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Demigod v1.19 coming on Tuesday September 22nd

By on September 18, 2009 1:06:52 PM from JoeUser Forums JoeUser Forums


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image A new build of Demigod will be released on Tuesday.  It is the next of the series of updates (aka v1.2) to Demigod to continue to enhance balance, add new features, and fix reported problems.

Here’s a list of what will be in that build:

Demigod v1.19 (1.19.130 on Impulse)

Added replay support. Replays can be :

  • Chosen from Front end
  • Deleted from Front end
  • Created at end of multiplayer or single player skirmish game
  • Slider added to adjust game speed during replays
  • Skills, inventory, HUD, and citadel upgrades visible while in replay
  • Added version matching for replays, will only display valid replays
  • Added observer as a replay choice to remove shroud


Artifact Shop changes:

  • [Enhanced Health Potion] 1000->800g
  • [Enhanced Mana Potion] 1000->600g
  • [Revitalization Elixir] 1000->900g
  • [Supreme Health Potion] 1500->1200g
  • [Supreme Mana Potion] 1500->900g
  • [Supreme Revitalization Elixir] 1500->1350g
  • [Wand of Speed] 1250g->1750g
  • [Warlord's Punisher] 1.5->1s cast time
  • [Twig of Life] 33%->50% heal, 100->150 minion life
  • [Gauntlets of Despair] 100->200 mana drain


Additional updates:

  • Multiplayer Skirmish button removed to focus on Custom and Pantheon (single player Skirmish still present)
  • Decreased turn speed on minions
  • Tweaked flight variables for angels to increase hit frequency, also dropped damage to compensate.
  • Significant pathing improvements for minions and angels especially, but reinforcements in general.
  • Adjusted long distance repulsion
  • Minions ignore 50% of the repulsion from buildings and land units.
  • Blueprint loading enabled only when corresponding mod has been enabled.
  • Fixed unable to join dialog/tooltip.
  • Fix for active cooldowns adjusting when a cooldown buff/debuff fades.
  • Fixes for potential threading crashes.
  • Fixed the Valor Flag buff/debuff bug.
  • Fixed the underlying system supporting Ring of Might, Hex Scroll, Horn of Battle. Those items reactivated.
  • Login screen now sets password field to blank after logging in.
  • Prepend timestamp on error logging
  • Fix for active cooldowns adjusting when a cooldown fades.
  • Mod-triggered desynch handling

We expect to release another v1.19 update the following Tuesday which will add player stats in the lobby connection dialog where players can view player data and view any notes they may have made on that player along with possibly more balance updates.

Other previously discussed features and additions (2 more Demigods, modding, additional balance updates, etc. are still in internal beta).

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