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Demigod Beta 2D Change Log Highlights

By on January 15, 2009 10:15:17 AM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

Now available on an Impulse client near you (if you've pre-ordered Demigod and been charged at least) is Demigod Beta 2D!  This version of the game contains a huge list of changes, which would take too long to post (or type up) in full.  So here's the highlights and the warnings for this upcoming build.

IMPORTANT:  Be sure to delete your Demigod preferences folder before playing (details below)!

Beta 2D Update:

  • General minion cap adjustments
  • Pause fixes
  • Impulse data storing updates
  • Particle tweaks
  • Instant cast items can now be used while moving
  • Player name overflow fixes to scoreboards and lobbies
  • Replay updates
  • Flag control text updates
  • Flag control multiplier adjustments
  • Unit facing corrections
  • More aggressive desynch error checking
  • Voiceover hookups and display text corrections
  • End game award scoring adjustments
  • Angels now come before Catapults
  • Defense structure reallocation and movement
  • Health Crystal now removes debuffs
  • Increased building health regen
  • Fixed an Oak AI infinite invulnerability bug
  • Minion guarding and steering updates
  • Citadel thorns for alternate game modes
  • Low fidelity fog and terrain rendering improvements
  • Sedna skill tree fixes
  • Elimination of the Cam_Free warning
  • Reduced Regulus' mine caps
  • Adjustments to difficulty settings
  • Many VO and text alert updates
  • More consistent display of war score and war rank across UI
  • Audio balance pass
  • Fix to displayed map in lobby
  • Tooltip display updates and additions
  • Many localization updates and adjustments for foreign language installs
  • Engine version checking added
  • Pings now function properly between clients
  • More sound system options for low fidelity systems
  • Updates to support surround sound
  • Removed minion float text
  • Fix for the dreaded minotaur position desynch
  • Lots of networking fixes
  • Approximately 140 various UI fixes and tweaks

Beta 2C Update:

  • Added tab functionality and password obfuscation to the login screen
  • Corrected multiple localization tag display errors for AI demigods
  • Eliminated rounding display errors for health
  • Corrected several low-config graphic display bugs
  • Adjusted balance on Sedna abilities
  • Citadel upgrade cost increases
  • Flag control multipliers added
  • Multiplayer join cleanup/optimization
  • Audio fidelity control in options added
  • Flag and wall location tweaks
  • Updated sound hooks and voiceovers
  • UI button ordering tweaked
  • Corrected keybinding error with spacebar-camera look

Beta 2B Highlights & Features:

  • Map:  Cataract
  • Demigods:  The Rook, Unclean Beast, Regulus, Oak, Sedna and Queen of Thorns (making their debuts)
  • New Game Modes:  Joining the original Conquest mode are Dominate, Slaughter, Fortress and Capture the Flag. You can currently achieve victory by either completing the game mode's conditions or by destroying the Citadel. You can also set default options for each game mode.
    • Dominate:  Control the flags on the map until you reach a specified War Score.
    • Slaughter:  Kill opposing Demigods.
    • Fortress:  Defend your own forts while demolishing your enemy's forts.
    • Capture the Flag:  Capture and return the enemy banner. You cannot capture the banner unless your own banner is safe at your base.
  • War Rank no longer increases simply over time. War Rank now increases based on controlling flags. Your War Rank increases quickly if you control 60% of the flags on the map, and it increases very quickly if you control over 75%. Your War Rank determines which Citadel Upgrades you can purchase.
  • New Skills Added:  Unclean Beast, The Rook, Oak, Sedna and the Queen of Thorns have some new skills that require a high level to access. Some of these skills are dependant on multiple skills to reach.
  • New Level Cap:  Demigods are now level capped at 20 per match. This, combined with the new skills, should make for some interesting choices on what skills to take.
  • The experience required to level has been slightly increased.
  • New Items Added:  14 new items have been added and are in a variety of shops. The Consumable Shop now deals in any item that is destroyed on use. The Trinket Shop deals in rings and items that are usable but not consumed. Additionally, some older items were updated to now provide bonuses to the General's army.
  • Item pricing has been increased.
  • New Skill:  Morale.  Generals no longer have the Enhanced Attributes skill. In their place is Morale, which increases the power of the General's army.
  • Minion Steering and Minion Control:  Minion pathing has been updated.  There are now additional commands for controlling a General's army.  Select Army (M), Select Army and Demigod (N), and Regroup (O).  You can also issue Aggressive Move by hold the Alt key.
  • Warping and Teleporting:  Items that teleport the Demigod to a structure will teleport the entire army.  Items that warp the Demigod to a nearby position do not warp the army.
  • Dramatic improvements in Internet hosting/joining backend, including more final UI work, polish and wiring.

 Known Issues:

  • Upgrading the losing citadel at the moment of destruction will crash out clients at game summary.
  • The Forces of Darkness are currently using the Forces of Light's War Rank for purposes of upgrading the Citadel. Regardless of what the Forces of Darkness appear to have, they will always be linked to the Light side's progress.
  • The Rook's Hammer Slam now does damage centered on the Rook's target, no matter where he goes.

Important:  Please delete your old prefs file before running the game, just to make sure that any legacy data from a previous build won't cause issues. By default this data is found under:


\Documents and Settings\<user>\My Documents\My Games\Gas Powered Games\Demigod\Game.prefs




\Users\<user>\Documents\My Games\Gas Powered Games\Demigod

We're still looking to hear about technical issues you may have, bugs you may find, or other gameplay related things.  When posting about an issue, please keep it to 1 issue per thread. This will make it much easier for us to deal with the feedback.

If you do have issues, first thing to do is to update your video and audio drivers to their latest versions.  Just because game X runs fine on your system doesn't mean Demigod will!  Update your drivers to see if that fixes an issue before posting.

If you do have an issue that updated drivers doesn't help for, please include a DirectX diag report (Start -> Run -> Type "dxdiag" (without the quotes) and hit enter).  Also post a detailed report of what was going on leading up to your issue and what it was.

Thanks and we hope you enjoy the game.

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January 30, 2009 3:17:12 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums


January 30, 2009 3:26:03 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

Sweet!  Thank you Devs!

Out of curiosity, how many of the issues we were dealing with in terms of connectivity and desync/crashes will be resolved by this update?

January 30, 2009 3:59:56 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

Most of them should be with luck.

January 30, 2009 4:09:52 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums


January 30, 2009 5:37:11 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

I am downloading with such a good connection to Impulse it makes me want to cry!

January 30, 2009 6:20:22 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums

Thank you for the "Many localization updates and adjustments for foreign language installs".   I have been able to finally try the (beta) game and it has been a blast (even if it was against AI and still trying to get used to all the little details). With my luck, i won't find any bugs or the ones i find will be already reported.

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