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2 bugs

pathfinding & rollover data error

By on October 19, 2009 8:15:35 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

Ok I appreciate the upcoming SDK and new demigods a lot, but i'd like also to see these two bugs fixed, present all from the release of Demigod.

1. Pathfinding bug - this is REALLY annoying, 2 problems actually: sometimes your char will get stuck (on a corner for example) and you have to go back and forward again to unstuck. But the worse problem is that sometimes, you stand in the clear (no corners near) and you are right clicking an enemy demigod like mad, but your char just won't move at all, or attack him... You have to issue a move command (instead of attack), then everything is back to normal. This sucks big time and makes the game sort of unplayable online...


2. Minor glitch, but when moving the mouse over a flag covered by the fog of war, it's name will be sometimes displayed as "ROLLOVER DATA ERROR". Just looks kind of amateur, I wish you'd fix that for your own sake. It seems like a trivial fix, in the worst case you could just make it display something more friendly.


Other than that, good job and I support your development (by also buying the game even though I don't play online almost at all).

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