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The anti-UB guide to rule them all

And the anti-anti-UB guide

By on May 18, 2009 11:04:38 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

I've noticed that there have, recently, been a large increase of players complaining about spit, so I've decided to make a guide on how to counter spit easily, and also how to counter people who know how to counter it.  Note:  UB stands for unclean beast.  I will be using UB more than you see the word "global warming" in today's newspapers, so I figured I should let you know.

Firstly, we'll deal with the beginning game.  Here's how it goes down for every UB player:  If you win against the enemy demigod early, you will (teamates willing) WIN.  If you lose early, (once again, also can be teamate dependent) you will LOSE.  This is especially true 1 vs 1.

Two things will happen when you play UB.  You will either push the enemy out of the lane for a good amount of time, (after all, if it is obvious you will melt their face every time they try something they will not try at all) or outright kill them.  Of course, before we deal with this, we must deal with favor items.

What Favor Item to Pick:

Symbol of Purity:

Now, there has been a general answer to every single query of how to beat venom spit.  People tell you to go with the Symbol of Purity, but I wholeheartily disagree.  Yes, it is an instant cast, but it is on a 30 second cooldown.  Spit, along with other negative affects, has a low cooldown.  Spit itself recharges in 7 seconds.  (I can get it to 4)  If you charge in guns ablazing and think you're awesome dispelling his spit attack as you try to axe his face, keep in mind that you got rid of his spit attack, but with a 7 second cooldown, he can use it 4 more times before you can dispel it again.  Oh, but it's also 250 extra health right?  Congrats, instead of now taking 1800 damage from rank 1 spit, you have successfully debuffed that to 1550 damage instead.

Swift Anklet:

The most picked favor item, with a 15% extra speed boost.  You might be thinking to yourself, "With swift anklet, UB can never catch me!"  The only way to push UB out of a lane is to get close to him.  (More on this later)  Your only other option is to dumb him down with ranged attacks, and a good UB player will spit every time you try it, he will win the race and make you waste valuable time.  So if you need to run from UB, you are doing every possible thing wrong.  Also, you will never OUTRUN UB.  UB has a slow that is always active, is always faster, has a grab that drains health, has a skill that gives him more attack speed and move speed, might have taken swift anklet himself, etc.  If you run from UB you will most likely die, unless you're standing beside a tower, and if you're standing beside a tower than means you've already lost that lane of valuable creeps.

NOW FOR THE BEST OPTION:  Blood of the Fallen:

Now here's the perfect item against UB.  Firstly, we get +900 health.  This right here is amazing stuff.  It will give you a huge early game boost.  Level 1 UBs with spit will get 3 max spits off before having to use a mana pot or walk back to the crystal.  At rank 1 spit, he will do 1350 damage max if he just uses spit on you.  So you've negated a lot of the damage spit has done with just this 900 health.  (Note:  UB players start with low health, they will not engage you until they have spitted once or twice, this way they can easily kill you with half health and suffer fewer injuries.  If they go straight to melee you, you will win with superior health)  Also, this item gives you +5 health per second, negating even more damage and helping you heal through his spit gaps.  It is also worth noting this item will have great use against more than UB, whereas with Symbol of Purity you will mostly be slightly good against UB.  Statwise, it's an amazing item compaired to all other favor items. 

The beginning game:

Click on scores if you are in Patheon.  You do not need to actually see the enemy demigods to verify who they are, many expert players make this mistake themselves.  If you are playing unclean beast:


