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Enemy Demigods (Tips / Counters)

What you need to know to be effective (Deserved its' own post)

By on May 8, 2009 4:43:41 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod ForumsExternal Link

Enemy Demigods - "What you need to know to be effective" -

Table of Contents

1. Rook

2. Unclean Beast

3. Torchbearer

4. Regulus

5. Queen of Thorns

6. Sedna

7. Lord Erebus

8. Oak


1. Rook

*Watch for Boulder Roll/Hammer Smash as they are both theoretically avoidable - run perpendicular to him to avoid boulder roll, and if he manages to get next to you, hammer smash can be avoided by running directly through him, however this leaves you in range of his melee in most cases and on the wrong side of the map.

*Has a high amount of Melee damage, especially after putting skillpoints into it toward higher levels
 Use Circle of Fire to try to take down those pesky towers

Unclean Beast

2. Unclean Beast -

*Medium-Range Spit, that poison when you're fleeing?  It can, and will kill you
*Stun/Life Drain just out of melee range
*Innate Move Speed, expect to be out-distanced

When Unclean Beast moves in for his stun/life drain, time your Orb of Defiance to negate all the damage from it.


3. Torchbearer -

*Assume it will be difficult due to Blizzard (1000 damage/slow attack speed)/Frost Nova (Freezes You)/Ice Aura(Slows your movement) to escape an Icebearer

When faced with an Icebearer, you will sometimes have an increased cooldown number, note that it generally takes a small fraction of the time of the displayed number for your ability to actually be up for use again.

*Fire Torchbearer deals a signifigant amount of damage from level 1, his circle of fire maxed out is 1500 damage over 10 seconds, and his fireball maxed is 1050 addition to his fire nova which is 800 damage.

*Fire Aura will be making the allies of a Torchbearer faster *Ice Torchbearer gets exponentially more powerful the longer the game goes on, level 1-5 he isn't much threat aside from to grunts.

*Ice Torchbearer can also run and shoot, and due to the fact that he slows you, it is likely he will do so if you are retreating.

Regulus Regular

4. Regulus -

*Mark of the Betrayer (Will make you deal 800 damage to you and surroundings and slow you 60% for 5 seconds when you cast if you are under its' effects) = watch for a white spell effect and the status effect above your trinkets
*Runs and shoots (Keep in mind that he can chase you down)
*Snipe (90 yard range, up to a base damage of 700)
*Mines (450 damage each multiplied by 3 and can have 6 down by the time you see him - they also slow you, 30%)

Utilize minions to clear mines, and if you are oak/erebus jump into immune/mist form to dodge snipes

Watch for if Regulus throws mines during combat, it is often critical to avoid them

(Angel form pictured simply means Regulus is using his mana in order to add damage and a minor splash to his  shots "I'd be faster with wings" is an ironic statement)


5. Queen of Thorns -

*Bubble Shield to her or ally for 1450 damage absorbtion, short cooldown (Closed form)
*Can eat minions as instant health potions - 2250, also deals 750 damage to those near the minions (Closed form)
*Ranged "Spike Wave" at higher levels in open form deals 650 damage and slows 25% for 5 seconds (Open form)
*Grounds Spikes Area of effect near her for 625 damage and negative 1500 armor for 5 seconds (Open form)

While open, Queen of Thorns has much less surviveability in terms of defensive spells.


6. Sedna -

*Burst her down fast toward the end (In general if possible), as at high levels under 30% hp she gets 50 hp a second
*Healing for 1500 and dealing 200 damage to those near the target     
*Innate Move Speed, expect to be out-distanced
*Melee Bite for 1000 damage...will stop your teleport you were casting or anything else for that matter

Interestingly enough, high level torchbearers specced in ice are very effective as a counter to Sedna


7. Lord Erebus -

*Melee Bite for 900 drain life, slows you 30%, and lowers your armor by 800 (truly nasty ability)
*Teleports in and out of combat via Bat Swarm
*Turns into fog...drains health and feeds minions/grunts, walk out of it - Also drains his mana quickly and he stays at the center of the mist - He also avoids any attacks that were focused on him before he entered, such as fireballs/snipes
*Area stun for up to 3 seconds, be prepared


8. Oak -

*Shield, temporarily he or a targeted ally will go silver and be immune to for a time/cancel spells you were casting at him/his ally, it is very temporary. (up to 6 seconds I believe it was, in addition to being fantastic in combination with Heart of Life)
*Last Stand, when he dies, leave the he will rise again and kill you
*Penitence + Surge of Faith will kill enemies around him and recover his health so keep in mind that it is best to fight him seperate of grunts

Orb of Defiance can be your response to any form of concentrated attack that you cannot escape yet can forsee

Looking for replies with posts talking about strategies to counter or avoid each demigods' wrath

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