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UberFix v1.02

By on January 23, 2010 11:15:45 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums


The UberFix is a compilation of bugfixes for Demigods version 1.2. The patches incorporated into the mod
are listed below along with the creator of the patch.



Installer format: (Recommended Download)

filesize: 334,609 bytes

MD5 Checksum: 5322667e9be4dbd0fc9cb44823a6dc81

Source Code:

Old Versions



Installer format:

filesize: 322,544 bytes (Downloaded 223 times)

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zip format:  16.5 KB  v1.00 Mediafire  v1.00  

exe format: 301.2KB v1.00  


Currently Included Patches

Uberfix 1.02 

  1. Lord Erebus Poisoned Blood Potion Fix by Ptarth
    • Poisoned Blood Potions can no longer be used by Lord Erebus to farm himself. He and his teammates treat his Poisoned Blood Potions as regular potions now.
  2. Oculus Electrocution Fix by Ptarth
    • Health and Mana regeneration are now correctly stopped.
  3. Torch Bearer Projectile slowdown Fix by Ptarth
    • Toch Bearer's fireballs and fireblasts now correctly accelerate to maximum speed when their target moves a great distance. This includes his Fireball Ability.
  4. Unclean Beast Ooze Suicide Fix by Ptarth
    • Ooze now correctly ends when the Unclean Beast is low on Health.
  5. Oculus Sacrifice Fix by Ptarth
    • Sacrifice now will heal allied units.
  6. Unclean Beast Post Mortem Plague Conflict Fix by Exxcentric
    • Plague I and II no longer remove the Post Mortem death effect.
  7. Rook Move Attack Fix by Ptarth
    • Rook now attacks while moving correctly.

UberFix 1.01

  1. Lord Erebus Mist Form Fix by Ptarth
    • updated to end when mana drops below 125.
  2. ZikFix (Zikurat Tower Fix) by mrappard
    • The Dark side towers on Zikurat while playing Conquest now spawn correctly, instead of at warscore 6.
  3. Orb of Veiled Storms Fix by Ptarth (bug reported by awuffleablehedgie)
    • The Orb of Veiled Storms now deals ArmorImmune damage like every other demigod ability and weapon ability (except for the Doomspite Grips and Girdle of Giants, which have a cleave attack).

UberFix 1.00

  1. Minion +hp Fix by Ptarth
    • Minions summoned by Demigods Generals [Sedna, Lord Erebus, Oak, Queen of Thorns, Oculus] with +minion hp items now have the correct health
  2. Oculus Brain Storm Fix by Ptarth
    • Brain Storm now has a visual effect at all levels, instead of only when Oculus has Mental Agility
    • Brain Storm now removes debuffs on targeted unit as specified by the rollover tooltip text
  3. Queen of Thorns Attack Animation Glitch Fix by Ptarth
    • Reduced the lifetime of the QoT's root attack animation to make the animation look better.
    • This is only a cosmetic change.
  4. Oculus Lightning Ball Summons Fix by Ptarth
    • Lightning Balls will no longer summon in map void space.
  5. Oculus Lightning Blast Fix by Ptarth
    • Lightning Blast now occurs at the origin of the target instead of the origin of the unit that procs the effect.
  6. Missing Oculus Shield Effect Fix by Ptarth
    • Oculus now has a visible Shield effect.
  7. Heart of Life and Wings of the Seraphim Healing ends effect Fix by Ptarth (awuffleablehedgie provided starter code)
    • The Heart of Life and Wings of Seraphim no longer stop their regeneration effects when the user is healed.
  8. Parasite Egg and Sludge Slinger Partial Fix by Ptarth
    • Changed the Parasite Egg and Sludge Slinger so they can be used, although it isn't perfect.


Current Buglist (Todo list: Verified and replicatable)

