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New Effect Example Mod

By on June 1, 2010 3:23:39 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

I've working on adding new effects to the QoT Mod I've been developing. The final (successful) method took me a while to figure out, so I thought I'd post an example here so others wouldn't have to waste time replicating my failed methods. The method was exactly as DeadMG and others described in the thread on Hooking in Demigod. However I find that an actual example goes a long way towards understanding.

The effect: A new color for Bramble Shield


Download the mod at

The key problem I was having was finding the correct syntax for the Effect Template. The following is the contents of the modded  \lua\EffectTemplates.lua


Code: c++
  1. do
  2. EffectTemplates.Buff['Bramble02'] = {
  3.     Small =  {
  4.         '/mods/EffectExample/hook/effects/emitters/buffs/bramble/b_brm2_01_rings_h_emit.bp',
  5.         '/mods/EffectExample/hook/effects/emitters/buffs/bramble/b_brm2_01_rings_l_emit.bp',
  6.         },
  7.     Medium =  {
  8.         '/mods/EffectExample/hook/effects/emitters/buffs/bramble/b_brm2_03_medrings_h_emit.bp',
  9.         '/mods/EffectExample/hook/effects/emitters/buffs/bramble/b_brm2_03_medrings_l_emit.bp',
  10.         },
  11.     Large =  {
  12.         '/mods/EffectExample/hook/effects/emitters/buffs/bramble/b_brm2_05_lrgrings_h_emit.bp',
  13.         '/mods/EffectExample/hook/effects/emitters/buffs/bramble/b_brm2_05_lrgrings_l_emit.bp',
  14.         },        
  15.     Huge =  {
  16.         '/mods/EffectExample/hook/effects/emitters/buffs/bramble/b_brm2_07_hgerings_h_emit.bp',
  17.         '/mods/EffectExample/hook/effects/emitters/buffs/bramble/b_brm2_07_hgerings_l_emit.bp',
  18.         },
  19.     }
  20. end

Again it was fairly straightforward from the previous instructions, but exactly how to do it escaped me for quite some time.

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June 1, 2010 3:33:04 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

Man.  I'll keep giving you karma.  But man.  Talk about a one man moding army.




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