Go with normal item setup, swift anklet, etc.  Go to a lane and start killing creeps.  You see UB, and he spits and runs.  UB players use a spit and run to get you down to about 1250 health, and the "average" player either keeps farming creeps, as this player has just underestimated spit, or the player will run and then get "smart" and decide to use a ranged dps power on the UB.  They get into range, and low and behold, UB spits on them again, and to their amazement he doesn't even have to be facing them.  The player runs again and either just keeps running or decide to try it one more time, and UB spits on the demigod again and then simply chase him down with superior speed and kill him, or just spit on him once more as he retreats behind towers, which will also kill him.  The demigod comes back and suffers the same fate, over and over again, the UB will dominate him.  The player rages over his fate, he bought all the right mana items and speed boots and he still cannot win.  He rage quits and makes a topic on the forums claiming UB is overpowered.  Even if this demigod farms another lane, UB has still won by getting easy levels from the time it took the other demigod to heal and travel, and will likely hunt that demigod down at level 4, as spit now does 800 damage per spit, and will easily kill him because of the insane extra damage and lack of extra health on that demigod.  A smart UB will never chase a demigod, he will spit on them every time they come into range until he is confident they can and will die.  And because the average player that falls victum to UB will do as I've outlined, he will win.

How to Win: As a general:

Pick up blood of the fallen and monks.  You can even sell the monks back after summoning them and then getting banded armor, (which I strongly recommend you get very early against UB, as you will basically have 1300 extra health now and +10 health a second, making you nigh unkillable) because monks start with 900 health, making them very hard to kill.  You will never take damage from spit with them healing you, and won't ever die early on in the game unless you do something dumb like run into towers.  You will literally own UB with this setup.  The monks will heal you every time you take damage, and your large health pool and health regain, which is especially impressive as this is only level 1, will completely dominate UB.  I remember playing as Sedna and UB thinking he could dominate me.  Like most UB players, he spit and runned on me twice; most UB players will do this to basically kill you.  When he noticed I took virtually no damage, (I didn't even have heal) he complained wildly in chat and rage quitted on me.  This is what this set up will do, trust me people. 

How to Win:  As a assasin:

Blood of the fallen, mana item and banded armor.  You will still be unkillable, but the fact that your level 1 skill will most likely be more powerful than a general's, it will make up for no monks.  With +10 health regain and the extra 1300 health UB will spit on you and run out of mana, and then just be worthless.  He will walk away dumbfounded back to the crystal having done virtually no damage to you.

How to win as UB:


I, like many UB players, started with the obvious swift anklet/poison dagger setup and proceeded to go lose horribly to a general with monks, or course I hadn't experienced an assasin health build yet.  However, after the game, I decided to understand how I lost.  When I understood, I was able to counter plan and use common sense.

Common Sense 1:  Do not pick a favor item until you engage the enemy.

I can't stress this enough, and it goes for any demigod.  You don't NEED that favor item right off the bat.  Wait until you engage.  If the enemy has monks, do not get your usual favor item.  If it is an assasin with a large hp pool, (about 23k health means they figured you out) do not pick your usual favor item.  If they are normal, congrats to you, go wild my friend.  A quick, off topic tip is to go with the amulet of teleportation, which I find the most useful.  When you see a lone demigod capping a flag, teleport to the flag and own him with spit + melee, it nets you tons of kills.

The best favor item to go with against a smart person is... blood of the fallen.  More on this later.

Common Sense 2:  Do not pick your first skill until you engage the enemy.

This is ALSO one every demigod should use.  You can save that skill point until you know exactly what they are doing.  If they have monks/large hp, don't go for spit.  If they are normal, go for spit.  Simple as that.

How to beat smart people:

Right off the bat buy banded armor and the scalemale armor, even though you are not sure if they are an average player.  It is a great boost and probably the best one you can get besides monks (but you aren't a general, of course) this early in the game.  The first mana helm won't actually do much this early in the game post level 5.  Go to the first creep lane.  LOOK AT THE DEMIGOD'S HEALTH.  If it is high, do not go for spit.  If he has monks as well, this further confirms your worries.  If he is normal, go nuts with your favor item and spit. 

If the demigod is smart, I recommend starting with ooze and blood of the fallen.  "But..." you might say, "I take damage using ooze!  He will kill me!"