  1. Rook Shoulder weapons having target locking issues
    • I thought I had something to fix it. However, I'm having problems replicating the effect to test it.
  2. Fix the skill queue.
    •  Eg, if you tell a UB to grasp he tries to get into melee range and execute the grasp. If you tell him to spit, then it gets thrown to the back of the skill queue and he doesn't spit, he continues to follow like an r'tard. To fix it you have to issue a move command, then spit.
    • AbilityTask.lua has the functions related to this. There are many interesting things in it.
    • After finishing a command the demigod reverts to an attack/move order if previously moving towards a target
  3. AA targeting issues
    • Like how Oak frequently swings with his Axe and does no damage or how Sedna will stand by a target without attacking
    • This may be linked to the Rook Shoulder weapon problem or the command queue
    • (
    • Demon Assassin stops auto-attack after warp strike. It should continue to attack the locked target... this would be natural.
  4. Rollover Data Error on flag tooltip while being captured behind fog of war.
  5. Demigods do not resume auto-attack immediately or change targets after using an ability.
  6. UB Post Mortem damage does not count as UB damage for the purpose of awarding gold.
  7. Move order is canceled when using effects ( The move order is turned into an auto-attack order.
  8. Inaccurate health bar on zoom in (
  9. Language for engine messages (xxx has left, xxx has joined...) in game lobby uses the hosts language setting (this should be the users language setting): my russian is a bit rusty!
  10. Torchbearer respawns in Ice mode by default. This should be the last used mode (Fire/Ice)! Same for QoT.
  11. Queuing to grab a potion and then being Foul Grasped while picking up the potion and then UB getting Shadow Swaps allows you to pick up the potion instantly as long as you have contiguous line of sight. I've been able to do this roughly 25 in-game yards away.
  12. When a demigod switches primary weapon the window information doesn't update properly (mainly a QoT issue)
    1. This is a visual glitch, the weapon does change, but the window does not update correctly.
  13. Oculus cannot autoattack directly beneath him

Bugs Requiring Research List (requires verification and a reliable replication method)

  1. Light/Dark capping all flags creates "Invalid Game State" error (
    1. This happens enough to know that there is an issue, but without a way to replicate it reliably it is beyond me to fix
  2. Torch Bearer's stat progression for PermaFrost Movement Debuff is 3%/10%/15%. It should probably be 5%/10%/15%
  3. "War Score" display at each teams' citadel is incorrect.
    • It shows the average of the two teams' warscore, it really should show just yours.
    • The citadels look to upgrade correctly.
  4. Minions still get stuck in citadels
    • Need a map person to look into hedgie's proposed fix idea
  5. Oculus's Ball Lightnings attack animation sometimes sticks with permanent bolt from minion to target.
  6. Oculus's Chain Lightning effect sticks until his or target's death if target teleports during cast.
  7. Oculus sometimes becomes unresponsive after using Blast Off.
  8. Sedna's Silence debuff never expires under certain circumstances.
  9. Oculus moves very slowly when selected with Ball Lightnings.
  10. Pathing issues on Prison
  11. Selling Monk idols sometimes destroy summoning button
    • To replicate: Summon Monks, Sell Monks (while idol is recharging), Buy a different type of idol (siege archer or warrior, possibly any other item too), Buy new Monk Idol. I can't replicate this any more for some reason.

Current Unfixable Errors (Can't do list)

  1. Sedna's low quality Silence effect causes speakers to silence
    1. Unfixable since we can't access and change the sound files
    2. Setting sound quality to medium fixes this for most people.
  2. Ping times periodically spike in-game (despite sufficient upload bandwidth).
    1. This is not handleable within lua
  3. Multi-game achievements fail to record progress properly.
    1. This is controlled by Impulse
  4. Overlay friend chat buttons constantly reappear.
    1. Controlled by Impulse
  5. Game result stats include players who joined and left lobby before match start.
    1. Controlled by Impulse?
  6. demigods.exe is looking for version 1.20.211 but is version 1.20.214 with the last patch
    1. GPG compiles the exe
  7. warning: 00:03:04: Granny: FileReading (c:\Work\forge\main\code\src\libs\granny\granny_file_info.cpp(152): File has run-time type tag of 0x8000002d, which doesn't match this version of Granny (0x80000026).  Automatic conversion will be attempted.)
    info: 00:03:04: Total Material Count: 24 Total Mesh Count: 24
    info: 00:03:05: Can't find texture "/env/common/layers/" -- trying fallback.
    1. Internal and Granny related, all GPG accessible only
  8. Oculus Stun Animation does not loop fluidly
    1. The animations are scripted in Granny which we don't have access to.
  9. Demon Assassin's movie on the character select screen was filmed using the wrong skin.
    1. The movie was made using Granny and Bink, we don't have access to Granny
  10. Assorted replay playback issues
  11. Game result stats include players who joined and left lobby before match start.

