 4X shatter at level 15.


Synopsis: Yetis are bad and need to be brought up to the power of Spirits and Night Crawlers. There are a few skills that need tweaks for utility.

Change 1: Yetis
+30 Damage per level (normally +7)
+400 life per level (normally +300)

Change 2: Inspiring Roar grants 20% minion Evasion. (normally 15%)
The dodge cap went up to 40% when Demon Assassin was released, there will be a way to get to 40% with Sedna's minions.

Change 3: Pounce Followthrough is 0.7 seconds (normally 1.5 seconds)
The delay is pretty rediculous, forcing high speed items to catch up to your target after a pounce, or to use Cloak of the Night. The new 0.7 second follow through still prevents you, however, from repouncing a fleeing target if their speed is equal to or faster than yours.

Change 4: Life's Child trigger amount is 50% life (normally it is 30% life)
The original amount was questionable, as it is easy for Sedna to heal out of the effect the moment it kicks in.


Synopsis: The absolute worst minions need to be fixed. Even Yetis laugh at ball ligtning.

Change: Ball Lightning
+35 Damage per level (normally +5)
Mana Cost per level 250,375,500,625 (normally 450,625,800,975)

The damage output puts Occ in the same place as full Spirit and Night Crawler armies hitting you. The mana cost needed to come down, these minions have an expirtaion timer so it makes no sense to have them as expensive as Shamblers and Yetis.


Synopsis: 1 small tweak

Change: Poisoned Arrows reduce speed by 15% (normally 10%)
Now the 6.3 speed demigods will be brought down to your 5.4 speed if affected.


Synopsis: 1 small tweak

Change: Rally duration is 10 seconds (normally 5)
The extra 5 seconds doubles the regenerated life amount you will get.

Lord Erebus:

Synopsis: Bat Swarm range is inconsistent

Change: Reduce BatSwarm II to 25 yards. (normally 30)
If you really must have 30 yards, it's yours at level 15.

Unclean Beast

Synopsis: The nerf bat swings true, and these changes come direct from your favorite pros. (identities concealed). Also bestial wrath is unusable so gets a tweak.

Change 1: Spit reduced to range 12 (normally 15)
This is just enough to let the range 20 shooty skills get you without retaliation unless you are running right at them.

Change 2: Ooze Self-Damage increased per level to 20,40,60,80 (normally 20,30,40,50)
Ooze is an awesome skill, and now the consequence of using that skill will continue to scale even with the health regen provided by your items and levels.

Change 3: Acclimation reduced to 25% (normally 40%)
40% is rediculous. 25% is still VERY good.

Change 4: Bestial wrath duration increased to 7 (normally 5); Unrelenting Wrath duration increased to 15 (normally 10)
This will allow you to actually get some auto-attack damage out of this skill before the timer runs out. Remember: Grasp -> Roar for best results.

Item Changes 

-Sabatons: +3 Health Per Second, +2 Mana Per Second (normally no regen: This is now 50% Banded Armor and Scaled Helm in one item)
-Assassin's footguard: 8% attack rate (normally 5), +5 health per second (normally no regen), 20% Chance to do 1.5 Damage (normally no crit)
-Iron Walkers +600 Armor (normally no armor) +800 Mana (normally no mana)
-Desperate Boots: Activate on 50% Health, +500 health (normally 400) +500 mana (normally 350)

-Plate Visor: +70% Mana (normally +35% mana)
-Theurgist's Hat: +70% mana (normally +35% mana)
-Vinling Helm: +105% Mana Per second (up from +70%) 5% proc effect (up from 3%)

-Duelists Cuirass CritChance 20% (normally 10%)
-Armor of Vengenance: Cost 2750 (down from 3250) +10 life per second (normally no life per second)
-Groffling Warplate chance 5% (up from 1%)
-Platemail of the Crusader Chance 3% (up from 1%)
-Godplate cost 8000 (down from 10000)