Ooze makes enemies near UB 35 damage per second, and their attack speed is lowered 10%.  This both makes them easily killable and does AOE damage to kill those pesky monks off.  (Note:  Target monks first.  The enemy demigod will take damage from ooze anyways, but those monks need to die, pronto.  And since you are buffed you can take it.  Chances are he can't summon them again due to their relatively high mana cost at level 1)  However, you take 20 damage per second.  Figurtively, with your set up, it will be 10 damage per second.  And with 1300 extra health, at level 1, you will have 2850 health!  With the debuffs from ooze, your opponents, even with the anti UB set up, will heal -25 health per second now, and will have to run away or die due to UB's extra attack speed and the UB will have extra damage.  You have now done what spit does against normal players, forced them to run or outright killed them.  Ooze provides progressively more debuffing attack speed and does more damage to you, but just keep buying armor that adds health and you won't even notice, you'll be doing too much damage with your claws from inner beast.  Let's just say that when at level 10 you do 140 damage per second and give the enemy -40% attack speed, and probably have at least the Hauberk of Life which will make you barely notice the 50 damage it gives to you per second, you will still get a ton of demigod kills and now a ton of creep kills as well.  (You shouldn't even have to go post mortem, put that skill point into something else.  I usually put ooze first, then inner beast, 1 rank of foul grasp, then 1 rank of diseased claws, then stats.  Even with max ooze at end game you will gain more health than you lose)

And so, it is finished.  If you can't counter spit with this, you must be running into towers or doing insane 1 vs 3 fights with demigods... or something.  Seriously if you can't beat a spitting UB with this I don't know what to tell you.



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May 18, 2009 11:13:32 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

Blood of the Fallen is superb, I agree. 


seriously, the best counter to Spit is just having more health. its just a damage ability. 

May 18, 2009 11:26:08 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

This is quite an interesting read. Thanks

May 18, 2009 11:58:33 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

Just found some more neat/not so neat stuff, here's some other reasons I love ooze, and I'll probably write my ooze build in a different thread now.


Ooze cannot be silenced.  At all.  No attack stops ooze.  It is truly and completely passive.

Ooze stacks with plauge.  Great for an endgame build, really ups damage.

An Ooze build requires no mana since the only other skill you really want to be doing is foul grasp, which you won't be using all that often except to stop demigods from fleeing or teleporting.  And while foul grasp is going, ooze does not work on the demigod you are draining, but still works on surrounding units.

Max rank ooze can easily kill low-health demigods at the healing crystal, which is both naughty and hilarious.  The last game I played, everyone ended up rage quitting when I maxed ooze at 10 and proceeded to do just that thanks to a warpstone and the map being crucible.  They couldn't even buy anything from the weapon shop, which was right beside it.  I felt guilty and won't be doing this again, even though I laughed, a lot.


Ooze doesn't work against buildings.  Kinda dissapointed to be honest, but it's okay if I can provide support for my team by just killing any demigods that come by while creeps target towers.

Just found out ingame is different from many online sources.  Blood of the fallen is 800 not 900.  Not a big deal tbh, it's still the best stat favor item.  With blood of the fallen and branded armor I still started with about 1.9k health.  This number will probably be close to 2k on other assasins, if they're 2k or above don't use spit.  Level 2 takes you to 2.3k health, took me really off guard, it makes killing a few creeps worth it even if you are being attacked.  At level 4 I managed to kill an Oak and get the hauberk of life which put me over 4k health.  (HOLY CRAP, AT LEVEL 4?!)  Then I got unbrekable boots, slayer's gloves, and went back to get whatever armor it is that increases your health regain while enabling you to have yet more crit chance.  Needless to say I dominated even more than I did before with spit, seriously thinking about dumping spit completely and just going ooze right about now.  And it was an oak/sedna.  That's about as anti spit as you can get.

And thanks for the props, this is the first real guide I've done for this game.    A for those of you poor souls who are stuck with bad favor, (I am too, just managed to buy blood sooner, but my favor points reads zero, which hurts) charm of life you can always afford and helps you still play decently.

A good comparison for how awesome ooze is is looking at tb's fire circle.  Max rank, 1500 damage, 150 a second.  Max ooze rank is 140 a second and always active.  You're essentially like a walking tb fire circle.