Current Nonbugs (Feature List)

  1. Mana/Health loss on item drop (
    • Working as intended I believe
  2. Oak's Shield can be interrupted
    • This is most likely a lag effect
  3. Scroll of Restoration doesn't cure stuns
    • The scroll only affects debuffs, not stuns

 Bugs Fixed by Previous Official Patches (SD & GPG fixed it list)(not complete, just ones that come up)

  1. Match ending while dead results in "wind" effect persisting until game is closed.
  2. Sound looping issue (

Current Potential Additions to the BugFix (Addition list)
    1. SkillInfoMod
    2. AIMod by Peppe

Current Semi-Active Project Members

Ptarth - guy who does stuff

awuffleablehedgie - guy who finds bugs

UhelligGudn - new guy with lots of energy

Plea to Community

If we want Stardock and Gas Powered Games to increase their support of Demigods, we need to demonstrate our commitment and our willingness to support it. If we want to accomplish anything worthwhile to demonstrate our commitment, we need to work together. If you have time, please consider helping out. Every little bit helps.

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April 5, 2010 8:39:34 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

I went ahead and made a beta release.

I'm currently working on Command Queues, Occulus Auto Attack, Post Mortem XP, and health bar scaling. However, I don't see any brilliant solutions to any of them right now. The last fix I made was the Sacrifice Fix and it was more on a whim than a purposeful find.

April 5, 2010 8:56:48 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

Great work Ptarth!

Thanks for supporting the game by being such a dedicated modder

April 5, 2010 9:16:05 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

I figure as long as pacov puts up with me losing (nearly) every game I play with him, I should try to honor his patch release requests.

April 5, 2010 11:53:59 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

I imagine #6 would be an easy fix. You should include that in 1.02 ^^;

I've also tested Theugist's Cap's regen effect and it does in fact work. You can probably remove item 3 from the list (or at least put it into "a cannot reproduce" section for archival purposes. 

    • Poisoned Blood Potions can no longer be used by Lord Erebus to farm himself. He and his teammates treat his Poisoned Blood Potions as regular potions now.
I see this as a balance change :-/ And Erebus doesn't really need a buff, even if that skill in particular was not very useful and this elevates it to a higher level of usefulness than what it was before (eat a Poisoned Pot now and take the damage or risk an enemy eating it and saving their life). A simpler way to do this without breaking the skill would make it reduce their hp to 1 if it was going to drop it to 0. It's a simple solution to the problem (gold farming), and it keeps the risk-involved in the skill in the first place. That said, because of the weird dialogue it gives when Erebus does this to himself, it may be a bug, so...
Oak's Shield can be interrupted
  1. This is most likely a lag effect
Oak's Shield has a cast time of .2 seconds. Any skill with a "non instant" should be interuptable. (Eg, Sigils should not as long as you hit the button while not stunned, you should pop it after the 350 ms latency).
I did some experimenting and /ALL/ "on hit" procs (such as Journeyman's) cannot proc while damage is being negated (Bramble Shield, Oak's Shield, Groffling Warplate, Orb of Defiance). I'm not certain if this is a bug, but I'd like to get the community's input on it. Note that this does not include Evasion, since you aren't being hit if you evade  
I think this mod should include tool-tip updates to reflect the game accurately. Some examples of this include TB's Auras not having numbers, Armor of Vengence should be updated to "reflect 35 damage all enemies on hit" and so on. I know there is a Tooltip mod floating around, you may want to be able to integrate that somehow. 
You should also include an extra '0' at the end of all Yeti stats "on accident"

April 6, 2010 12:33:30 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

I was goofing around with trouser in LoL tonight, but expect to be back in dg where I'll do my best to get some peeps trying out uberfix1.02.  I hosted a perma lobby with GET uberfix1.02 in the title and all of 2 people wandered in there.  Looks like the suport of lagwars will be required.  I think this tourney will help get things rolling again on your mod.  Thanks again for all your hard work! 

Thanks for everyone taking the time to test things out as well.

April 6, 2010 12:58:53 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

re: "War Score" display at each teams' citadel is incorrect.