-Gauntlet's of Depair: 600 mana (normally 350) OnWeaponProc: Increase cost of skills 50% for 8 seconds, +7 mana per second (normally no mana per second)
-Slayer's Wraps: Cost 2500 (down from 3300), CritChance 20% (up from 10%)
-DoomSpite: Cleave Radius 2.5 (normally 1.5) Cost 4000 (down from 6750) Proc Chance 50/33 (up from 25/16)

-Blood Stone Ring LifeSteal 6% (normally 3%)
-Warlord's Punisher: Range = 20 (up from 15)
-Ring of the Ancients: +750 mana (normally no mana)
-WarpStone= Instant

-Universal Gadget: 1 Second Cast Time
-Hex Scroll: Increase target's damage by 20%. Tied to sigil of vitality cooldown.
-Restorative Scroll: Reduces cooldowns by 20% for 15 seconds. Tied to sigil of vitality cooldown.

Rejuv Cost 250
Robust Rejuv: 375
Enhanced Health: 400
Enhanced Mana: 400
Revit Elixir: 500
Supreme Health: 750
Supreme Mana: 750
Supreme Elixir: 900

 Favor Item Changes

Goggles: Special Proc chance on items for ranged Auto Attacks = melee proc rate, 25% chance to do 25% critical hit
Charm of Life +15 Health Per Second
Brilliant Bauble: +400 Mana (normally no mana)
Symbol of Purity 400 life (Up from 250)
Staff of the Warmage: +70% mana regen (normally no mana regen) + 1050 mana (normally 800 mana)
Diamond Pendant: Mana 400 (up from 250) Cooldown 13% (up from 10%)
Amulet of Teleportation: Cooldown 30 (down from 45)
Cape of Mana: Increase mana pool 20% during Useable affect
Saam-Els Cloak: +10% Movement (up from +5%)
Wing's of the Seraphim: Effect broken on interrupt/stun instead of damage, added a visual effect to indicate when this power is "on".

Mard's Hammer: +600 Armor (normally no armor)
Poison Dagger: 10% Attack Speed (normally 5%), prevents health regeneration (normally no effect on health regeneration)
Essence of Magic: Cooldown 30, free spell timer 5 (normally 45 second cooldown, and 3 second free spell)
Furious Blade: 400 life (up from 150)

Chared Totem of War: +5% Attack Speed added to minions (normally this bonus only applies to the demigod) Demigod damage bonus increased to 35 (up from 15)
Pendant of Grace: +20 dodge for demigod and minions
Blood Soaked Wand: 30 second cooldown (normally 45) 1 second cast time (normally 2 seconds)

Citadel Changes

Fortified Structure cost: 900,1200,1500
Building Strength cost: 500, 750, 1000, 1250
Death Penalty cost: 500, 1000, 1500
XP cost: 1200, 1800, 2400, 3000

Gold Production Level II: Produces +3 Gold (normally +2)

Target List: Catapultasaurus, Everything

Other Changes

Increase max cooldown cap from 40% to 50%

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June 4, 2011 8:03:33 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

Hehe, Pavoc...


It´s not that I mean to give them Armor instead of life but additional.

And once more any item is no arguement for that balance issue. Every general can get pendant.


And inspiring roar and yetis? Don´t know if that is a good choice for all the skill points you´ve to invest on that.

I mean if I really go for Yetis as my main skill I wouldn´t choose pounce as my second, would I? (Would be fun to try though ^^)


But it´s all very abstract. I just guess that some additional armor (per increasing HotY skill) would be a good thing.


But still I´ve to think about forest band... ^^

You guys think that item is good the way it is?

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June 4, 2011 8:44:04 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

Please tell me a situation where CrazyTown Yetis fall apart.


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June 5, 2011 3:49:25 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

Well, like any situation before, because 200 (HotY III) to 300 life (HotY IV) more has not transfomed them into HP-tanks. They will fall before the minotaur high kings in all situation were normal damage is applied. They fall simultanoulsy if armor-immune damage is applied and they will fall earlier if they get any armor-lowering conditions on them.


Compared to their highly increased damage they seem to be glass cannons. But I may be fooled there by numbers but it´s not a role I would appreciate for them. Maybe an equal increasement for life, armor and damage would fit them better?


