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Beta 2b [1.16.09] Buglist 2 - Part 2 (continued)

By on January 17, 2009 8:24:36 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums



I'm writing this in continuation of the buglist I wrote yesterday, here:


20. Dominate Mode .5 scores: When I was playing in "Dominate" mode (win based on War Score), I saw that for some duration of the game, the war score would count in half point increments, occastionally.

For example, at a time, my war score was 3453.  Then, it was 3454.5.

Also, when the .5 scores would show, the score below it (the enemy score in this case) would slide left so that the white and black circles, and the scores, would all align to the left.

Normally, the scores looks as follows (assume the second circle is black):

 O 3453/10000
 O 1592/10000

The score when it would show a score with a .5 would look this way:

 O 3454.5/10000
 O 1593/10000


21. Citadel Death Trumps Win Condition: I noticed while playing in Dominate mode that destroying the citadel before hitting the winning war score would trump winning because of the war score. I did not test every other game mode, but I assume (please others who may have experienced this follow up below) that in the other game modes destroying the Citadel may trump their win requirements as well? Is this deliberate? Should destroying the citadel perhaps remove all buffs the citadel had provided instead of auto winning the map with different win conditions?


22. No Favor Points Through Multiple games: Following up on number 16 from my previous thread, while playing today I encountered numerous times where I would start a game (we'll say with the Rook) and had no items avaliable nor the Favor points to buy them at the beginning of a round. Yesterday (in Beta 2b) I did indeed have an item or two available. I played further games with the Rook and other Demigods as well, but experienced the same issue.


23. Slaughter Mode Kills Override to 30: I tried playing slaughter mode but thought I would do so by setting the kills required to 5, instead of the maximum, 30. When I entered the game, it still said 30 kills required. I wondered if the bug was just the display, but after getting 5 kills (I let the AI kill me 5 times) and waiting for another minute (+/-), it did not end the match. A 6th kill for the AI did not end the match, either. I exited and changed the required kills to 10. Upon entering this game, it still said 30. I double checked that my settings saved both times and they had. Also, an aside for the Devs, you'll notice when you enter a "Slaughter" match, when the numbers first show up on the top right after the opening camera move, that a symbol/icon/something shows up over the letters just briefly - it looked like perhaps an "8" or an infinity symbol turned 90 degrees.


24. Slaughter Mode "Any" Kill: In Slaughter mode, any kill counts toward the win condition, whether it is an enemy Demigod that kills you, or enemy creeps/buildings. This may not necessarily be a bug, but I thought I'd mention it for discussion...


25. War Score Count: Reverencing number 9 from yesterday, I commented that when holding tab in a normal game (win condition is destroying the citadel) that the War Score was not counting. In a "Dominate" game (win by war score), however, it did count up. I followed up on this in the other game modes (other than sandbox, which I did not try) and none of them count the war score in the tab menu, either - so there is an inconsistnacy here I thought I'd point out here


Thanks again, Stardock and GPG! I'll keep reporting them as I find them.


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January 18, 2009 1:49:49 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

It was intentional that destroying the Citadel wins any game mode.

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