I went looking for where this occured once and it wasn't obvious at the time. I'll move it up on my priority list just for you.

re: Poisoned Blood

I'm pretty sure damaging LE was unintended. Before the fix LE could farm himself into artifacts really easily. After the fix he can't farm himself. Healing his teammates is a judgement call. Given that no LE should ever include part of his strategy as dying at location X, I don't feel the potion drop is uncalled for. Furthermore once LE gets the ability he loses the ability to drop mana potions or useful health potions. I picked this way because it reduces micro and allows for a more forgiving game. LE's teammates shouldn't have to worry about him making lethal potions for them either, especially since death effects are meant to give your team a boost. All in all it doesn't matter. The number of deaths that a LE should experience is already a trivial amount, especially if his team is winning.

re: Oak Shield

My understanding was that lag was causing people to think their teleport was still protected by Oak shield (when it wasn't) and then thinking it was buggy when it was interrupted. Your interpretation is that someone is interrupted the cast of Oak shield. I'm not sure which is correctly describing the reported problem.

re: Shield Effects

I looked into the code a while back when this was previously brought up. The code works as expected. If the damage fails to exceed the shield value, then the damage code exits before doing hit effects. This is definitely not a bug. It may be a balance issue, but I'm trying to avoid making balance calls.

re: Tool Tip Upgrades

I had been the one working on the updated SkillInfo Mod you describe. I stopped because it was getting problematic. One problem is that the mod requires a strings_db.lua, a user specific language file (i.e., English, German, French, etc), and mod files that change the actual skills.


  • Allows me to change the strings without disrupting the game for other language players
  • Forces me to use the pre-existing string pointers
mod files
  • I can add new strings
  • I lose the ability to support other language players

As you can see, I can't have both new strings and support for other languages. As it stands now the UberFix is language independent and I'd like to keep it that way.

An example of this is how the Torch Bearer's Fix Aura is coded. It has one string to describe all the levels of the popup tooltip on your current buff display. I can't change it to reflect one specific level, because it is used for all three levels of the buff.

I'm not sure what a good solution is. The best idea I have so far is to go through the strings_db.lua and rewrite everything just for the English file, but it isn't a good solution.


April 7, 2010 9:40:16 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

Running a 3v3 with uberfix1.02 now... will let u know how it goes. 

April 7, 2010 10:29:46 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

hmm... things were pretty stable w regards to uberfix 1.02 (though I appear to be having some comp issues lately unrelated).  I'm trying to figure out if there is a problem from uberfix 1.00.  hehe.  I noticed that during game, I'd get tracker placed on me by a reg.  The occ would cast brain storm on me, but it I'd still see the icon for tracker... then, maybe 5-10 seconds later, tracker would drop.  The oc player indicated that tracker would drop off of him the second he cast it though.  Not sure if I'm crazy or if its just something weird. 

April 8, 2010 1:37:30 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

we played several games without any issue (and recruited some more folks for the upcoming tourney).  Another strange thing... this time almost COMPLETELY unlikely.  We played a 4v4 on brothers.  I crashed about 20 minutes in.  My ai apparently just sat at the freaking base.  I haven't ever seen that behavior before in DG (and we are talking about the ai sitting at base > 10 minutes).  I very much doubt uberfix has a damn thing to do with it, but, as its something I've never seen before and we are using uberfix 1.02, seems like I should mention it.  Could be a random dg issue or an issue with brothers too. 

I'm leaning towards using this patch in the tourney - I hope to get many more games in prior to that, though, using it.  So far, I don't really think there are any stability issues with it.  It has a pretty strong value add for Oculus.  His abilities working as they are written add quite a few strategic options. 

April 8, 2010 2:40:25 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

re: AI sitting in base.

That's very odd, very odd. What Demigod was it?

re: Regulus Tracking

That's also odd. I'd like to have this replicated if possible.


April 8, 2010 7:51:47 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

So, I've been thinking and exploring the various weapon attack problems. Here are my thoughts in case anyone else is interested in the problem.

Weapon Attack Range
MinRadius does create a minimum range for a weapon.
MaxRadius does create a maximum range for a weapon.
When a target enters minimum range, the attacker does not switch to a valid target.
When a target leaves maximum range, the attacker does pursue (some issues with pursuit).
When an attacker acquires a new target, it seems to be the closest valid target.

There is no .lua code that uses the property MinRadius.
MaxRadius is used by hero.lua to define unit.range. This may only be used to display the range in the stats window.

AlwaysRecheckTarget does not seem to do anything. It may be set to true by default, which would produce these results.
AlwaysRecheckTarget is set to false for Demon Assassin, Unclean Beast, Oak, Sedna, and Lord Erebus. These are the melee demigods (excluding Rook).
AlwaysRecheckTarget is set to true for Siege Archers and reinforcement archers.