I can´t  tell from real testing because I´ve just made a few games against the ai. But there you can go for Yetis right from the start, because the ai is less agressive than a human player is. Anyway I´ll try to share my experience when it has increased.

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June 5, 2011 12:13:55 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

I've found it much more worthwhile for the Yetis to have higher HP, armor, and regen (+5 per level or so, about doubling the amount you can get from items) than super-high damage, otherwise you're just replacing them non-stop and don't have any mana for heal, pounce, etc, AND they aren't doing as much damage as they would be if they only did ~60dps apiece but actually lived for more than 10 seconds against giants and catapults or towers.  I'd rather have to cast an occasional heal on an ailing Yeti than have to re-summon them every 20 seconds, and heal does not exactly synergize well with 3000hp+ and no armor.

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June 15, 2011 12:59:57 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

I thought of CrazyTown as a balance mod and I´m somewhat irritated by the changes to hex scroll and restorative scroll because it changes their role completely. It may be naive of me the think a restorative scroll may be a useful item but what else can help if LE or TB stun your minions for 9 seconds? Could be a nice surprise if, all of a sudden, they´re back fighting. I would like to see the item improved  somehow (less prize for example) but not replaced.


No changes were (yet?) done to:

Sluge Slinger

Forest Band

Twig of Life



Were they overlooked because noone would ever think of using them?

I mean I can´t imagine that they´re balanced compared to the other items.

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July 18, 2011 11:16:48 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

I've read through the change log once more and noticed that there was a change to warpstone, sorry for that false statement above. Still, it's way to expensive compared with orb, isn't it? You think Warpstone would be overpowered when it's price is in the same range as Orb of Defiance?

Concernig the other items:

Sludge Slinger

I'n not sure what to change on that item that somebody may think to get. Reduce the prize, the cooldown or increase the bufftime a little bit (up to 10 sec)?


Forest Band

Add some life to the wearers health may be a way to make it more interesting. Banded armor offers 400 health or 550 gold so that may also be the amount for Forest band? I'm not sure about how that on weapon proc chance to heal your army should be weighted.


Twig of Life

Would be nice to have some counter to Mass Charm or Frost Nova. So I would suggest to add a debuff effect to the heal and reduce the cast timer.


Concerning Heros:


- Reduce the shield duration for Oaks Shield III to 5 sec to be in line with other skills (like Sedna's Silence III). If that makes sense, purity should also be in line with it's duration

- Shield I and II should work as descriped. Target is only immune to damage, not to negative effects

- Shield III should only remove negative effects and not grant immunity


Feel free to criticize or underline my suggestions.

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July 21, 2011 11:47:06 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

QoT is still not right, so I will do another build. (the reason I am back actually)

I've dragged up the beta -> 1.0 changes in the main forum, so there will be a few things done on some of the items you've suggested.

The ridiculous thing about a mod with 100+ changes, is that it's very easy to end up making a dozen tweaks before you realize it and suddenly you have a week's work of testing stuff.

I am trying to avoid this, so sorry for any delays in responding to this thread.

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November 8, 2011 2:36:20 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

sorry a newbie question to mods, i just brought the game 2 days ago loveing it, I installed Pacov's compilation mod it all works fine except this balancing mod, it works in skirmish mode but when i go to tournament ( single player ) only the ui mods seem to work. Have i done something wrong? - is there anyway to make it work in tournament mode as well?

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December 30, 2011 11:25:43 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

Quoting Drizty,
sorry a newbie question to mods, i just brought the game 2 days ago loveing it, I installed Pacov's compilation mod it all works fine except this balancing mod, it works in skirmish mode but when i go to tournament ( single player ) only the ui mods seem to work. Have i done something wrong? - is there anyway to make it work in tournament mode as well?
Strange, they should work just fine for every single player mode (and online as well, provided everyone has the mods).

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December 30, 2011 11:57:49 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

Unfortunately, mods do not work in tournament mode, only skirmish and online.

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December 31, 2011 12:13:09 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums


thank you.

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