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New Demigod Concept: The Lost Warrior

Where are you going?

By on December 14, 2009 11:16:46 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

My latest Demigod concept, and another great one in my opinion. Enough with those stereo typical assasains. I mean, yes, in their own rights, each asssassin is highly unique, but all of them can just mass attacks, and all follow a basic category. A new Demigod concept that is highly original, is my Lost Warrior. He summons swords to aid him, and his definetly a deadly force on any battlefield. Enjoy my latest, UncleanBeast!

Name (Full): Unkown (believed to be Muriak)

Alignment: Light

Class: Assassain

Strenghts: Deadly Attack Power, Low Cooldowns

Weaknesses: Mana Dependant, Low Defensive abilities.

Play Style: The Lost Warrior used a hybrid combination of micro-management with tactical combat. His low-cooldowns and high attack power make him a relentless warrior. He can dish out large quanitites of damage quickly, with his ethereal swords, or he can easily wipe out a wave of enemies. His mana drains quickly, and his defenses are low, so he can be picked off with coordination.

Abilities (Activated)

Ethereal Swords: 350/550/750/950 Mana, .1 CT, 5 CD, Effects: The Lost Warrior summons his swords from the mist. The are silver swords that float at his side. They may not be selected, and attack dependantly. These swords are invulnerable to damage and last 15/35/45/60 seconds. He summons 1/2/3/4 swords, and they have 35/70/105/140 damage, and 1.12 Attack Time.

Ghostly Swipe: 500/800/1110 Mana, .8 CT, 6 CD, Effects: The Lost Warrior funnles all of his rage into one deadly swipe, dealing 500/800/1200 damage in a wide arc in front of him. This attack sends smaller units into the air, and inturrupts abilities.

 Lost Assault: 300/650/900/1250 Mana, .6 CT, 4 CD, Effects: The Lost Warror swipes at target enemy 2/4/6/8 times, dealing 100/150/200/250 damage, and stunning them for .6 seconds (once he uses the ability, they are stunned for the duration of the ability.) 

Unreal Swarm: 400/800/1200/1600 Mana. .3 CT, 5 CD, Effects: The Lost Warrior expands, and turns into a chilling fog for 1.5/3/3.5/5 seconds, dealing 80/100/120/140 damage each second, and slowing enemies by 5/8/10/12% each second, for 10 seconds.

Final Ability Levels:

Unreal Steel : Ethereal swords' attacks will now be unblockable (sheilds dont stop them)

Lost Cause:  Lost Assualt will drain the opponets will to fight, increasing their Cooldown time by 35%.

Surreal Fog: Enemies cannot use abilities whilst they remain within the fog.


Ghostly Determination: The Lost Warrior seeks to find his path, and who he is even more, decreasing his Cooldown times by 10/20/30%.

Retribution: Increases The Lost Warrior's will to bring revenge upon the ones who have wronged him furthers his lust for destruction, causing his abilities to ignore 15/30/45/60% of his enemies armor.

So there he is! My biggest concern is that his abilities may be too focused on CDs, but ill leave that analysis to you guys! Edit: I just went in, and changed his class, and some of his abilities around, check it out!


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December 15, 2009 8:52:14 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

I'd love to see this kinda of guy in action

but I do think he'd be quite op, seeing he has massive dmg and being a general he'd have heals as well
but i love the concept keep it going, i always check ur idea's so ^^

i hope they make  some more demi's soon

December 15, 2009 8:40:24 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

Quoting Smecto,
I'd love to see this kinda of guy in action

i hope they make  some more demi's soon

so do i my freind, and thank you for the goodwill Yes, that is what i thougth the result of this experiment would be. He is OP, so i was thinking of making him just an assasain, since his swords aren't really "minions" persay. I will change him around a bit, once again thanks for the positive atitude! 

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