There are range functions in AbilityTask.lua, but these are for abilities.
ClosingRadius was needed to make Shamblers move into a valid range to attack. It is also not defined in the lua.

So, I'm going to try to define the targeting logic.
(I don't know where the targeting and retargeting logic is defined. I suspect it is defined in the engine.)

  • If the player selects a target, the hero should follow and attack that target until it dies.
  • If the target moves too close, the hero should not switch targets.
  • If the target moves too far away, the hero should pursue.
  • If the target dies, the hero should pick a new target, within range.
  • Once an attack animation is started, it continues, regardless if the target is no longer valid (creates the missing effect Oak is famous for)

Current Weapon Issues

  • The QoT has target switching problems, might this be caused by her not having AlwaysRecheckTarget = false. Anyone know how to reproduce the QoT switching targets? The other likely cause is that players are not clicking on the target they thought they clicked on.
  • The Rook Shoulder weapons have target locking issues. This would be explained by the previous logic. Although, it would then be strange that the Rook doesn't ALWAYS have target locking issues. The targeting code may be different for primary versus secondary weapons, which could explain it.
  • Oculus has a minimum range problem. He does not seem able to shoot below himself. If a minimum weapon range is added, his behavior does not change. This would follow from the above logic. The Torch Bearer has a someone similar issue at times, however because he is shorter, units are less able to hide beneath him. if this is true, should the Torch Bearer have an increased levitation height, he should then display this problem.


April 8, 2010 8:56:37 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

You can reproduce QoT switching target issues by having her pursue a moving target moving  directly away from her then having new targets come within her attack radius in between her attack animations. 


Queen is attacking Enemy and is hitting each time

       |  (creeps)

       |       |     

       |      \/


          <--- Enemy        <----Queen


Creeps move into range, she will start hitting them, or perhaps alternate



       |     (creeps)


 <--- Enemy        <----Queen


Creeps are no longer "new" targets and stop being attacked. Tower becomes new target




-----(T)     (creeps)

Enemy     Queen


Queen resumes attacking main target





Enemy     Queen   (creeps)



April 8, 2010 9:07:49 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

For fixing Occ's and TB's targeting issues, could you have a "Levitation Override". For the animation, use a certain levitate value, but when the ... attack engine processes attacks, have it use 0 or something like that. That should fix these issues that Occ and TB seem to have, maybe?


Also, AlwaysRecheckTarget is set to false for Demon Assassin, Unclean Beast, Oak, Sedna, and Lord Erebus. These are the melee demigods (excluding Rook).

This is probably the reason why Rook cannot attack a demigod that is moving away from him, no matter how slow they are (he is faster or same speed). Currently, he is stuck using his arrows. 

To reproduce this, get Wyrmskin Gloves, Poison Dagger, Boots of Speed and attack a slow Demigod like Queen. Even if both snares proc and Rook is obviously faster than the target, he will not "bitch slap" them. Only use his arrows.


Also, maybe you could fix the ranged-character chase targeting. Currently, this is how a ranged target chases an enemy moving away from them:

- Stand still and wait until they are at max range

- Being to pursue and maintain max range


This is fine and dandy as long as both demigods are the same speeds, or the ranged character is faster. However, when the enemy is faster than the ranged character, this ends up sometimes letting them get away since the few seconds they aren't chasing instead of following lets them get out of range very easily. Basically, if the enemy is faster than the ranged character, the ranged character should approach the enemy to maintain auto-attack range as long as possible.

However, it is VERY IMPORTANT that this only works if they are moving away from the ranged demigod. You would not want a ranged demigod to walk towards a faster demigod that is immobile or moving towards the ranged character. They should hold their ground as they do now. To ensure this behavior exists, you'd probably want to do a distance check. If the target's speed is greater AND the distance they were previously was larger than it was the last attack (they are moving away), then approach. Otherwise, hold ground.

You'd want to make sure that you don't use a very very old "last autoattack" however. 

If this is too complicated, or would cause other bugs/targeting issues to occur, I would ignore this. It's a much lower priority issue than other things. 

April 9, 2010 8:37:18 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

Ptarth - you have my vote for taking uberfix 1.02 out of beta.  If you agree, please do so and we'll use that for the tournament. 

April 9, 2010 8:43:49 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

Why are you removing the suicide effect from UB?  Is that not one of the benefits of using ooze?

The End. 

