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[suggestion] Bottom screen icon and targeting

By on January 19, 2009 5:36:59 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums


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Ok, I am talking about the icon at the bottom of the screen that shows the player's demigod, just to be sure.

To explain the situation I first need a story:  I really like the new highlights that show the charecter you are selecting and targeting, it really helps especially with generals as it helps pick out your guys from the enemy's of the same time.  Now there is also a healing general with big units that are easy to watch, so I've been trying her out.  I find I'm using generals as RTS even more now because I can pick out my units.   before I mainly had the minions follow me around and I didn't really do much with them.  Now I put my DG in the back (especially the healer with healing aura) and just micromanage my minions.  Occationally I look down and I see that my demigod has gotten into trouble and is taking damage.  so I select her heal spell and try to find myself in the battle (she tends to wander just a little to kill little guys).

This is where the problem is.   I shouldn't have to find myself.   I should be able to just target the face at the bottom.  Its a habit I got into with games like warcraft 3.  when you hold your mouse over the bottom it should highlight your demigod, and when you have an ability selected it should either target your demigod (in the case of healing or something similar) or zoom to your demigod on 1 click (in the case of say, the vampire, where you need to quickly pick a guy near him to blood drain).    As it stands you have double click the icon, select your ability, THEN find your guy among the fray.  Admittingly its easier to find yourself thanks to the highlight, but it still isn't as fast as it could be.


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