May 19, 2009 2:28:38 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

Great work, Thrandiul, you've produced a very convincing write-up.  I tried out an ooze build with the Vial, and was very pleased with how effective it was.  The health drain from Ooze is easily offset by the -% attack speed.  It lacks the harrying capability of Spit, but it offers excellent lane control.

May 19, 2009 9:36:24 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

good work nothing more ² say

May 19, 2009 11:26:09 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

Great write-up.  I'll have to try this build myself later tonight.


May 20, 2009 10:39:00 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

Thats some awesome ideas there, please delete this thread


I have been looking at my strats, the more I play, the more I realise, that the standard Swift anklet, Vlemish Helm, Boots of Speed way is really poor.

Another tip I picked up is that with the reflective damage armour and plague you can cause even more havoc, as the reflective armour triggers the plague effect, combined with Ooze it could be really nasty. Shame I won't get to try this out until next week.... away for the whole weekend

May 20, 2009 10:54:14 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

Very good post.


Side note: i really hate when people wrtie down the strategy i use everyday especially if it works wonder.




May 20, 2009 1:31:02 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

Orb of Defiance is a useable item that makes you invulnerable for 5 seconds, and it cleanses all debuffs, including Venom Spit. It also acts like a Nimoth replacement (+500 HP, +500 Armor) passively as well.


So, you can remove Spit and still have a free favor slot.


Edit: The monk thing (buy, cast, sell) is an exploit though, and shouldn't be part of your recommendations. Hopefully that's on the to do list for a fix in the near future. Still an excellent guide overall.

May 20, 2009 2:00:14 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

I thought the exploit was only for multiple priest units from different tiers, not just one, but thanks for letting me know, now I know that re-selling doesn't work. 

May 20, 2009 4:33:30 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

I just got horribly slaughtered by two UB, as torchbearer. I sat through it, but  the thought "spit is overpowered" was basically all I could think (as if me losing would imply anything, with a grand 2 online games on my resume =P ), together with utter terror when I encountered the illustre duo.

But I'll see if any of this helps. It seems to make sense. Thanks for the effort

May 20, 2009 5:12:30 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

Quoting Lord Cinnamon,
I just got horribly slaughtered by two UB, as torchbearer. I sat through it, but  the thought "spit is overpowered" was basically all I could think (as if me losing would imply anything, with a grand 2 online games on my resume =P ), together with utter terror when I encountered the illustre duo.

But I'll see if any of this helps. It seems to make sense. Thanks for the effort


A few tips from my TB experience:

a. I'm a fan of an Ice / Fireball TB myself. The late game control is nice, and the damage is not bad either. This does work best with another teammate of at least average competence. I take the Staff of Renewal favor item and buy the Stormbringer, so as to not get heavily limited by cooldowns. With enough mana, you can always be casting a damage spell with these items (Fireball -> Rain of Ice -> Frost Nova -> Deep Freeze -> Repeat)

b. You will hurt during the early game if you do the above. TB's defenses are interupts / stuns, which are great, but don't help vs. spit harrassment. Tough it out. Once you get some levels under your belt, you can push like a champ and earn decent creep gold.

c. Remember that you outrange UB with auto attacks and abilities. Feel free to harrass him back. With a little luck, you can damage his tower, kill his entire creep wave, and hurt him all with the same Rain of Ice.

d. Hug your towers. This is very generic advice in part, but it is specifically applicable. Two UBs can both Foul Grasp you right after each other because it has no immunity timer (it's a grapple, not a stun). If you get too far away early game, you're begging to be killed.

e. Teamwork. Not sure who your teammate was, but clever stuff like luring a TB into a minefield, then turning around and destroying him is awesome. You can also double stun even with an immunity timer, you just need to be smart about it (a 2 second stun is 4 seconds of immunity, which isn't that much, so count "one mississippi, etc," and then stun them as they run). TB has trouble killing good players by his own power alone until late game, but he's one of the better assistants due to his capacity for high burst damage and slows, stuns, interupts, etc.

f. See the above posts about different good items to use. Orb of Defiance can save your life many times over if used right. Just plan to be somewhere safe when the immunity wears off. Do remember you can Heart of Life then hit Orb for 1500 HP of guranteed healing / mana.

g. Since you are new, if you do not need to be moving, toggle between TB's stances so you always have both temporary buffs (+50% mana regen and +weapon damage). The bonus is worth hitting the number 4 twice in a row.