April 9, 2010 9:00:17 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

brandon - start reading at about reply 164 - morph and ptarth talked this out.  Here's a snippet:

Looking at the Ooze code, it actually possesses the correct code to kick the Unclean Beast out of Ooze when low on life. There are two problems with it though.

  1. The Ooze exit check takes 1 tick to perform, that means you'll take an extra hit of damage. Combined with taking damage before the last tick, you can then experience the suicide effect.
  2. Like Mist Form, the ability exit check has a hardcoded cutoffs. Also like Mist Form the cost of the ability was changed, but check was not updated to reflect this change.

On the bright side this clears up any debate about the issue, it is obviously a bug. If you want proof but don't want to look at the code yourself, try committing suicide with Ooze 1 (outside of combat). You can't do it. You'll get down to 100 health. The check will kick in and you will end up with around 64 hp.

so the bottom line is that the code to have it turn off on low health is in there, but it wasn't implemented correctly, so a bugfix was required.  If the code to turn off ooze was absent, then it would be a matter of debate as to what the dev's intent was (was it just an oversight or did they mean to allow for ub suicides as an escape).  But the code is there, it just doesn't work right without a fix.

April 9, 2010 9:23:59 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

Ok, there is even a message developed that states Suicide when that happens.  Why would they have that message if that was not the plan?  What other char. suicides?  Or how else can you suicide.  Just because there is something in there that you can change with those options does not mean it was meant to do that.


The End.

April 9, 2010 11:01:40 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

I'm not looking to personally rehash what they discussed 20 replies or so ago (mayhaps one of them will chime in), but just some thoughts that haven't really been discussed regarding the impact of this change and the ability to randomly commit suicides.

From a viable strategy point, using any character, if I go for a kill, say, in a group of enemy towers and pull it off, but then find myself killed by "forces of darkness/light," its not that bad a thing as I got the full money for a kill and the other team got squat as the "forces of darkness/light" got 0 gold for the kill.  It's a reasonable strategy (in certain situations) to let a tower kill to avoid giving someone on the other team a kill.  Anyway, this option is available to all dgs.

Onto the beast - as it stands, the UB can take it a step further by trying to use the method I described or simply by engaging in combat with anyone.  A ub can run up and engage an opponent with ooze enabled.  In order for the ub to suicide, all that needs to happen is for the person that is fighting him is to drop him to around <100 hp or so.  There aren't many scenarios where a ub will get dropped right down to that threshold of <100 hp with the exception of intense combat.  At which point, I'd argue that because the odds that you'll hit <100 hp on a ub and get the "commit suicide" screen are extremely low, its not a viable strategy at all to be willing to have the ub on your team pull that. 

Also, let's talk about committing suicide in dg.  The code in the game (not talking about uberfix) does turn off the ooze at <100 hp.  In short, if you aren't in combat, its impossible to trigger a suicide.  And suicide is the taking of one's own life, yes?  So, as the game is coded its impossible to kill yourself without someone/something assisting.  I'd argue that the mere fact that ooze turns off should make it clear that it is not designed to kill the UB.  Otherwise there would be no point in having that code at all. 

edit - and I'd add, its not that game breaking or even much of a nerf.  The ub is hardly a weak dg and this simply gave players an extremely low % chance (2-5% I'd guess) of "committing suicide" when in reality, 1 additional auto-attack from any dg would have killed him (as his hp has be below 100).  And again, the odds of someone pulling this off as a strategy are extremely low - meaning, its just dumb luck if a player "commits suicide" by taking damage in a fight.

April 9, 2010 12:35:16 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

I get what your saying.  It's just obvious that that was not the intent and so its not a uber fix its a game change. 


But one that does not really matter.  



The End.

April 9, 2010 12:35:37 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

re:awuffable's posts

I'm looking into this still. I promise to have a nice wall of text once I finish trying things.

re:Unclean Beast Ooze Suicide

I had thought that I had finally put this argument to rest, as per the discussion around 164 as referenced by pacov.

