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Your good, Your Bad, and Your Why

By on November 3, 2009 9:03:15 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums


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Simply put:
What is your best demigod.
What is your worst demigod.
Why, compare and contrast the two and explain why; and please give more than just queen of thorns suck….ya I went there cause I know at least 66% will call queen of thorns their worst.
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Best demigod: Queen of thorns, secondary is a tie between TB and Oak
Worst Demigod:  Ereubus/rook/Ub (Ya it’s a tie)

Why, lets start with QoT; I see it as a movie or show sometimes, while every other demigod is out there entertaining and getting praise, she is the stage hand in back taking care of the props, monitoring the rating and trying to make sure everything go smoothly (taking towers, creeps, and towers which if by now you thing these have no factors in the outcome of the game, than I got a bridge in Brooklyn I want to sell you buddy).

Tb is the no named bystanders who you see In the background, he plays the chaotic support with both being on stage and  working the props as well. Also a note, in most mmos I play, I am a mage styled player anyways. In mmo I usually find melee boring or dull.

Oak is the exception, he’s one of the only actor on stage I can deal with for the one and only reason; no one knows wtf he is. He can raise the dead, so he’s a necromancer yay, wait he protects and heals as well as boost his minions so he’s a paladin…. Wait doesn’t the heal come from slaying enemies, wouldn’t that be an evil necromancer skill; hell it’s at least on the darkside of the force lol.

Worst demigod

UB: I find most in game melee boring to say the least, UB has speed and poisons but sadly it isn’t enough to keep me interested, plus when I am in that massive collision of units; I will never find him.

Rook: tower spam, tower spam; tow……oh fuck I am out of mana, time the fuck out of here…..“FIRST BLOOD HAS BEEN DRAWN!”  This is me, in game with rook, with in the first 30 seconds. The most down turn for me is rook lack of speed and mana, I mean all his weapons are nice; but against a nice shield opponent they become useless, and if facing a competent QoT than he’ll never kill her. I’ve gone games against people of my skill level and never been killed until late game, or I got cocky after just surviving a 3 on 1 encounter with less than 50 hp left.

Erebus…….lets just not go here…….

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November 3, 2009 9:43:49 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

Best: Sedna - i love her many possiblities to contribute to vistory

Second: erebus, regulus - i favor the somewhat underpowered build snipe/mines because it is so much fun

third: ub (was best some time agon but due to playing so much sedna, ereb and reg i do not have the feeling anymore when to step back with him at the right time)

rook: am quite good but still am weak at surviging against good players without help (well rook need help anyway!)



last oak - no expereince and he does not fit me.


tb: not sure where to put him. i think i am better than rook or maybe ub wiht him, but didn't had much time to test.

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November 3, 2009 2:14:25 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

Rook: tower spam, tower spam; tow……oh fuck I am out of mana, time the fuck out of here…..“FIRST BLOOD HAS BEEN DRAWN!”


This is me, in game with rook, with in the first 30 seconds.


You really laughed me out! thanx for that.

As about dgs i'm not sure right now. If i have to say, than Unclean Beast i think; it was my first demigod (picked because of look! - i like animals/beasts/dogs...) and it turned pretty much easy to play and great/powerfull dg. But sometimes of course i'm not in a mood for him and rather playing other dgs.

I like concept of TB, but i'm not really into him; i would like he's more powerfull & 'real' hibrid more viable.

Least i play Sedna & Qot - they're just not my tipe. (So even if Qot=>balanced(or overpowered), i think wouldn't play her much)

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November 3, 2009 2:39:37 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

Best:  Sedna.  Played her the most, so I have the best "feeling" of when to run, fight, etc. I know exactly when her cooldowns are ready without having to look at the icon along the bottom, and I feel most comfortable playing her because of her great survivability and longevity.


Slightly behind that would be Rook/Regulus.  But if its a truly "competitive" game, I'll usually default to Sedna.


Worst:  Unclean Beast.  He might be OP to some, but I suck with him.  Probably because I dont play him enough and since he is somewhat squishy early I screw myself up.  Being used to Sedna, I forget I cant heal or regen health as quickly and I tend to feed early game as a UB.  So I just avoid playing him.

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November 3, 2009 2:47:49 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

My best Demigods Oak, Erebus.

Oak: He has Damage, survivability, minions, and an AoE what more can you want?

Erebus: Dmg, survivabilty, and has the longest tele in the game he's just my style.

Good with: TB.

Best creep killer in the game has 2 stuns and can make enemys cooldowns last forever yum.

Med: QoT, Rook, and Regulus.

I just don't like their styles hardly ever play em.

BAD: Sedna, UB.

Sedna: Uh'd have to play GW with me to understand this one.

UB: He just doesn't seem to work for me oh well....

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November 10, 2009 4:05:05 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

Best: Erebus, assassin erebus to be exact, I don't know why i ever went minion, i just don't have the ability to micro my minions, i think if the monks, clerics, etc weren't in the game i wouldn't mind a minion build, but the fact that i tell my nightwalkers to stand there and take the tower hits, i can't stand having to click my monks back away from there *vented*

Pretty much any match that I don't like my teams odds, i go erebus, I mean, a stun, a tele, a lifestealing/slow, and 100% immunity to anything as skills, i mean, this demi was made to live forever (Vampire, DUH!) I just can't get enough erebus, and he is too much fun to play with! Erebus for god tier!!!

Second: would be whoever i am currently trying at the time, whenever i read a cool build, THAT is my secondary character, may it be a cool AA reg, or a non healing sedna (Don't bump it till you try it!!) but right now it happens to be Oak, he has some really cool abilities, and his shield is one of the greatest skills in the game IMHO...

Worst: This one I am not quite sure about, but i guess if i had to pick one demigod who I wouldn't play against Orcun_BL, it would have to be regulus, I find him alot of fun, and he is one of my most played DG's, but he just isn't that great, I have tried a number of builds with him, but then i always end up reverting back to Snipe/Mines, which is great and all, but not my style, i like to be doing very large amounts of damage at a time, i don't like setting up traps, just not for me...


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