May 21, 2009 4:54:39 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

Thanks for the advice! Very much appreciated.

May 21, 2009 10:22:01 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

Good advice but what about those of us who don't have 800+ favour points ?

May 21, 2009 11:08:02 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

Quoting RelaxedDave,
Good advice but what about those of us who don't have 800+ favour points ?

I already have a section on there for that.  Charm of life is instantly affordable unless you just bought something and does relatively the same thing only it has 400 less health.

May 21, 2009 11:31:02 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

Ah ... excellent.


Again, great write up ! Thanks.

May 22, 2009 12:29:07 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

Charm certainly helps ... UB is still ... well a beast, but kept me in the game.

May 22, 2009 7:24:28 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

but the thought "spit is overpowered" was basically all I could think (as if me losing would imply anything, with a grand 2 online games on my resume =P ),

With only two game under your belt you shouldn't be thinking anything in overpowered... *cough*

May 23, 2009 10:11:00 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

first off, good guide, takes away all our UB-players little tricks .

i started with a spit built and was succesful until playing more expierenced players. switching to ooze-built was a huge success. all i like to add is: spit rules in the beginning and it doesnt hurt to pick just one spit-skill and then focus on ooze and the likes.

i also like to suicide-chase other DG just to get the gold (greed). Gives away a life but your opponent just might stay with the game for a little longer (call that a anti-rage-quitter strat, if you like) + you got the money and respawn at the same time. that´s just for saying "UB won´t chase you near" towers .

May 23, 2009 1:33:26 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

As UB I use Spit AND Ooze. Sorry.

And whatever you do to counter Spit: I also gob on towers, so that investment is never wasted.

Otherwise nice tips.

May 23, 2009 8:37:01 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

Spit is always needed anyway to deal with those nasty towers, like Aroddo said.

May 23, 2009 9:52:24 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

Spit is a nice tool for tower pushing... sure.. But it just means you'll have another focus. You could be just "that" much better at killing a DG, and i personally find that more interesting. It gives decent xp and a ton of cash, as well as a few seconds without him in play.

Just be happy you have the option to choose =p If spit really was that must have skill, it would shrink down the rest of the options already

May 24, 2009 8:27:11 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

Imo it all depends on who you have as teamates.  If you have at least ONE general he can deal with towers better than you, even with spit.  (If a general has monks they can pretty much demolish a tower with no damage taken)  Rook is pretty much the best structure destroyer in the game, TB can deal with towers with both an ice and fire build, Regulus just outranges them, making you literally the worst structure destroyer in the game.  IMO the thing UB excels at the most is killing other demigods, he shouldn't really be thinking about touching buildings, but if you really need to deal with them you can still auto attack the buildings pretty easily if creeps are attacking them too. 

If spit's going to be worthless vs a person with large health and hp regain, (especially Sedna and Oak)  I definately wouldn't get it just for buildings.  The moment a demigod can beat you 1 vs 1 is the moment you aren't able to do what you're supposed to do anymore.

May 24, 2009 1:41:28 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

Spit is never useless, 1500 damage over 10 seconds = 150HP/sec in regen, an insane number that's impossible to achieve, it's still a significant enough number, oak's shield is easily predictable, bad oak's will throw it up too early before you spit, good oak's will not use shield until you spit on them after engaging in melee combat, at which point when the shield goes up you can just walk away from the oak wait for shield to finish and reapply spit, unless he also HoL's while shielded in which case grasp him, and spit on him again after and he'll be on a run.

May 24, 2009 5:15:44 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

Worthless was a poor choice of words, but spit scales less as you go on, though the damage to buildings is a plus.  A spit build has it's ups and downs, just like Ooze, however I just find myself liking the more stable melee survivability that ooze offers over spit, due to health stacking and the fact you don't need mana.

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