  • pacov did a good summary of the issue and the documentation of the changes.
  • I did not remove the suicide ability from the Unclean Beast. He never had that ability. He did, however, have an ability that under certain circumstances resulted in his death.
  • The Unclean Beast had two bits of code that were in the wrong order which allowed Ooze to kill the user under certain circumstances. I switched the two bits to be in the correct order which does stop the Unclean Beast from using Ooze to kill himself.
  • If you refer back to those posts you can see the exact change I made.
  • The death credit function contains a segment that checks to see if a hero unit (demigod) was killed by itself. If so it then prints the "X Suicide" message. To my knowledge this only occurred with the Unclean Beast. The other common occurrence of a Demigod killing themselves was when Lord Erebus drinks his own Poisoned Blood potion. This event did not trigger a suicide message, instead it triggers a "X kills X" message. This point and more discussion about the suicide message was also discussed a few posts earlier than the code relating to the Ooze Fix.

re: UberFix is changing Game Balance

  • I've put a lot of effort into making sure that none of the fixes in the UberFix are anything but bug fixes. It annoys me that you have so quickly come to the conclusion that I am including game balance changes that are not fixes.
  • If all of this is not sufficient to demonstrate that this effect was unintended and does not improve game play, what evidence would?
  • On the counter side, what evidence is there that Ooze was intended to allow the Unclean Beast to suicide?
    • The presence of the suicide code?
      • It is generic to all demigods. The only other case of it occurring doesn't even use the function correctly.
      • It isn't sufficient to demonstrate intent.
    • There are no tooltip messages saying the Unclean Beast can kill himself with Ooze. Even the Ooze ability description says nothing about it.
April 9, 2010 12:47:32 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

Because when he suicides it says unclean beast suicide.  Is there a single other instant of suicide that is possible but that?  If not they programmed the game to say that.  What proof do you have that your not supposed to?

I am not going to argue do what you want.  But you should realize that your nerfing a char. and changing the game a little. 


The End.

April 9, 2010 12:49:39 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

Also, how do you guys read all this crap??  LoL.  Whatever happened to economics short sweet beautiful answers.  


Just a joke.  


The End.

April 9, 2010 2:10:18 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

Because when he suicides it says unclean beast suicide.  Is there a single other instant of suicide that is possible but that?  If not they programmed the game to say that.  What proof do you have that your not supposed to?

The answer was literally right above your post, and the sentence below the question asked....

what evidence is there that Ooze was intended to allow the Unclean Beast to suicide?

  • The presence of the suicide code? 
    • It is generic to all demigods. The only other case of it occurring doesn't even use the function correctly.
    • It isn't sufficient to demonstrate intent.

that seems to be your only point left to stand on, so I won't readdress the other reasons again.


April 9, 2010 2:15:47 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

Eh.  I'm not going to argue a stupid change.


I disagree and I am sure I can keep pointing things out and this can turn into something even more pointless... but there is no point.  I concede to your greatness.


: )


The End.

April 9, 2010 5:08:03 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

re:QoT switching targets

I tried to replicate it using Hedgie's clear instructions, but was unable to do so. I tried about 4 times, I'll try another couple of times before demanding a better explanation.

re:TB & Oculus Height

I'm not sure on if it is possible change the height problem so easily. The demigod has a turreted weapon (staff) that fires the projectile. This staff is part of the model. To change the height wouldn't be enough, you'd also need to change the model. For the TB I think I fixed it and since he is shorter doesn't suffer from the other issues. For Oculus I'm not sure there is anything we can do about it, although I'll keep thinking about it.

re: Ranged Character Pursuit

I don't think the pursuit code is in the lua. I am pretty sure it is in the engine, so I can't do much about it.

re:Rook Move and Attack

I confirmed and replicated the lack of attack following a slower demigod (I just set his speed to 9 instead of buying items though). I tried a couple of things to see if I could change his behavior.

    • Increased the range to 12
    • AlwaysRecheckTarget = false,
    • Attack Speed increase to 2 attacks per second

Nothing seemed to work. I'm going to keep looking into it. I also added it to the buglist.

One idea that occurs to me is that the rook could be initiating the attack but has to stop while doing so. In this period of time, the target moves out of range, which interrupts the attack. To test this out I set the Rook's Speed to 9 and his opponent's speed to 3. He displayed the same characteristics he did when the speeds were normal. Interestingly, one thing that may be helpful for a solution is his pursuit. When he pursued a target out of range, he changed speeds. When he was out of range he traveled at a normal speed. However, once he gets in range, his speed drops to a crawl. Hmm....

Incidentally, this is the same problem that the Fire Torch Bearer suffered from before Sorian fixed him. However, in the Rook's case, he has all of the animations and code present. (Also, he has a stomp animation still present which could be used for a new attack. It didn't make the cut into the final release apparently.)


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